Jane Street Salary Levels – Know More

Have you ever wondered how much Jane Street gets paid? Honestly speaking, It’s difficult to estimate the amount directly. First, it depends on your line of work. Jane Street’s value has been raised to $275,000. In addition to this, the salary for software development engineers at entry-level has been increased to $250,000. Let us know about Jane street salary levels.

Jane Street Salary Levels

Jane Street Salary Levels

Furthermore, software engineers who works at Jane Street can easily earn salary levels $300,000 per year right out of college, but engineers who specialise in things like FPGAs and compilers should be able to make $500k-600k per year. So, in engineering, you can make around 700k in five years. That’s a lot of money!! 

Secondly, It depends on a person’s willingness to give up a work-life balance in exchange for a higher salary. However, if you’re already at the Jane Street level, don’t push yourself too hard. As a baseline engineer compensation, you’ll already be making more than 9 times the average American salary at the age of 22. There’s so much more to life than money, and once you reach a certain income level (500k-600k per year, or the top 1%), more money won’t improve your quality of life.

What is Jane Street?

Jane Street is a proprietary trading firm that specialises in ETFs and was founded in 1999. It does not manage money for outside investors. To take advantage of price differences, the firm uses computer algorithms and human traders to buy and sell the funds and their component securities.

Headquarters: New York, United States

Founder: Tim Reynolds

Jane Street Capital’s Track Record

Jane Street is a private company with no outside investors, so no performance figures are required. Furthermore, its proprietary trading business pales in comparison to that of a pure investment manager. Some aspects of its business resemble that of a liquidity and pricing service provider; a business that necessitates some capital commitment and investment skill, as well as IT investment, relationships, and business acumen.

Nonetheless, it is widely regarded as one of the most consistently profitable quantitative trading firms in the world.

How much does Jane Street pay new Harvard/MIT grad traders?

Jane Street does hire a lot of people from those schools, but it will be surprising if an MIT or Harvard graduate gets special treatment at any company. 

In New York City, the average base salary is likely to be a little over $100,000. A trader is primarily compensated in bonus, and you should expect to receive little bonus your first year because it is still considered “training.”

It totals in the mid-to high-hundreds, similar to many software engineering/trading/quant/etc. technical jobs in their first year. If you do well, the big bonuses will come later.

Quant at Jane Street

Quant traders and researchers make the most money, and it is believed that they can earn $1 million or more within a few years if they deliver consistent profits for JS. Having said that, most people from a quant researcher who are 3–4 years out of undergrad make $1.2 million+ per year but are outstanding at their job.

Jane Street vs Goldman Sachs

The distinction between prop trading and bulge bracket trading is what separates the trading at these two firms. According to workers, the differences can be divided into two categories: Work content and Culture.

Work content:

Jane Street is a prop trading firm, which means they trade on their books and the profits or losses they make directly affect their bottom line. Prop trading, on the other hand, has been severely restricted at investment banks since the Volcker Rule was enacted. As a result, the majority of Goldman’s trading is done to serve their clients rather than to make or lose money. Goldman will also offer a more diverse menu of trading strategies and asset classes, simply because prop trading firms typically specialise in one or two trading strategies, whereas banks do everything under the sun.


This will be the single most important differentiator. Goldman Sachs is an investment bank, so it will be a lot more “polished” than Jane Street. While everyone on Goldman’s trading floor will be dressed up, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone on Jane Street who isn’t wearing a t-shirt or hoodie. While having all the company-paid breakfasts and lunches, Jane Street’s traders enjoy playing betting and market-making games for fun. Jane Street’s hierarchical structure will also be much flatter than Goldman’s; your upward mobility in the company will be severely limited at a prop trading firm, but most traders won’t be concerned about this anyway.

Does Jane Street Capital pay out small bonuses?

At companies like these, it’s common to start with a modest base salary that rarely changes, and then receive a bonus that can quickly increase to several times your base salary. This is especially true on Jane Street. One thought experiment to consider Jane Street:

  • Jane Street maintains a reputation for having exceptionally bright employees, with accomplishments such as winning IMO/ACM/etc competitions while underpaying them in comparison to other firms.

Jane Street is indeed a popular trading firm at the present. Many graduated students want to get employed in this company but only a few people manage to get hired; since the selection process is one tough thing to crack. Jane Street does pay a good salary to their employees, recently their value has been raised to $275,000. Salary for entry-level software development engineers has increased to $250,000. Among the employees, Software engineers earn a lot, they can easily make $300,000 per year right out of college, but engineers who specialise in things like FPGAs and compilers should be able to make $500k-600k per year. So, in engineering, you can make 700k in five years. 


How much should I expect to earn if I am selected for Jane Street?

Jane Street’s value has been raised to $275,000. Salary for entry-level software development engineers has increased to $250,000.

What should I include in my CV to get Jane Street Capital to consider me for a software developer position?

Strong quantitative background with OCAML experience from a well-known university. Almost all candidates will be offered at least a first interview if they have that.

How can I get a call from Jane Street Capital for an interview?

An existing employee can refer you. The interview is guaranteed.

Is Jane Street’s interview selective?

Yes, out of many, only a Few succeed. Only a “small percentage” of applicants are chosen for an interview, according to the company.

Jane Street Salary Levels – Know More

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