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The person in charge of completing the extensive desk work involved in a land deal is a real estate transaction coordinator. Transaction coordinators aid real estate agents and brokers with the documentation of real estate transactions by acting as a mediator between them. As impartial third parties, they handle administrative duties and acts as customer representative by responding to questions, giving knowledge, and ensuring that transactions go off without a hitch. Let us know about the salaries for transaction coordinator and the what essential skills must a real estate transaction coordinator have in this article.

Salaries For Transaction Coordinator

How much do a transaction coordinator earn?

The profession is expected to grow 5% between 2018 and 2028, creating 72,100 job vacancies worldwide. Salary As of October 25, 2021, a real estate transaction coordinator typically earns $38,792 a year in the United States. The typical monthly wage for a real estate transaction coordinator in the US as of August 26, 2022, is $3,728.

Requirements for becoming a transaction coordinator

Your previous experience may help you grow to the position of transaction coordinator. In reality, a lot of positions for transaction coordinators call for previous experience in an administrative assistant-type position. However, a lot of transaction coordinators have knowledge working as office managers or customer service representatives.

You will first look at the required paperwork for home purchases in your area to become a real estate transaction coordinator. Many states require accreditation, and each state has its requirements. As licensed agents or merchants, the majority of real estate transaction coordinators are familiar with the land. 

What essential skills must a real estate transaction coordinator have?

The main skills required of a real estate transaction coordinator are attention to detail, good time management, and exceptional coordination. You should be able to work well under deadlines since everything a real estate transaction coordinator performs is time-related. For your responsibilities, excellent interpersonal skills are essential; talking to many people and juggling many schedules is a significant portion of the work.

Factors that influence transaction coordinator salaries

1.Locations Covered by the Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

We must not exclude the possibility that a significant component in determining the amount a real estate transaction coordinator is likely to make from a transaction is the area they cover. The truth is that if you choose to put your real estate transaction coordination firm in a neighborhood that has a high concentration of low-income residents or in a slum where real estate enterprises are not particularly successful, you will find it difficult to make a good living. You are probably going to see good returns from the business if you put your real estate transaction coordinator firm next to a posh neighborhood or an area with lots of high fliers 

2.The Sort of Transactions or Services Provided

Without a good understanding of the kind of transaction he or she offers, it is impossible to properly say the amount a real estate transaction coordinator is anticipated to earn from a transaction. In essence, a Coordinator gathers resources for projects on behalf of their clients or employers, including workers, outside providers, consumers, and products. 

3.The length of time that the real estate transaction coordinator has been in operation

In business, how long you’ve been around will greatly influence how much money you make, especially if you’re inventive and consistently give novel solutions. This is true since you would have been able to earn people’s trust over time. 

Salaries of Transaction Coordinator 

A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator in your area earns an average of $38,792 per year, approximately the same as the average yearly wage for the general population. In terms of compensation, the Real Estate Transaction Coordinator holds the top spot throughout all 50 states. To determine the most accurate annual salary range for Real Estate Transaction Coordinator roles, ZipRecruiter routinely reviews our database of millions of dynamic positions spread out geographically across America.

Which cities offer the best salaries for jobs as real estate transaction coordinators?

We’ve identified 10 urban areas where real estate transaction coordinators typically earn more than the average wage. San Mateo, California, tops the list, followed closely by Richmond, California, and Stamford, Connecticut, which come in second and third. San Mateo, CA contributes an additional $10,660 (27.5%) over the $38,792 average, while Stamford, CT tops the public average by $6,260 (16.1%). In general, San Mateo, California has a very active Real Estate Transaction Coordinator job market because there are currently a few companies hiring for this position.

Given that the average pay rates in these ten urban locations are greater than the national average, moving for a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator has all the makings of being a very fruitful career move. The average wage for these top 10 urban locations varies only slightly, from 13% in San Mateo, California, to 17% in Pleasanton, California, limiting the possibility of significant pay advancement. When choosing a location and paying for a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator employment, the possibility of a reduced average cost for necessities can be the most important consideration.

How to increase your salary as a transaction coordinator?

In general, you may anticipate making more money as a transaction coordinator the longer you work at it.

1.Consult recruiters

Make contact with some recruiters in your field if you’re not satisfied with your current pay. They might be aware of what other employers are willing to pay for your position, and they can assist you in negotiating a raise at your current employer or locating a new work that pays what you are worth.

2.Obtain a favorable performance review

Start with making a good impression on your boss if you desire a raise. Be vocal about your accomplishments and make sure you’re going above and above in your current position. You will be in a great position to bargain for a higher wage if you receive a favorable performance review.


The typical salary for transaction coordinators in the US ranges from $39,992 to $63,427, depending on experience, geography, skills, and other criteria. There are also ways to increase your salary as a transition coordinator which have been discussed above.

Frequently asked question
  • What is the average pay of a transaction coordinator in the United States?

The average income for a transaction coordinator in the US is $46,077, with salaries ranging from $39,992 to $63,427, according to many salary aggregation websites

  • What is the lowest pay a transaction coordinator can get?

An entry-level transaction coordinator can still get $39,000 as a salary.

Salaries For Transaction Coordinator – Know More!

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