Salaries For A Motocross Racer

Racers who demonstrate daredevil feats attract a lot of people, and thus sponsors as well. Some of the big companies like Honda, Suzuki, Fiat, and Yamaha pay a lot of money to promote their brands. They select young and talented racers and sponsor specific teams. Salaries may differ from one team to the next. Also, which position they are in depends. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For A Motocross Racer’.

Salaries For A Motocross Racer

Salaries For A Motocross Racer

Prize money can range between 40,000 and 45,000 dollars depending on the competition. The size of the bike also determines the amount of salary they get. Racers who race on bikes like the Kawasaki 450 earn around $50,000 and more. Those who drive a 250cc are only paid $28,000.Yamaha pays around 20 thousand dollars per race. Some of the deals can help them earn around 100 thousand dollars for a win as well.

Average salaries for motocross racers: Salaries For A Motocross Racer

Due to its high level of risk, the average salary for motocross racers is quite low. They are considered to have outstanding physical abilities and endurance. They compete in different national and international races that pay differently. Motocross generally doesn’t have an average salary. The top riders can earn around $12,000 per race. While some racers who finish last make between $16,000 and $17,000, Cash also comes from multiple sources of income.

Income from multiple sources: Salaries For A Motocross Racer

Professional motocross riders’ salaries depends upon their success on the track. Other factors also influence the amount they earn. The majority of what they earn, is a combination of race wins, purse money, salaries the team provides, championships, and sponsorships. Their basic pay ranges from around 15–20 thousand dollars. which further increases as they win championships and more. As a result, it is impossible to predict how much the actual gross pay will be. 

Gross Salary for the Twentieth, Fortieth, and Tenth places:

As per recent trends, the racers who generally finish in the twentieth position make an annual salary of 37 thousand dollars. When compared, the racer who comes in 40th place gets around 16 thousand dollars. The last placed rider also gets such a salary. While riders who are in the tenth position get an average of around 52-53 thousand dollars, which includes bonuses and prize money.

Champion Racer Earns the Most:

Racers who perform well can earn very high and make high salaries on par with other pro athletes. Top competitors such as Chad and James Stewart make over a million dollars in prize money. At some events, like the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series, the total amount which was paid to the riders was around 90,000 dollars. Top riders get around 15 thousand dollars, which is decent pay per race.

Motorcycle Grand Prix Salaries: Salaries For A Motocross Racer

Some of the highest-paid MotoGP professionals earn between 14 and 15 million dollars and compete for the Repsol Honda Team. while the second-highest earners get around 12 million. Not everyone gets a MotoGP contract and gets paid millions of dollars. while the average pay for such races is between $10,000 and $15,000.

Earning from Endorsement deals:

Some racing contracts include endorsing some brands like energy drinks, tires, and sunglasses. The brands pay them hefty amounts for their need to attend press conferences and be in the limelight with the fans.

Average Motorcycle Racer’s Earnings:

The average motocross racer in the US earns around 50 thousand dollars per year. with a bonus of $1500 on average entry-level racers earn around 40,000 dollars, which increases to 65 thousand dollars when they have successfully raced.

Salaries Depend on Riders’ Places in Races:

The prize money in some races is as high as 205,000 dollars, such as AMA Supercross. The factory bonuses are also high for the racers which are around 1,7000,000 dollars and championships have a prize of 1 million dollars. The entertainment bonuses also include some pay which is nearly about 100,000 dollars. If the racer is one of the top racers they could earn over 3 million dollars.

Some of the racers who finish in the 5th position earn around 55 thousand dollars, which additionally includes an entertainment bonus of 16,000 dollars. There are also some other bonuses, like a team-up bonus, a skill bonus, and a finishing place bonus.

Factory Team Riders Tend to Earn More: 

As per recent trends, factory team riders earn more money because of the different kinds of sponsorship contracts they get. Racers earn between 6 and 10 million dollars as the top factor. But most of the racers earn significantly less, and they are not allowed to negotiate the private deals that they get with competing business and endorsement deals.

The factory team riders get a larger share of the corporate profits in bonuses and prize money.

Reasons For Salary to Get Deducted:

There have been cases where racers have breached contracts and have done so without cause.They can be fined up to 25,000 dollars per offense.

Also, if some of the riders are not promoting the events, they should be promoting time bikes or available autograph signing events. Because these are some of the mandatory events in which the rider must participate they must attend such events 50 days per year.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For A Motocross Racer’, Even though motocross is a high-paying sport, as the spotlight indicates, not every racer earns that much. Many things are considered when deciding on a salary. But, as per the different Motocross events that occur, the average payout comes to around 55 to 60 thousand dollars. The start of the racing career does not include average or high pay. Racing with a team can sometimes earn them more money, but it can also stifle their opportunities to earn more on their own. Racing privately earns the racer money only during the racing season, while racing with a team provides a consistent income, even during the off-season. There are many ways to make money, but you need to know how to get it without breaking any contracts or getting fired. If racing is your only source of income, and you keep accurate records, then there may be things you can deduct from your returns.

Salaries For A Motocross Racer

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