What Are Nuns Not Allowed To Do?


A nun is an individual of a religious group, typically a lady who focuses on a life of beliefs, neediness, and modesty. Nuns are usually associated with the Christian or Catholic religion. Let us know about what are Nuns not allowed to do, the rules nuns have to follow and the types of nuns in this article.

What Are Nuns Not Allowed To Do?

When a lady chooses to turn into a religious woman like a nun, she first has to abandon the world and follow some particular rules for her remaining life. These women have to take many vows if they want to become a nun. They have to follow these vows throughout their life. 

If they break their commitments, they get punished. 

There are many things, nuns are not allowed to do. For example, nuns are not allowed to marry or have any sexual relationship. Nuns have to live a simple life like they have to give up their expenses. They don’t have permission to use cell phones or social media and also not to talk unnecessarily. All the vows are the rules for nuns. These are the things a nun is not allowed to do for her whole life.  

The rules nuns have to follow

Basic vows for nuns

There are some strict and basic vows for nuns, which they have to follow in any case throughout their life. These vows are the main things that a woman can’t do after becoming a nun. 3 basic vows a nun has to take are as follows 

  • Vow of chastity 

Nuns’ promise of chastity is a difficult thing to accomplish, as it’s naturally challenging for most people to acknowledge and envision. Therefore, it gets more attention. According to this vow, a nun can never get married. She can’t have a sexual relationship. A married lady can’t turn into a nun until her marriage is lawfully canceled.

Nuns choose to show their adoration in non-sexual ways like local area administrations, prayers, and devotional exercises. They connect with their God in a more widespread manner. The expressions “wedded to Jesus” or “Brides of Christ” are used for the nuns. 

  • Vow of poverty 

A lady must have to take a vow of poverty. It means that a nun must live a basic simple life. As a rule, this implies surrendering your belongings and any feeling of pride and sharing what you have.

Nuns don’t get any money for their work as 

they don’t need anything luxurious in their life. Even anything a nun procures even from outside work returns to her order, except if it is allowed by her order. They can’t own a property or they shouldn’t have any desire of owning any property or anything. 

  • Vow of obedience 

A nun also has to take a vow of obedience by this vow, a nun must obey all the rules and regulations told to her, must follow the orders of their pop and religious leaders, and have a firm belief in religion. 

The vow of obedience is the way the nuns carry on with their lives likewise Jesus, depending on God’s will. Nuns have to obey their convent’s superior mother in daily activities and bigger projects for the benefit of the religious circle. It’s just not for the convent only, it’s also about the church’s rules and regulations and God’s. 

Other Rules for Nuns 

Some other rules nuns have to follow are as follows 

  • Catholic nuns are not permitted to utilize cell phones or online entertainment.
  • In some convents, a nun may also have to take a vow of silence. 
  • Nuns can’t own luxury things or can’t have luxury food. 
  • Nuns have to spend their whole life in churches. 
  • They also should have to keep on their habit. 
  • Nuns are not allowed to meet their relatives more often. They are allowed to see their relatives 1 time in a year. If she is from a foreign country, she is allowed to meet her relatives 1 time in 3 years. 

Also, more rules for nuns differ in the different orders they have. 

Types of Nuns 

There are many different types of nuns. Firstly, nuns are divided based on religion. Different religions have different nun communities. The main nun’s communities are

  • Catholic nuns
  • Christian nuns
  • Buddhist nuns

Next, nuns in faith are also divided into orders like 

  • Order of Saint Benedict
  • Order of Saint Clare
  • Sisters of charity etc

Nun’s Habit

As we all see, nuns wear a habit that is a clothing style specified for nuns only. These habits usually consist of long robes and a headpiece to cover the head. These habits differ between the nuns of different orders. As different orders have slight changes in the nun’s habits that differ a nun from the other order’s nun. 

Also, a nun’s habit can describe its rank. It is because nuns of different ranks have different habits. So these habits can distinguish between a novice nun or a full nun. 


Hopefully, this article will be a great assistance for you if you want to know about nunhood. We try to describe all the information about the things nuns are not allowed to do and the vows a girl has to take to become a nun. So, with our article, you will increase your knowledge about nuns and their life. 


What should be the age to become a nun? 

It’s never too late to become a nun but a girl must be of 18 years to become a Catholic nun. 

Is there any punishment for breaking a vow for a nun? 

Yes, different punishments are given to the nuns according to their religion and orders if they break a vow. 

What Are Nuns Not Allowed To Do?

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