Salaries For Spanish Interpreters


Do you speak Spanish fluently? Are you searching for a freelance job that can take your financial security to the next level? Then, start looking into Spanish interpretation jobs! As you can imagine, translating is lucrative work. And luckily, Spanish translation opportunities aren’t hard to come by. As their demand increase likely would be a high chance of getting a good income. Let’s take a look at how much money an interpreter can earn with Spanish translation as his/her primary freelance occupation. Let us know about the salaries for Spanish Interpreters and Spanish translation salary by certification and experience in this article.

Salaries For Spanish Interpreters

Earnings through Spanish translation

Whether you want to translate documents for a law firm, build websites for travel companies, or translate contracts for an IT company, numerous Spanish translation jobs are earning good money. Depending on the company and the project, Spanish translation jobs typically pay anywhere from $25 to $75 per hour, though you’ll often find that rates are lower than that in smaller firms and on longer projects. The annual salaries for Spanish Interpreters is about in the range of $10,181 to $229,096.

Salaries of Spanish Interpreters State-wise

The salaries for Spanish interpreters slightly varies from state to state and their salary range is recorded on an hourly basis. Here are some states with their average hourly salary:

  • Florida.        $17.01
  • Georgia.      $18.43
  • Texas.         $23.01
  • California.   $25.59
  • Arizona.       $23.64
  • Colorado.     $21.52
  • Hawaii.        $22.95
  • Washington.     $23.29
  • New Jersey.    $17.38

Spanish Translation career levels

The salary for a Spanish interpreter would differ at different organizational levels. There are several levels of this job and the salary at each level would be different.


The freelance career path is straightforward. You charge clients for Spanish translation services as you’re on your schedule. You’re responsible for finding Spanish translation jobs and billing clients. 


In some industries, freelance work is considered contracting work. If you’re a contractor, you’re working for a specific client on a specific job. You’re responsible for delivering the work, setting up your schedule with the client, and collecting payment after the work is done. 


Some translation jobs require you to work as an employee. This path may be best for those who want to stay in one place and make a consistent paycheck. 


If you want to be your boss, you’ll want to start thinking about developing your business plan and investing in your future. Be sure to treat your clients well and pursue high-paying Spanish translation gigs.

Spanish Translation tips for earnings growth

If you want to earn an ideal salary as a Spanish Translator then you can follow these tips and suggestions:

Be Patient

It can take time to find Spanish translation gigs with high earning potential, but the more gigs you do, the better you’ll get at identifying high-paying opportunities. For best results, focus on Spanish translations for Fortune 500 companies and large government contracts. 

Find a Mentor

Being a freelancer isn’t easy, and it can be even harder for those who aren’t veteran freelancers. If you don’t have experience in the field, you’re more likely to make costly mistakes and waste a lot of time. You can take special mentorship to avoid all these blunders. Mentors may be experienced freelancers, managers, or professors from your school who have been in the business longer than you have. 

Keep a High-Quality Product

When you’re new to Spanish translation, it’s tempting to get into lower-paying, quick-fix projects. Resist the urge. You may earn some quick money, but you’ll also end up learning bad practices that are hard to erase when you’re working on a short-term basis. Instead, keep your focus on higher-paying gigs that will help you build a long-term client base. 

Post on Social Media

Spanish translation clients often visit translation job boards, so why not make those boards your social media? Post on translation job boards, in groups, and on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to let clients know you’re available and to help build your client base.

Demand for Spanish Interpreter

The demand for Spanish interpreters is steadily increasing as more and more people around the world are learning English. The number of adult English learners in the United States has grown by 20 percent over the past decade, which translates to approximately 15 million learners today. That’s a lot of potential clients that need an interpreter. The demand for this job never diminishes. If you’re willing to put in some time and effort, it’s a great profession for anyone ready for a serious pay raise or looking for other freelance job opportunities with high earnings potential.

Benefits of Spanish Translator Job

As with any type of freelance work, Spanish translation jobs are best for those who are self-employed. The jobs are also best for people who like working with their hands and enjoy spending a lot of time in the office or on the road. You’ll also need to be disciplined enough to keep your nose to the grindstone on those days when you’d rather be doing something else. Sometimes there would be high demand for translation jobs.

Spanish translation salary by certification and experience

As with most freelance work, experience is usually the best indicator of what Spanish translation salary you can expect. The more high-paying Spanish translation jobs you do, the more likely you are to make six figures. However, certifications can help you make in-roads in some industries. To determine the salary you can expect to make based on certification, you’ll want to know the average pay in your industry. You can find that information on websites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics or job boards dedicated to your industry. Once you have the information, you can use the salary guide to find out how many certifications are required in your industry.

Bottom Line

If you speak Spanish, there are more jobs than ever for translators. If you have a degree in a language, you can find a job quickly. All you need to do is look for translation jobs that pay $50 or more an hour. Don’t let the low pay fool you. These are incredibly lucrative professions. Just be patient, keep a high-quality product, and be persistent. And, of course, always protect your work.


1. What is the median salary for a Spanish interpreter?

According to Labour Bureau Statistics, the average salary for a Spanish interpreter is approximately $41,873.

2. What is the scope of a Spanish Interpreter job in the future?

There is a high demand for a Spanish translator. Although the need for a translator keeps on increasing and decreasing from time to time you need to keep yourself updated about the current opening for a Spanish interpreter.

Salaries For Spanish Interpreters

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