How much do you make at AMC?

American Multi-Cinemas (AMC) is the largest cinema chain in the world, with headquarters in Leewood, Kansas. AMC, founded in 1920, has the most significant proportion of the US theater market, followed by Regal and Cinemark Theatres. Their employees have a variety of positions, including cashier, usher, and concessionist. Let us know about how much do you make at AMC.

How much do you make at AMC

AMC Theatres’ employees get an average of $14 per hour or $30,000 per year, compared to the national average of $66,000 per year, According to statistics, the best-paid position at AMC Theatres is Vice President, which pays $161,000 per year, while the lowest paying job at AMC Theatres is Team Member, which pays $12,000 per year. Specific pay will vary based on the position, location, department, and each employee’s abilities and education.

AMC Theatres Payment in the United States:

AMC Theatre’s salaries vary from $20,000 per year for Concession Stand workers to $144,328 per year for Database Managers. The hourly wage ranges are between $8.00 for Shift leaders to $26.27 for HVAC Mechanics.

Entry-level booth staff at AMC Theatres often start at roughly minimum wage, with an hourly pay rate of $8.00. This hourly rate may be increased to $16.00, with salary possibilities based on experience and performance. The movie theater network provides paid training, employee development initiatives, and free movie tickets to qualifying employees.

The highest-paid position is Director of Engineering, which pays $226,482 per year, and the lowest-paid job is Admin Assistant, which pays $38,893 per year. Sales salaries average $172,672, marketing salaries at $125,246, Administration salaries at $63,232, and Human Resources salaries at $111,075. Half of employees earn more than $113,723.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Comparably, 83 workers rate their compensation in the Bottom 10% of similar-sized businesses (based on 254 evaluations). At the same time, 82 AMC Theaters employees rank their Perks and Benefits in the Bottom 10% of similar-sized companies (based on 254 ratings) (based on 85 ratings).

Remember that all payment data are estimates. The minimum pay varies by jurisdiction. If you need up-to-date salary information, it’s best to ask the employer directly.

Job Title                      Salary

Crew Member Wages – 40 reported salaries of $11/hr.

Manager salaries – 21 reported salaries of $17/hr.

General Manager Salary – 10 reported salaries of $54,291/year.

Supervisor salary – 7 reported wages of $17/hr.

How to Apply for a Job at AMC

If you want to work at AMC, you may apply directly on the corporate website, which is the most up-to-date source for job postings within the firm. You may submit your application online, which will be forwarded to the theater where you apply. You may also apply in person at the place of your choice.

Advantages of Working at AMC

AMC Entertainment offers the following benefits:

  • They offer Health and wellness insurance health coverage.
  • Financial and Retirement Planning 401K Plan.
  • Parenting and family hours may be reduced or flexible.
  • Time off and vacation. Sick Leave.
  • Benefits and discounts employees get a discount.
  • They offer Job training and professional assistance.

Medical coverage and 401(k) retirement plans are available to eligible colleagues. AMC Theatres, which has over 300 sites and serves about 200 million customers annually, is always looking for entry-level employees who want to work in the entertainment industry.


AMC does not pay highly, which reflects how easy it is to get a job. Wages range from $10 per hour for a crew leader to $18 per hour for a manager. It is one of the reasons why this is regarded as a fantastic place to start your career.

They pay far less than the national average and are more ready to hire applicants straight out of college with little to no job experience. They have a minimum age limit for employees. Minors employed must adhere to all local and federal employment regulations. Their organization often hires persons between the ages of 14 and 17, depending on when they can work that day and their school work permits.


1. Is it Difficult to Get a Job at AMC Theater?

No, getting a job at AMC Theaters is not tricky. It’s an attractive field for those who are just starting in their professional lives yet have a lot of potential to contribute. AMC Theaters is interested in employing anybody over 16 with strong people skills and a love of movies. AMC Theater management positions are also not difficult to get and are an excellent location to start your management career.

2. Does AMC Pay Overtime Compensation?

AMC Theatres, the corporation with the most significant portion of the American movie theater market, pays its salaried management overtime and holidays. In contrast, the crew, which effectively performs most of the physical labor, is paid hourly regardless of whether they work overtime or on holidays.

How much do you make at AMC?

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