Salaries For Intake Specialist

If you find yourself to be an extrovert, who can easily communicate with people anytime they want and anytime they need, then the job post of an intake specialist is the one for you. A person who has strong communication skills and can influence the group is the best-suited person for this job. Intake specialists are considered to be the first point of contact between the organization. Are you thrilled by this job post? Do you want to know more? So, we are providing the details of intake specialists along with their salaries just to guide you. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Intake Specialist’.

Salaries For Intake Specialist

Salaries For Intake Specialist

The salary of the intake specialist varies in the different cities in the United States. But they can get an average amount of $35,486. The highest salary the intake specialist can get is about $83,400. The basic salary package for a fresher intake specialist starts from $19,200. Atkinson city is the highest salary paying city for an intake specialist, which gives a median salary of 45,636. Let’s read Salaries For Intake Specialist.

Who are intake specialists?:

We can give various names to an intake specialist. You may also call an intake specialist an “intake coordinator.” But all the duties and responsibilities of both remain the same. These are the people whom the client contacts in the first place. These are the people who talk directly to the service takers, they access their needs and render and showcase the ambit of the institution in that way only.

The majority of intake specialists work in the field of health care. But the legal fields are also enlarging their scope and introducing and opening these posts for law companies and firms. So, broadly speaking there are two kinds of intake specialists:

  1. Health care intake specialists
  2. Legal intake specialists

Skills for becoming an intake specialist

If you wish to become a top-notch intake specialist, then you must possess these skills yourself. The one who has all these skills in themselves, then there is a high chance of him getting selected for this post. Having all these skills will also make sure in increasing the salary package for that post in the upcoming time. Some of the skills that are required for becoming an intake specialist are:

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  • Empathetic approach: An intake specialist should always carry an empathetic approach while handling the clients. Be it in the legal field or healthcare empathic approach is very much necessary.
  • Communication skills: The best communication skills, with the right power of expression can lead to the right answers to the client’s queries.
  • Organizing ability: Organizing is the key to achieving the desired goal. If the intake specialist doesn’t organize the work and the clients in a well-organized manner, then the workers will create a mess all around.
  • Effective intelligence: Effective intelligence is another way of problem-solving in a very critical way. When the intake specialist applies critical thinking in solving the problem, it leads to the invention of new and easy ways to complete tasks.
  • Patience level: Legal and healthcare fields are the two fields where the employees need the highest patience level. Because in both the fields the clients are going through serious problems of life, and they will surely demand more time for resolving. 
  • Eye on details: The best intake specialist should always pay an eye to the minute details of the client’s query.

Salaries for intake specialists

The intake specialists are the most common and foremost contact point between the organization and the clients. They are the one who helps the clients to know more about the area of operations of any institution. Are you assuming how much they will be paid? Check these salary facts for intake specialists:

  • The average annual pay that an intake specialist receives is near about $35,846 per annum.
  • The starting salary package for an intake specialist starts from $33,380.
  • The salary of an intake specialist can go at the highest peak up to $83,400.
  • The average hourly rate for the intake specialist ranges from $17.23 per hour.
  • The average weekly rate for the intake specialist ranges from $689 per week.
  • The average monthly rate for the intake specialist ranges from $2,987 per month.
  • 25% of the intake specialist gets a salary package of $29,500.
  • 75% of the intake specialist gets a salary package of $40,000.
  • 90% of the intake specialist gets a salary package of $47,500.
  • The salary of these specialists can get increased according to the location, experience, and other key skills by $10,000.

Salaries for intake specialists according to different cities

We cannot ignore the fact that the salary and the hourly rate for an intake specialist can increase and decrease according to the locality. In different cities, they get the highest amount and, in some cities, they get the minimum amount of salary. Let’s find out how much the intake specialists are paid in different cities.

  1. Atkinson, NE ($45,636)
  2. Barnstable Town, MA ($42,141)
  3. Inverness, CA ($41,795)
  4. San Jose, CA ($43,930)
  5. Seattle, WA ($42,452)
  6. Dimondale, MI ($40,747)
  7. Concord, CA ($41,807)
  8. Frankston, TX ($43,432)
  9. Manhattan, NY ($40,386)
  10. Wasilla, AK ($41,366)


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Intake Specialist’, The job of the intake specialist is that desk job that most extroverted people find very easy. The job needs a hitch over communication skills. If you wish to become an intake specialist, then you must possess a variety of skills that are mentioned above. You can easily understand the salary standards that are being set for this job from the above-mentioned details. We are assuming that with the help of this article you have understood the basic criteria and eligibility for becoming an intake specialist.

  1. What is the lowest salary that an intake specialist will get?

The lowest salary amount that an intake specialist will get is $28,401. The hourly rate for this post also differs from localities and experience. The lowest hourly rate that an intake specialist gets is about $12.50.

  1. What is the highest amount that an intake specialist will get?

The highest amount that an intake specialist will get is about $48,555. The highest hourly rate that an intake specialist makes in an hour is about $22.12.

Salaries For Intake Specialist

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