Oracle Interview Questions – Know More

Ever wonder what kind of questions are asked during the interview process? Well, every interview questions differs from the role of what the candidate is applying for. This means if you are applying for a Software Engineer, then the questions mostly will be based on the subject of software. Let us see about Oracle interview questions.

Oracle Interview Questions

But one thing to be certain is that generally, all Interviews have common questions, regardless of what the company is. 

So, before we dive into the topic let’s know little details about Oracles and later on let’s get on what kind of questions are asked mostly in Oracle Interview. 

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a company that specialises on computer technology and is best known for its Java-based software and services. Oracle sells cloud-engineering services and systems, as well as database management systems, through its four main business segments: cloud and licence, hardware, and services.

Founded: 1977 June 16

Place of found: Santa Clara, California, United States

Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process starts from checking the CVs to Onboarding. 


• Checking CVs to see if they meet the requirements

• Interview over the phone ( Deep Dive Technical )

• Interview with a Manager ( Technical Concepts, Process Knowledge etc)

• Interview with HR( Could be telephonic or in-person)

Note: There may be two technical rounds in some cases ( one telephonic and another in person or both telephonic ).


As part of the recruitment process, you may be asked to prepare a presentation during the interview process. 

If the job is in a different city than yours, there will be three rounds of interviews via Zoom, and the final discussion will be about compensation over the phone.

– Lists that are linked together: This is the most important part of the Oracle interview; majority of the questions will be based on this chapter, so be prepared. 

– Recursion you may be asked to write a couple of recursions, one of which will be about trees and the Longest Increasing Subsequence.

– Dynamic Programming: If you prepare well, it can give you an advantage in interviews, where questions are frequently asked directly from books.

– Greedy Programming: This chapter will likely contain one or two questions.

– Experienced candidate can expect some questions about their previous job and project, as well as questions about Data Structures and Algorithms.

– So, in a week, you must touch on the above topic; in some cases, a light touch will suffice because questions are typically asked at an average level.

Rounds of Interviews

The levels of the interview are as follows:

  1. Introductions of 3–5 minute phone call discussion
  2. You will be invited to a face-to-face interview by HR. It will last about 30–40 minutes and involve two managers and two technical consultants.
  3. Following the F2F, I had a final round of technical interviews over the phone with top management from the United States, which lasted 40 minutes.
  4. Selected confirmation call: which included a clear job profile and your roles and responsibilities, as well as an HR round and package discussion that lasted less than 10 minutes.
  5. 5-10 minute of discussion with management and HR.

After processing all these steps, the DOJ will then release your offer letter after 2 months.


Questions about Oracle database architecture and performance tuning could be asked of a PL/SQL developer. Here are Oracle’s best questions asked during the interview:

– For example, how does Oracle compression work? How does decompressing data for eventual reads affect performance when reading a compressed table?

– What is the difference between PCTUSED and PCTFREE? How are data blocks stored internally? How does Oracle perform an update and insert operations with the least amount of row movement possible?

– What happens if a table has an index and the data is updated? How much does this cost in terms of performance overhead?

– A query now takes longer to execute than it did previously. What could be the cause of this? Bottlenecks that may exist and strategies for overcoming them.

– Backup and recovery strategies, data guard standby, and disaster management are all possible questions for a DBA.

– How do you set up Dataguard’s fast start failover feature?

– What method do you use to make incremental backups?

– If data files are lost, how can the database be restored? Is there a loss of control file?

Types of questions to expect in the Oracle campus Interview 

1. The first and most important piece of advice is to be thorough when writing your resume. Interviewers are usually interested in questions about the topics and projects you mentioned in your resume.

2. The interviewer will mostly ask questions about OOPS and Java, so you should prepare well on these topics to impress the interviewer

3. If your resume includes topics such as SQL, DBMS, or HTML.

Expect only some questions in that area. They always like to do is run SQL queries.

4. You can also ask questions about system design. I was not asked to design a sample database for systems such as a library or a ticket booking system, but a few of my friends were.

5. You will be ask to write codes in the language that you want. The codes will primarily be used to assess your approach to the problem. Consider keeping it simple and smart.


Oracle is a company that specialises on software and services or commonly best known for its Java-based software and services. If you’re preparing for the interview process, you may be asked to prepare a presentation as part of the recruitment process. The first and most important piece of advice is to write your resume thoroughly. Questions about the topics and projects you mentioned in your resume are usually of interest to interviewers. The interviewer will primarily ask questions about OOPS and Java, so prepare thoroughly on these topics to impress the interviewer. 


What type of questions should I expect during the interview?

First of all, there is this basic question; Introduction of oneself, and then the questions mostly will be based on the job role you’re applying for. 

Is Oracle a good company?

In terms of culture, Oracle has a good reputation and excellent infrastructure. In addition to this Oracle has easy work-life balance too. But every employees personal experience may vary depending upon the project and team allotted to them.

What is the important part of the selection?

Your CVs/Resume is the first impression. Your resume speaks for yourself, so build a nice resume.

What is Oracle India Pvt Ltd’s notice period?

Oracle India has a 30-day notice policy.

What does Oracle Provide?

Oracle Corporation is a global provider of enterprise information technology products and services. 

What do Oracles offers?

Oracle Fusion cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion cloud enterprise performance management, Oracle Fusion cloud supply chain and manufacturing management, Oracle Fusion cloud human capital management, Oracle Fusion cloud advertising and customer experience, and NetSuite applications suite are all part of its Oracle cloud software as a service offering.

Oracle Interview Questions – Know More

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