Medical Billing And Coding Salary In Florida


Medical billers and coders work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. We will discuss Medical Billing And Coding Salary In Florida. You can find them putting codes in a computer whole day, behind the desk and computer. You might have your own desk or a cubicle. The data produced by billers and coders are an integral part of info-management and used by the local and national government. As well as private healthcare org. And international agencies. This data is also used in health services research, epidemiological studies, resource allocation, etc. 

Medical Billing And Coding Salary In Florida

The earning of a medical biller and coder in Florida varies from $13 to somewhat around $26, with an average of $15 per hour. If talking about the yearly income, it ranges from $27,034 to somewhat around $53,223 with an average of $37652.

  • The income is quite good if you are a top earner and have your foothold in work. 
  • Some detailed figures 2021 will better explain the incomes:
  • The average income was $40,220, but this range falls between $37,429 to $43,988
  • Salary range differs due to cities and other important factors like education, health, certifications, additional skills, experience, etc.
  • The average salary for a medical biller is $15.84 per hour in Florida, which is 5% lower than the national average. The most common benefit of this profession is:
    • Flexible schedule
    • Paid time off
    • Vision insurance
    • Health insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Reimbursements 
  • As per the stats, 37% of medical billers in the USA think their salaries are sufficient to afford the necessities, i.e., cost of living in their area.
  • Medical billing and coding are not considered a boring job it is just a tedious job which requires a lot of concentration. But one of the perks is obviously the high salary and being one of the most sorted jobs in the healthcare industry.
  • The certificate degree required for the same gets completed by 18 months max up to 2 years, and then you become ready to step into the world of medical coding and billing.
  • The job being in the back end is that coders don’t get to interact with patients, but billers, on the other hand, communicate with the front end people and help the patients understand the process and take charge. Hence they prove to be a very integral part of the overall experience.

Medical Billing Specialist and Coder: 

  • A Medical Billing Specialist reviews and verifies, and vouches for medical bills and invoices with accounts of patients and others. He ensures the record is accurate and there is no inaccurate data being logged.
  • Being a Medical Billing Specialist, make changes in the information system to support an effective and efficient billing process.
  • They have to fulfill certain responsibilities like:
    • Extract information about patients
    • Create a bridge between parties and doctors
    • Assign CPT, ICD-10-CM
    • Compliance with medical coding policy etc.
  • Educational Requirements:
    • 1-3 years of required experience in the field as a medical coder
    • 0 years if obtained some certificate or degree in the same field
    • Some training and supervision while working will be present.
    • High school diploma
    • Computer skills
    • Excellent communication
    • People skills
    • Able to maintain confidentiality
  • Medical coders and billers have almost the same basic roles irrespective of which country they are in. Most standard codes are ICD, CPT, HCPS.
  • The average salary of this role in the US is $66250, And the demand for medical coding professionals is increasing. 
  • US Bureau of Labour Statistics showed that the demand for jobs in this field has grown by more than 15% in this decade ending by 2024.

Job Opportunities:

Many places in Florida like CORVEE, NAPLES, PALM BEACH GARDENS, MICHIGAN, SAINT PETERSBURGH, HIALEAH, WEST PALM BEACH offer employment opportunities to a medical biller and coder.



  • COCONUT CREEK – $41,113
  • ALACHUA – $38471
  • BEVERLY HILLS – $38268
  • CANAL POINT – $41500
  • CLAKSVILLE – $37605
  • CLARCONA – $40275
  • CITRA – $38353
  • MYERS – $36990
  • DESTIN – $33390
  • ORMOND BEACH – $33530
  • GAINSVILLE – $34840
  • JACKSONVILLE – $33800
  • LAKELAND HAVEN – $37200
  • POMPANO BEACH – $32980
  • MIAMI – $30170

Educational Qualifications and Salary

Salary differences based on educational qualifications:

  1. Salaries with No Diploma – $40671-$42337
  2. Salary with High-School Diploma and/or Technical Certificate- $40890-$42633
  3. Salary with an Associate Degree- $41021-$42751
  4. Salary with a Bachelor Degree- $41153-$42929
  5. Salary with Master’s Degree /MBA- $41372-$43225
  6. Salary with JD/MD/Ph.D.- $41460-$41343

Apart from the above, the other certificates which might offer a great increment in the salary are:

  • Certified Coding Specialist  – $61,379 per year
  • Certified Outpatient Coder – $59,129 per year
  • Certified Documentation Expert Outpatient- $69,029 per year
  • Certified Risk Adjustment Coder  – $61,295 per year

If we compare the salaries, it is evident that there is not much variation from a person holding no diploma to a Ph.D. But if you are certified and have cleared an exam, you can expect a great hike in the salaries in Florida, USA. So if you want to earn more, you should be a certified medical biller & coder. Getting $60000 and more annually is a more than decent sum to survive in the USA. So people interested in the medical field with basic accounts knowledge can give this option a worthy shot.

Certificates in Medical Billing and Coding

A medical coding certificate is a certification or a credential that one can receive if he is interested in going for a career in medical coding and billing. There are numerous certificates available from which one can choose,

Let’s discuss these certified courses to get an idea which might provide a better earning opportunity for the present and future as well:

  • CCS or the Certified Coding Specialist: A professional practitioner’s tested data quality and accuracy and coding inpatient and outpatient records.
  • COC or certified outpatient coder: this is the only outpatient coding certificate in the healthcare industry. Clearing this exam validates special payment knowledge.
  • CDEO or certified documentation expert outpatient: this certificate provides expertise in outpatient documentation for effective and efficient coding.
  • CRC or certified risk adjustment coder: this exam helps read a medical chart and assign correct adjustment models in coding.

Choosing the certificate is as per your own choice, and demand in industry and pay scale changes as per your expertise in Florida and everywhere. So one must choose carefully and weigh the salaries to select from them.


A Medical Biller and Coder is a profession worth giving a shot for if you are looking for earning a decent sum of money with no qualification or maybe as a part-time job to fund your college fees. The money offered is quite well with an average of approximately $15 an hour. Both these fields of biller and coder are a little different, but they both require good communication and understanding of the matter, among other similarities. Money is not all you look for, but this becomes important in some years, so salary should be considered a necessary measure. There are many vacancies in Florida, and salary differs from city to city; therefore, if you are willing to go for becoming a medical biller and coder, you should check out the article and benefit from the information related to salary scale, opportunities, certifications, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does a medical coder earn in Orlando, FL. The USA? 

Answer: The medical coder and biller in Orlando, USA earn around $21-$24 an hour.

  • Is Medical Biller and Coder a dying career?

Answer: There is no such proof of it till now but as per the expert’s demand never tends to cease because the health sector is advancing rapidly. But according to some sources, almost 85% of the career options will be dead in 2030. Let’s hope the prophecy is fake.

  • Now in a pandemic can the coder & biller work from home and earn?

Answer: Yes, he can work from home and earn well without having to risk his health anymore.

  • Which coding certificate is the best?

Answer: Please refer to the third subheading of the article you will find some best certificates to choose from based on your caliber and academic standards.

  • How can I know if I am being paid fairly?

Answer: You can always visit a salary calculator to get a free range of what you are getting paid based on your location, industry, experience.

  • How much do professions like medical billers get paid?

Answer: The billing specialist gets $16.37 per hour, the coding specialist gets $19.84 per hour, an accounts representative of the patient gets $13.14 per hour, a medical collector gets $15.41 per hour, etc.

  • Are there opportunities for advancement in being a medical biller?

Answer: They mostly work for 40 hours a week, for those who are willing to work during off-hours, there are greater opportunities as they can work as office managers or supervisors.

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Medical Billing And Coding Salary In Florida

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