Salaries For Grocery Store Worker


Grocery shopping is something that every person needs to do to survive. Therefore, naturally, it is a multi-billion dollar industry with a lot of potential for grocery stores. This, in turn, means that there will be a lot of vacancies for grocery store workers.If you are searching for the salaries for grocery store worker, this article will help you to know the information about this.

Salaries For Grocery Store Worker

There are two major kinds of grocery stores. One is a grocery store in a supermarket that offers customers fresh food items like fruits and vegetables along with complete frozen meals and processed foods. They also offer other merchandise like a variety of pet foods. The other type of grocery store is also called a convenience store. Here, there is a much less variety of food options available and the overall earning is also comparatively less. In comparison, a person working in a supermarket grocery store has a much higher earning potential as compared to one working in a grocery convenience store.The following will give you the salaries of a grocery store worker depends on numerous factors.

Working in grocery stores in current times

With the passage of time and the realization of the importance of time, more and more people have started eating pre-prepared food. This has caused several stores that were previously selling merchandise, to open a section for grocery items so that their customers can have a one-stop shopping experience. This has seriously impacted the customers of the grocery stores who now prefer to save their time and purchase their needed items from a larger one-stop shop.

The salaries of a grocery store worker depends on numerous factors

Type of worker

  1. Checkout worker
  2. Bagger
  3. Stock Clerk
  4. Food preparations
  5. Transporters
  6. Manager
  7. Pharmacists
  8. Sweeper

This kind of worker has the duty of billing the items of the customer with the help of barcode scanning and giving out change if required. Usually, a new cashier earns between approximately $7.25-$10 per hour. Most cashier positions do not require prior experience.


Baggers are present in front of the checkout line and are responsible to put the groceries of the customer care into the company logoed bag. They need to be careful to avoid spillages or breakages. A typical bagger with no experience earns between $7.25 – $9.

Stock clerks 

Stock clerks are required to ensure that the shelves in the grocery department are never empty. They need to restock the supplies whenever needed. This post usually does not require prior experience. Beginning Stock Clerks earn approximately between $8-$10.

Food Preparators

Food preparations in the grocery market include several people including bakers, cake decorators, butchers, cooks, and kitchen helpers. Every field in this segment has a unique salary based on experience and skill. Overall, Food Preparators earn approximately $10 – $15.

Transporting agents

Any grocery store will have to get its stocks from somewhere. Truck drivers transporting these products could earn around 25 dollars from transporting goods to multiple grocery stores.

Store Managers

Store managers can earn around $20 per hour. A store manager has several responsibilities. They have to ensure that the workers are treating customers appropriately, the workers are doing their jobs efficiently, any complaints from customers are looked into, and much more.


Many grocery stores have a pharmacy inbuilt in them. Getting a job as a pharmacist or his assistant can be very lucrative as there is less competition in this area as compared to baggers or stock clerks.


Sweepers in a grocery store earn approximately $15 per hour. They are required to keep the store clean during the day and to make sure it is clean before the store opens in the morning.

Working Hours

The grocery market is a much-needed store in any city. Unlike toy stores or hair salons, grocery stores need to be open most of the day. This means that due to the high working hours, grocery store workers have the option to earn much more than other workers if they decide to do multiple shifts.


The value of salaries given above is mostly for people who have just entered the grocery store market and have little to no experience. This plays a vital role in the amount you earn. With time, grocery workers may get promotions, thereby a salary increase. This could keep happening if you continue to work at the same store. Each time the salary increase will be of a larger denomination. The work experience required for most positions as grocery store workers needs a minimum amount of education. If you know how to do your job that is all that matters.


Apart from getting a salary, grocery workers may get bonuses. This may include getting a certain amount of free groceries, healthcare programs, educational benefits, and much more.

Area of work

The location of the supermarket plays a huge role in the salary of its workers. This is because there is a different costs of living in different areas. Grocery stores in places where there is a high cost of living tend to have a higher profit margin and can therefore afford to pay their employees more than the grocery stores that earn less. According to Zip Recruiter, the best place to work as a grocery store worker is in Atkinson followed by Bridgehampton, Boston, Berkeley, Daly City, and Santa Monica.


To conclude, working in the grocery market space has a lot of opportunities. The world population is consistently rising and grocery markets are constantly growing. Working in this industry can be very useful as not only can you choose from a variety of jobs, but you can also choose double or triple shifts if you need the money. Many grocery stores are open 24 hours a day.


1.How big is the Grocery store by market value?

according to sources, the market value of grocery stores in the U.S is $855.5 billion. According to PayScale, Grocery store owners can earn $49,924 per year from their stores on average.

2.Is it expensive to open a grocery store?

The capital required to open a grocery store can be tremendous. You will need to pay for rent, initial goods, salaries, insurance, security deposits, and advertisements. All this could add up to a sum of $500,000.

3.Challenges of a Grocery store

Grocery stores can often run short on supplies. This is very detrimental for the store as it causes its reputation harm while simultaneously causing financial losses.

4.Can you earn from advertising for grocery stores?

At the end of the day, grocery stores need customers. And to acquire them, grocery stores spend on marketing. If you are competitive at advertising and can prove your skill to the manager of a grocery store, there is a chance he will ask the owner to hire your services. Advertisement is a value-added skill. If in the correct place, an advertiser could earn a lot from offering his skills to the grocery market

Salaries For Grocery Store Worker

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