Penn State Salary Levels

The Pennsylvania State University, also known as Penn State, is a public university known for research and land grant. It has many facilities and campuses spread in the state of Pennsylvania. Let us see about Penn State salary levels.

Penn State Salary Levels

Penn State Salary Levels

(Accoding to Pay Scale) The average salary of a Penn State employee is $55,000 per year, The salary levels vary with the job titles.

  • Assistant Professor for post secondary education- $49k to $107k
  • Systems Administrator- $53k to $87k
  • Programmer Analyst- $41k to $92k
  • Information Technology Support Specialist- $30k to $61k
  • Proposal co-ordinator- $37k to $63k
  • Marketing Specialist- $37k to $61k
  • Research Technologist- $32k to $48k
  • Research Scientist- $29k to $59k
  • Education Program Co-ordinator- $35k to $54k

Penn State is one of the top research universities and is Pennsylvania’s only land grant institution. It aims to offer high-quality education, expert research, and global service to its students. Penn State has 24 campuses across Pennsylvania. More than 100,000 students and 17,000 faculty and staff study and work here. From access to incomparable resources to research pursuits in an atmosphere of teamwork, a degree at Penn State is more than just education. Researchers at Penn State collaborate with each other to develop solutions that impact the world positively. 

Academics at Penn State

Penn State University has 24 campus locations across Pennsylvania that include a graduate school, a medical school, and two law schools. It also has a global online campus that is in the National Top 10 for online learning. Being a student at Penn State means having access to its expert faculty and state-of-the-art resources. Penn State offers a large number of degrees, including 275 undergraduate majors and more than 300 graduate and professional programs. 

Process of applying for a job at Penn State

The process of applying for a job at Penn State consists of a few steps-

  • On the official website of Penn State, the Human Resources page can be found. The career page can is accessible from here. 
  • The left side of the page consists of several filters which help the applicant filter out the type of job they are interested in applying for. These filters include job location, eligibility, category, etc. 
  • After applying the filters, if the applicant is interested in any of the jobs shown, they can click on apply. 
  • A menu appears called to start your application. Here the applicant has to either upload their resume or fill in the fields manually.
  •  A login or account creation screen then appears. Here the applicant is to either login into their existing Penn State account or creates a new one. This can be done using their email and creating a password. 
  • A confirmation is sent to the email, and it further leads the applicant to the application. 
  • The application has several questions like where did the applicant hear about the job, whether they have been previously affiliated with Penn State, and information about them. 
  • There are columns asking about the applicant’s work experience, education and skills, languages, and previous jobs. 
  • After filling all the required columns, the application can be submitted. 
  • After the application is submitted, the Candidate Home Page opens automatically to indicate that the application was received. 

Working at Penn State University

Penn State is a large community with limitless opportunities. They have over 19 different job families and more than 175 job profiles. The workforce at Penn State is diverse, talented, and dedicated. Penn State is one of the largest employers in Centre County, with more than 17,000 employees. 

Benefits for Penn State employees

  • Health Insurance- Penn State has a comprehensive medical program that provides quality and affordable health care to University employees and their family members. 
  • Professional development- Penn State offers a Workplace Learning and Performance program that enables employees to join professional development courses and learning events. They can utilize these resources and help their job performance and growth. 
  • Retirement plans- The University offers two premier retirement options for its full-time employees- the TIAA and the State Employees Retirement System. They offer a number of supplemental retirement plans as well. 
  • Total Compensation- The University offers insurance contributions along with a generous paid time off policy which makes the employees feel they get paid more than their salary. 
  • Discount programs- Penn State employees have access to special discounts for being a part of the University. 
  • Tuition Discounts- Penn state employees and their dependents can receive a degree from the University at 25 percent of the original cost. 

Diversity and inclusion

At Penn State, it is believed that diversity and inclusion are an essential part of creating a Culture of Belonging at work. The employees at any organization are able to reach their full potential when they feel accepted and valued at their place of work. At Penn State, they strive to create such an environment. Members of the Penn State community, the students and employees, belong to almost all states in the US and more than 140 countries across the world. They learn, grow and contribute to the land grant mission of the University. Penn State is dedicated to accepting and celebrating difference and diversity as part of their core principles in education and research, and all aspects of their operations, as well as in their outreach efforts and public service, to support the members of their communities.


Penn State University is widespread throughout the state and offers a large number of courses and programs to its students. Due to its distinguished faculty, it is considered to be one of the top educators in the state and in the world. 

Frequently asked questions

Is it tough to get into Penn State Uni?

Out of the 74,000 students that applied to Penn State in the 2020-2021 cycle, about 40,000 were admitted even though Penn State is selective. The chances of being accepted increase if the applicant has a strong profile. 

What is Penn State famous for? 

Penn State Salary Levels

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