Salaries For Music Supervisor

Music supervisors are an important component of any production involving music. They are responsible for ensuring that all music used in a film or television show is licensed and accounted for properly. As such, they are highly sought after and their salaries can vary depending on their experience and the nature of the project. In this article, we will explore the average salary of a music supervisor and review some of the factors that can affect their income. Let us know ‘Salaries For Music Supervisor’.

Salaries For Music Supervisor

Salaries For Music Supervisor

The average pay a music supervisor gets is around $55,000 US dollars every working year. The salary range starts from the lowest $43,000 US dollars which can reach as high as $70,000 US dollars per year. Music supervisor is such a job in which the salaries rate fluctuates a lot. Some reports have estimated that at one time a supervisor earned $500,000 dollars in a single year though he had earned only $15,000 dollars the previous year.


As a music supervisor, you will work 8 to 10 hours a day, and 5 days a week. Sometimes the time might increase or decrease. At the start of your career, your $43,000 per-year rate will give you $22.39 per hour, $179 per day, $895 per week, and $3583.33 per month wage rate. The average rate of $55,000 per year gives a music supervisor an hourly rate of $29, a daily rate of $230, a weekly rate of $1146, and a monthly rate of $4585. 

As the usual highest salary of $70,000 per year, you are going to get an hourly wage rate of $37, which makes the daily wage rate $292, the weekly rate $1460, and the monthly rate $5834. This is actually a good amount of money. An interesting thing about this job is if you are able to stay disciplined, keep growing, and play the steps that I am going to share you might become the music supervisor who earns hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars per year which is very much possible in this job.

How Music supervisor earns?

A music supervisor typically earns money by negotiating the rights to use pre-existing music in film, television, game, and advertising projects. They may also earn money from performing artist estimates, clearing samples, tracking down music rights holders, providing music research, and advising clients on potential music options. They may also be paid a flat fee or a percentage of the music budget for a particular project. 

How to increase salary as music supervisor?

Increase Your Network– Connecting and building relationships with people in the music industry will increase your exposure and offer more opportunities. When multiple opportunities arrive you will be able to choose the most profitable one out of them.

Develop Your Skills- Always stay up to date with new technologies, trends, and skills within the field. Participate in workshops, recruitments, and professional courses that will give you an edge over other supervisors. Staying up to date is very necessary. Especially having good knowledge of technology keeps you ahead of others who don’t. Technology helps you stay connected, makes work easier, giving you leverage.

Negotiate a Better Contract- When negotiations come up, don’t just take the first offer. Make sure you are able to negotiate for better terms and fees, such as additional compensation or perks.

Conduct Professional Reviews- Regularly conduct thorough reviews of your contracts and payment systems to ensure you’re collecting fair and proper compensation for your work. Use your connections to know the market rates. Hire the best professionals if necessary. Don’t be afraid of spending 10 bucks if that can earn you 20.

Take on Additional Projects- Taking on side projects related to music supervision can help you build your portfolio and reputation. Offering services such as music production and sound design can also increase your salary. Simply put, more work equals more pay.

Become a Mentor- Supervising and teaching others in the field can be beneficial to your career, and you may even be awarded a raise for your knowledge. By doing this you can even make your own team of music supervisors, and take on big projects increasing your salary as the head music supervisor by a mile high.

Ask for a Raise- Job performance and company loyalty can be rewarded with a raise. Show your worth and have a conversation with your employer if you believe you deserve one. Remember asking politely is not a crime, talk to people about what kind of help will make them pay you more.


It can vary greatly depending on the size of the project and the scope of the role. They can earn anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on their experience and the size of the project that they’re working on. Music supervisors can also earn royalties on music they help select and license for a project. Salaries are not always stable in this role and can depend on a variety of factors. From earning a mere amount of 18 thousand dollars in a year to making hundreds of thousands, sometimes even making millions a year is possible in the job of a music supervisor.

  1. How demanding is the job of a music supervisor?

The job of a music supervisor is very demanding and requires a great deal of work on a regular basis. Music Supervisors are often responsible for curating and licensing the music in a particular project, as well as negotiating contracts, sourcing music, working with performers and composers, and managing all aspects of the music production process. 

  1. How many music supervisors are needed for one single movie?

The exact number of music supervisors required for a single movie will vary based on the scope and budget of the project. Generally, a minimum of one music supervisor is necessary, while larger or more complex productions may require as many as three or four supervisors.

  1. Is the salary of an average music supervisor enough?

The salaries for average music supervisor will depend on some aspects, including the type of work they do, their experience, and the geographical region they work in. Generally, the range is anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per year, but some highly experienced music supervisors can earn much more.

Salaries For Music Supervisor

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