Salaries For Associate Architect

Aspiring architects know the importance of furthering their education and gaining experience in the field. But what many don’t realize is how critical it can be for their future salary. Becoming an associate architect the step between graduating and becoming a licensed architect can offer a significant salary boost. This article will discuss what working as an associate architect looks like and how salaries can differ depending on experience and location.

Salaries For Associate Architect

Salaries For Associate Architect

The salaries for associate architect can range from $40,000 to $160,000 dollars per year. That makes the average salary $80,000. The work hours are usually 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, and 4 weeks a month. Working hours may increase or decrease accordingly with the difficulty level of the job, and with that the salary.


If we take the lowest possible salary of $40,000 per year then we get an hourly wage rate of $21 per hour, a daily wage rate of $166 per day, a weekly wage rate of $833, and a monthly wage rate of $3333. If we take the average salary of $80,000 per year then we get an hourly wage rate of $42 per hour, a daily wage rate of $332 per day, a weekly wage rate of $1666, and a monthly wage rate of $6666. Well, if we take one of the highest recorded salaries of $160,000 per year then we get an hourly rate of $84, a daily wage rate of $664, a weekly wage rate of $3332, and a monthly wage rate of $13332.

Job Description:

An assistant architect assists a licensed architect in planning and creating a design for a building. This may include research, presentation materials, construction documents, and meeting with clients. They may be involved in a variety of tasks related to the building process, including working with the design team, drafting plans and measurements, reviewing contracts, performing on-site visits, and preparing detailed drawings, sketches, and specifications.

How to gain more experience and knowledge in the field?

Pursue additional certifications and certifications related to architecture, such as a LEED Accreditation or Architectural Licensing Exam. Getting certified by leading and trusted authorities will give you the necessary edge over others by highlighting you out of the crowd. It will help you get offers with better pay.

Attend professional networking events:  Become a member of a professional organization, such as the American Institute of Architects. Gain more friends and join those professional groups you pass by. They will show you stuff that will increase your value.

Proactively seek out additional job opportunities: On job boards and professional websites. Simply put, more jobs mean more pay. Search on the internet about contractual jobs that fit your demands.

Invest in continual education: Ssuch as continuing education courses or webinars. Keep learning all the time to keep your brain in functional condition so you perform very well and get better salary offers.

Develop or improve design skills or knowledge of materials and building codes: The designs you draw will speak for themselves so, don’t get loose on the effort of you trying to give your best. Good designs will increase your value as a professional.

Consider relocating to an area with a higher cost of living or with more job opportunities for architects: Living in places that are urban will help you get more salary because the company will provide more cash for you to make a living there. Besides such places have more jobs for associate architects to offer so, you will be able to find high-salary offers.

Request increases in pay at the yearly review or when negotiating your job contract: Don’t shy away from negotiating, asking for better pay does not mean you are greedy. You got your degrees, and certificates show all of them and ask for better pay.

Look for opportunities to add additional responsibilities to your role: Don’t be afraid of taking more responsibility. The more responsible you are the higher your position with the higher salary you get. 

Negotiate bonuses or additional benefits based on performance: After working hard and going through all the steps you have become an associate architect who deserves to get some benefits. Talk about the help that you are giving them and don’t forget to mention how efficient you are while doing so.

Offer to take on additional projects or tasks: To increase visibility and bring more value to the organization. Be the most offering one in the company. Help others and gain experience, uplift your self-value.

Before ending the article I would like to remind you of something. Professional qualifications/accreditation such as a degree in architecture from an accredited college or university and/or certification from an accredited title-granting organization. Knowledge of building codes and construction techniques. Knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) software and building information modeling (BIM) software. Ability to read and interpret architectural drawings and plans. Creative problem-solving and analytical skills. Ability to collaborate effectively with a team. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Excellent time management and organizational skills. Knowledge of building sustainability and green design principles. Ability to manage the design process from start to finish. These are the things that make an excellent associate architect. These are the things that make an excellent associate architect so think before you try to become one.


The salary range of an assistant architect is from $40,000 to $160,000. Salary expectations as an associate architect depend upon the employer, its size, geographic location, and competitive marketplace. Chances are that an associate architect position will pay competitively, with room for substantial career growth. The best way to increase salary expectations as an associate architect is to grow professionally and stay ahead of industry trends and technologies. With a combination of technical skills, industry experience, and a strong portfolio of work, the ambitious associate architect stands to reap a substantial salaries over the course of his or her career. 

  1. How hard is it to become an assistant architect?

The difficulty of becoming an assistant architect can vary depending on the amount of education and experience that is required by the employer. Generally, an individual interested in becoming an assistant architect will need to have a degree in architecture or a related field, and at least two to three years of experience in the field. They may also need to complete an internship program before becoming officially certified.

  1. Is the salary of an assistant architect enough to supply a fulfilling life in America?

The answer to this question rests on a sum of aspects, including the specific area in which the assistant architect is placed, the cost of living in that area, what the individual contemplates as a “fulfilling life,” and other individual circumstances. Overall, an assistant architect may earn enough money in some areas to supply a fulfilling life, while in other areas, it may not be enough to cover all of one’s expenses.

  1. How much money does it take to become an associate architect?

The cost to become an associate architect typically depends on the country, state, and jurisdiction in which you are seeking licensure. In most countries, costs may include registration, exam fees, and other related costs such as continuing education credits for which you may be required to pay. Costs can be several thousands of dollars, with the total cost depending on the specific requirements of your chosen jurisdiction.

Salaries For Associate Architect

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