Salary For A Sr Supplier Quality Engineer


A quality engineer is a professional who inspects, tests, and audits products to ensure they meet specifications. Because of their demand in the market, quality engineers earn a mid-level salary. Let us know about the salary for A Sr Supplier Quality Engineer and factors that influence a Sr Supplier Quality Engineer Salary in this article.

Salary For A Sr Supplier Quality Engineer

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for a quality engineer was $78,160.  This salary varied based on experience level and whether the engineer was an entry-level candidate. In general, jobs with high demand and low unemployment pay higher salaries than those that don’t have either factor.

Salary for a Sr Supplier Quality Engineer

According to the BLS, the average salary for a quality engineer was $78,160. While the salary was relatively consistent across the country, it varied significantly based on the industry in which the quality engineer worked. This is about 30% lower than the national average salary for all occupations. However, about 29% of those in occupations have a median salary below $68,320.

Average salary for a Sr Supplier Quality Engineer

The BLS report showed that the average salary for all qualified engineers was $107,450. This is the salary range for quality engineers, so the salary could be either low or high depending on the employer. The BLS report shows that 11% of quality engineers worked as consultants or freelancers. Another 10% worked in universities or colleges, and 6% worked for the federal government.  

Even the average salary range of each job differs. The highest average salary was in the computer and electronics industry, at $91,400. The lowest was in the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry, at $49,330.

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Growth outlook for Sr Supplier Quality Engineers

The BLS predicts a 17% growth for quality engineers through 2026. This is below the average growth for all occupations, which is expected to be 28%. However, the BLS said that the growth may be slower in some industries, such as computer and electronics, because of the increased use of automation and the reduced need for human inspection. Because many industries are expected to face a skilled-labor shortage, employers may look to hire quality engineers to help fill the roles in their companies. This may also encourage more people to pursue a career as quality engineers.

Sr Supplier Quality Engineer payslip template

A payslip is a document that details the payment information for an employee. You can download a payslip template from our website. A payslip shows you the details of a person’s pay including the name of the employee and employer name. The payslip also contains information about gross pay, deductions, and taxes.

Factors that influence a Sr Supplier Quality Engineer Salary

Apart from experience, the salary for quality engineers is influenced by the type of company where they work. Companies that have high growth or have new products or services may have higher salaries for quality engineers. The salary could vary based on experience level, industry, and other factors. Most quality engineers work full time, and they are usually employed by companies. However, some may work on a project basis or as consultants. 

Additional factors that affect salary

Some other factors may affect the salary range of Sr Quality Engineer and these are as follows:

  • Effect of location
  • Type of industry
  • Geographical Location of the state
  • Type of project
  • Junior team members and work done by them
  • Salary level in competitors’ companies 

State-wise average salary for Sr Supplier Quality Engineer

Here are some states with the average salary range in the US. As each state has its living standards; some states have high standards of living while some states are on average standards. So, the salary would vary from state to state.

  • California.       $109,267
  • Texas.             $96,889
  • Florida.            $94,255
  • Virginia.           $97,777
  • Alaska.             $108,993
  • Hawaii.             $102,687
  • Georgia.           $88,893
  • Washington.     $139,675
  • New Jersey.     $96,103
  • Arizona.        $107,346
  • Ohio.             $88,473

Skills and qualities highly valued by employers

Apart from salary, one of the most important qualities that employers look for when hiring quality engineers is training and experience in the quality field. Employers want to make sure that the quality engineer has been working in the field for several years. This experience gives the quality engineer a better understanding of the industry, the products, and the people in the company, thus improving quality and lowering the chance of defects.

Education and certifications required for Sr Quality assurance

Education has a deep effect on the job of every jobian man. If you have high education level then there would be a high possibility for you to find a high-level job. This alternatively affects their salary. Same as it you should try to get some certifications related to your job role to build your resume. When you secure good Certification then it affects your job-seeking process. With these certifications, you can get a high-paying job and you would have great chances of making a good income.

Duties for Sr Quality Engineer

A quality engineer is expected to perform a wide range of duties. While some employers may expect candidates to have experience in all of these areas, most quality engineers are given at least some training in each area. These duties may include conducting audits and inspections, inspecting processes and equipment, managing quality teams and projects, managing the quality system, implementing quality improvement, and leading quality improvement projects. They are also responsible for helping their team understand the requirements of a new product so that it can be developed with minimal bugs. 

Bottom Line

Quality engineers are responsible for inspecting products and processes to ensure they meet specifications. They also help their team develop new products with minimal defects. A quality engineer has many responsibilities and requires experience and training in the quality field. The salary for quality engineers depends on the industry, company, and company size. The BLS predicts a 17% growth for quality engineers through 2026.


1. What is the salary range for Sr Quality Engineer?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the USA, the lowest salary for a quality engineer is around about $63,680. While the highest salary range is $110,840. So, the salary range lies between this two minimum and maximum values.

2. Is there any difference between the senior and junior level of quality engineer salaries?

The salary of the junior level quality engineer is around $48,518 while the salary for a senior quality engineer is $107,450.

Salary For A Sr Supplier Quality Engineer

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