Salaries for Police Commissioner


A police commissioner is a senior and highly ranked police officer who has to deliver effective monitoring, directing, coordinating, and other manor activities in the police department. Being a top-ranked position, they are highly paid with great skill, experience, and duties. In this article, we will look at the salaries of police commissioners.Let us know more about Salaries for Police Commissioner in this articel!

Salaries for Police Commissioner

 Police commissioners in the United States are well paid with additional bonuses besides their monthly salary. Their annual pay is enticing, depending on the State. They are paid between an average of $88,277 to $189,070.

Average Salaries for police commissioner

As stated earlier, police commissioners in the United States are well paid, with other bonuses available. The average base salaries of police commissioner is $129,249 annually. The educational level of a police commissioner is a master’s degree, and they are paid about $62 per hour or more, depending on the State. Police commissioners in the United States are paid in the range of $90,277 alongside other bonuses. Since the police jobs are ‘Promotional,’ that is, one based on promotions, you tend to begin from a lower rank and grow higher to better ranks and better salaries. A police commissioner has these levels of skill, certification, and experience.

Salaries for police commissioner in various states

The salary of a police commissioner in the United States varies by State. Some States pay them more while some pay them lesser. Here is a list of a few states with their average salaries for police commissioners.

  • New York: The salary of a police commissioner in New York is about $101,564 with an hourly pay of about $34-$84 and is paid between the range of $90,603-$137509.
  • California: Police Commissioner is the most highly paid in California. They are paid an average salary of $165,698 with an average hourly salary of $80 alongside other bonuses.
  • Washington: The average salary of a police commissioner in Washington is $149,219, with an hourly rate of about $72.
  • Chicago: The police commissioners in Chicago are paid between $79,370 and $140,918. They are paid $68 hourly.
  • Alaska: The salary for a police commissioner falls within the range of 82,406 and $129,370.
  • New Jersey: New Jersey is also one of the most generous states that pay police officers well. They receive an hourly rate of $72 and make an average of $149,896 annually.
  • Hawaii: In Hawaii, the average annual salary of a police officer is about $136,761, with an hourly rate of $66.
  • Nevada: Police commissioners in Nevada receive an average annual salary of $130,890.

How can one build up to attain the position of a police commissioner?

The job of a police officer is a diplomatic career. Individuals must begin with training and then gradual promotions from a low rank. With years of experience in the police department, you will get promoted as police work is based on promotion and expertise. The more skill and experience you have, the more the tendency to get promoted quickly to a higher position paving the wave for a better salary. Most police officers in the United States begin with an annual average salary of $40,962, with other bonuses, and the salary increases when promoted to another rank.

Why does the police commissioner receive more salary?

The question as to why the police commissioner receives more salary will be analyzed here. So many think it is a biased feeling when police commissioners receive more than certain ranks. The number of years you have spent in the profession and your skill or education play an important role here. Let us consider some factors that not only help them to attain this position but are also a factor that fosters them receiving more.

  • Experience: It is believed that experience helps one to perform better in any role. The experience of the entry-level police officer is shallow compared to the police commissioner, who has more than eight years of experience. Entry-level police, on the other hand, have 1-3 years of experience and receive about $89,661. A common saying is that ” achieving more extraordinary things requires a great time. It might wreak havoc when you carry a task that is meant for a person with a certain level of experience to someone with no experience. Simply put, a police commissioner is a senior officer with far higher experience playing a role in their salary.
  • Education: A police commissioner also acquires a certain level of education. The least education achieved is a bachelor’s, but a master’s is preferable for this position. Judging by their level of education, they serve as a milestone in their work and career. Like any other profession, certain educational experiences are needed to occupy certain opportunities, which come with fat salaries.
  • Certification/Recommendation: Certification is a formal confirmation that a particular person has certain characteristics that will be needed for a job. One way to become a police commissioner apart from promotion is through recommendation from someone. Recommending such a person shows they meet all the necessary criteria which are needed for the position. As we know, being placed in a higher position enables a better salary.
  • Additional Skills: Skills are important. The type of skill you portray with various roles is noticeable and recognized. An individual with exceptional skills cannot be refused certain opportunities.


Police officers are well paid in various states in the United States, depending on their positions. One way to boost your promotion as a police officer is to have important necessary skills and experience, educational qualifications, and recommendations. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is being a police officer a dangerous job?

Answer: It can be said to be a stressful and dangerous job as police tend to face injuries, especially when regularly dealing with the hostile public.

Is the rank of police commissioner the same as a chief of police?

Answer: Both the chief of police and the police commissioner rank are top positions. They can be said to be similar. In some cities, there is a chief of police but no police commissioner, and in some large cities, they have both. Where there are both, the police commissioner is higher.

Is a commander rank higher than a police commissioner?

Answer: No, it is not. A commander is a more junior rank in the police department, unlike the police commissioner, who is the top rank in the police department.

Salaries for Police Commissioner

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