Salaries For Traffic Control Flagger


Traffic control flaggers are some of the highest-paid safety employees in most cities. They stand on street corners, at intersections, and in other places, waving traffic to stop so that pedestrians can cross safely. Some of them make $65 per hour. Traffic control flaggers work regular shifts, usually from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, with some days off on Saturdays or Sundays. Their pay depends on the city they work in and other factors like job type and experience level.Let us know about Salaries for Traffic Control Flagger, Compensation for dangerous work and Determining traffic control flagger pay in this article.

Salaries For Traffic Control Flagger

How much does a flagger make?

 Traffic control flaggers earn between $15 and $35 per hour. If a traffic control flagger has the experience and is highly skilled, then they may be able to earn even more than that. Salaries you can make as a traffic control flagger depends on the city where you live, the type of traffic control job you have, and how much experience you have with it. The best-paying cities for flaggers are San Diego, Los Angeles, Omaha, and Denver, where workers can make $65 per hour or more. Flaggers in many cities can expect to earn between $40 and $50 per hour for their work.

Determining traffic control flagger pay

If you want to know how much a flagger can earn, you have to first find the right information. You can find that information through online searching. For example, if you live in Atlanta and are looking for information on flaggers, you can search for “traffic control Atlanta flagger.” If you couldn’t get any piece of information related to traffic control flagging jobs then check local newspapers and online job boards. There should be more jobs for flaggers in that city than there are jobs for the average person.

Entry-level traffic control flagger salary

Entry-level traffic control flagger jobs tend to be less lucrative than experienced jobs. That’s because experienced flaggers can move from one city to another, find better work and earn more money. The workers who are experienced in this flagging job will surely get a salary according to their experience level. Some experienced flaggers make $25 an hour or more for their experience. In some cities, an entry-level flagger can start at $12 an hour. That can increase to $20 or $25 an hour after a few months of experience. Most cities pay a higher start salary to help new flaggers get used to the work and the city. An entry-level salary can be higher in some cities, like California, because it’s based on the city’s living wage.

Earning of skilled flagger 

Skilled flaggers can move from one city to another and earn more than entry-level flaggers because of the high experience that they develop from the day they started jobs. Some experienced and skilled flaggers earn more than $50 per hour. Many cities can’t afford experienced flaggers because of their high demanding income range. That’s why some cities reduce their working hours to limit their earnings. So, in some cities, the working hours of skilled traffic flaggers are limited to 35 to 40 hours per week.

Dangers for traffic control flagger

There are some dangers for traffic control flaggers like danger from hard drivers, intoxicated drivers, health toxics on the construction side, exposure to asbestos materials arising at construction roads lead to cancer, lung problems, etc. There is always the risk of accident for traffic control flaggers while doing duty.

Compensation for dangerous work

The compensation given that is given to flaggers for dangerous duties given to traffic control flaggers varies widely from city to city. In some cities, it’s consider as the most secure job for flaggers who work in some of the most dangerous areas of the city. Other cities pay flaggers less than $10 per hour. If you want to work in a safer city where you’ll earn a higher salary, you may have to move to a city where flaggers are more common. Traffic control flagging can be dangerous work, depending on where you work and the rules of the city. You should follow our terms and conditions as strict orders issued by states being a flagger.

Road worker can earn more than flagger

Road workers can make even more money than traffic control flagging, depending on the city and the job type. In some cities, road workers can make more than $65 per hour. Other cities have roadwork that can only be done at night, where pay is lower than the day-shift pay. To compensate for their living expenses, often flaggers seem to do the job as road work as part time job. While some people used to apply for road workers after getting some experience in flagging. Others work as a flagger and then apply for a road job after they’ve been working as a flagger for a few years.

Satisfaction for Flaggers 

Some cities pay extra salaries to traffic control flagger for their satisfaction. Some allowances and benefits are announced for flaggers like paid sick leave, medical, transport, and housing facilities. The best cities to work in this way are California and Denver, where flaggers can earn $65 per hour or more. If we see the history book of accidents, we would see flaggers’ jobs are more dangerous than police jobs. As some flaggers are killed at their jobs. 


If you’re looking for a high-paying job but don’t know much about traffic control flagging jobs, you should check their salary statistics first. Traffic control flaggers are some of the highest-paid safety employees in most cities. They stand on street corners, at intersections, and in other places, waving traffic to stop so that pedestrians can cross safely. They can make between $40 and $50 per hour for their work. As this job is of dangerous level but it also have some charms like high paying and rewarding job.


1. How can we find the living wage of flaggers for your city?

You can find the living wage for your city by searching online by entering the query “flagger’s living wages in this/ that country.

2. How flaggers can be safe from dangerous work?

Many cities also have rules against harsh driving while flagging, secure working, wearing your uniform, and other rules that can help keep flaggers’ life safe.

3. What is the salary range for traffic control flaggers?

The average salary range of flaggers is range between $15 to $35 per hour. If flaggers have some more work experience then his salary would be high than that.

Salaries For Traffic Control Flagger

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