Google Technical Manager Salary – Complete Guide

Working in a nice organization like Google could be a great deal for a lot of people, being that Google is a great platform for information technology specialized individuals and has numerous opportunities for its members. Ever wondered what role a technical manager plays or what an average google technical manager is paid as a salary? We will be talking about the Google technical program manager.

Google Technical Manager Salary


Google LLC is an American-based but globally used technology that focuses on artificial intelligence, online marketing, computer software, search engines, computer hardware, internet services, enterprises, data collection, and the likes. It is a globally valued brand due to its dominance in its industry. It was founded in the year 2998, September 4th by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were both Doctorate students at Stanford University, it has its headquarters at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, California, U.S. Google had over 139,995 workers in the year 2021.

Google job roles are classified into 9 different parts and each has its different job roles, theses 9 departments include; 

  • Engineering technology which The technical Program manager falls in. 
  • Sales, service, and support 
  • Marketing and communications
  • Design
  • Business strategy.
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Facilities 

Roles and responsibilities of a Technical Program Manager

  • A technical manager popularly known as the TPM is responsible for making sure all projects are done within their deadlines. 
  • They serve as a liaison between the department and other workers to make sure a job is done.
  • They make sure approval of projects are done and are accepted
  • They are responsible for executing Technical programs for the company. 
  • They work with other workers such as project managers and other stakeholders to develop programs. 
  • They must be good communicators, having listening and verbal skills to communicate with both technical and non-technical staff.
  • They must exhibit great leadership skills.
  • He identifies the risk that would be involved in a project.

At Google, a Technical Program Manager has a different and vast and has its role in which he will be told to do. It could be machine learning or cloud programs or leadership and lots more. 

Required minimum qualification  for technical program manager at Google;

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.p
  • Experience in Program Management on technical cross-functional projects.
  • Experience in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

Preferred qualifications for technical program manager;

  • Master’s, Ph.D. degree, or equivalent experience in Engineering, Computer Science, or other technical-related fields.

Technical manager salary

An average technical manager of any company is most likely to have a salary of about 70,000-220,000 dollars annually in the United States.  Although there might be an increase in the salary, it all depends on the skills the individual has, location, the company one is working at, or his or her years of experience in that field. In the United States, the factor of a technical manager’s salary largely depends on his or her experience over the years. The table below will illustrate the level of growth;

0-2 years70,000
2-5 years95,000
6-10 years140,000
11-15 years 170,000
16-20 years190,000
20 years and above201,000

If you notice there is a percentage decrease in the salaries as the year increases. 

Google actually pays her Technical Manager according to this;

  • Entry-level- 165,000 dollars
  • Senior Position – 376,000 dollars
  • Median salary- 233,000

Other benefits of offering a technical program manager

  • Insurance- Health.
  • Paid breakfast and lunch.
  • Maternity and paternity leave.
  • Paid Vacation

Interview for Google Technical Program Manager

There are three to this interview process and they include;

  • On phone recruiting
  • Technical phone screen 
  • Physical interview
On-phone recruiting-

This involves asking questions about your background in this related field, the role you think a Google Technical Program Manager does, Resumè questions, and the reason why you are the best fit for the job, it is just like the typical job interviews. 

Technical phone screen-

This usually takes about an hour or so. It is a telephonic interview by the hiring manager asking practical questions and assessing your Technical Program Manager skills, also questioning your personality to see one’s confidence and communication skills.

Physical interview-

This usually takes a full day, it consists of 5 rounds and each takes an hour. Each section is divided into a product management section, technical section, and leadership skills section. The interview panel consists of current working from other departments and also within like the Software developer, program manager, technical program manager, a bar raiser ( from a different department) and lastly hiring manager. This section most times determines if or not one is going to get employed. 

So basically, Google Technical Program Manager is a high paid job which is one of many well-respected job roles in the industry, although it is one demanding job in which you have to be a medium of communication between the various departments, you will surely get in contact with almost everyone and it needs someone that is really communicative. No wonder that is one important criterion in getting the position of a Technical Program Manager in Google and any other company. But looking at the brighter side, a TPM could be fun in the sense that he or she is in charge of executing projects and is responsible for approved offers 

Frequently asked questions

1). What advancement of one skill leads to an increase in the salary of a Technical Program Manager?

Yes it does, as you grow and advance and acquire more certification, your salary will increase for the fact you are using these skills for the development of the company

2). Does the Salary of a Google Technical Program Manager depend on the location?

Yes, it depends on the location. For instance, California is one of the most paying cities for Technical program manager 

3).  Is Google open to all individuals to work in the company?

Yes, it is open to all individuals irrespective of race or background. Some Google employees work virtually from different parts of the world and are created equally and paid equally. Google has over 14,000 employees currently employed that are working virtually. 

Google Technical Manager Salary – Complete Guide

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