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Safeway is one of the oldest retail grocery industries in the United States of America. The American-based supermarket was founded way back in April 1915 and is running successfully for more than 105 years now. Does Safeway Pay Weekly?

The payment cycle used by the supermarket company is in a weekly format. The employees and the workers of the supermarket chain are paid every week on Friday. Safeway does not use the bi-weekly payment cycle. 

About Safeway Inc. 

Safeway was founded and established by Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915. He was nicknamed M.B. was a successful American businessman and was the leading member of the Skaggs Family of retailers in the company. He played a very important role in the expansion of the supermarket chain in the country. 

 The first store was opened in American Falls, Idaho and the primary product sold by the supermarket chain was everything related to the grocery. Interestingly, all the grocery items were kept within the customers’ reach, for example on shelves, racks that hugged the walls, and with aisles clear so that the customers could walk comfortably. 

By the next twenty years, the supermarket chain grew rapidly and expanded its product line. The supermarket chain started offering and selling food items, bakery items, medicines, beverages, and other products for the customers. 

By 1940, the company opened hundreds of grocery stores in the market. The stores were made in such a way that the customers could pick up baskets as they entered the store and select what they wanted from the shelves or racks. 

Currently, the supermarket is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, United States of America. Additionally, the supermarket serves customers in more than 900 locations in the country with over 250,000 employees working for the company every day. As of 2019, the company has generated more than $37.5 billion in revenues and has total assets of $17.2 billion. 

Careers At Safeway 

Safeway Inc. is highly active in recruiting new and young employees in their company or supermarket stores. The company opens up a long list of job positions for the public in the market. They recruit new members under five different departments and they are Corporate, Distribution and Manufacturing Department, Stores, Store Management Department, and Pharmacy Department. 

Some of the job positions opened by the supermarket chain are as follows:-

  • Deli Associate 
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrator 
  • Assistant Coordinator 
  • Business Administrator 
  • Billing Specialist 
  • Administration Manager 
  • Assistant Director 
  • Assistant Manager 
  • Assistant General Manager 
  • Associate Director 
  • Certified Pharmacy 
  • Clinical Pharmacist 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Pharmacist in Charge 
  • Pharmacy Assistant 
  • Staff Pharmacist 
  • Cashier
  • Replenishment Associate 
  • Barista 
  • Produce Clerk 
  • Meat Cutter 
  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Grocery Store Clerk 

These are some of the job positions opened by the supermarket chain. Additionally, the age requirement and qualifications required are not the same for all the departments in the supermarket chain. One needs to go through their official website for all the details as per their interested job position. 

How Much Does An Employee At Safeway Make? 

The average hourly rate of any worker at the supermarket chain is $12 per hour. The average hourly rate of any worker in the company can range from $8 – $28 per hour. On the other hand, the average per year salary ranges from $22,000 for Crew Members to $170,100 per year for a Senior Solution Architect. 

Below is a detailed salary chart for most of the employees and workers at Safeway:-

Job PositionAverage Hourly Rate/ Per Year 
Administrative Assistant $15.90 per hour
Assistant Coordinator $13.05 per hour
Business Administrator $65,250 per year
Administrator $17.05 per hour
Billing Specialist $47,100 per year
Administration Manager $74,250 per year
Assistant Director $58,650 per year
Assistant General Manager $47,650 per year
Associate Director $58,900 per year
Certified Pharmacy technician$16.25 per hour
Pharmacist $94,650 per year
Pharmacy Assistant $15.25 per hour
Clinical Pharmacist $140,500 per year
Deli Associate $13.75 per hour
Staff Pharmacist $65.95 per hour
Cashier $13.26 per hour
Replenishment Associate$14.35 per hour
Meat Cutter $15.95 per hour
Produce Clerk $13.75 per hour
Barista $14.15 per hour 
Customer Service Representative $12.05 per hour
Grocery Clerk $14.65 per hour

These are the average per hour salaries of most of the Safeway employees and workers. Additionally, the exact average hourly rate and the yearly rate of all of the workers or employees in the company highly depend on the location and area that the store is situated in. 

Does Safeway Pay Weekly to Their Employees or Workers?

All the corporate businesses, restaurant chains, supermarket chains, pharmacy departments, and any other use two types of payment cycles: weekly and bi-weekly. The weekly payment cycle is where the employees and workers are paid every week on a fixed day set by their respective companies. On the other hand, the bi-weekly payment cycle is where all the employees and workers of the company are paid every other week on a fixed day set by the company. 

Similarly, Safeway uses the weekly payment cycle for all of its employees and workers in the store. The workers and employees at their store are paid every week on Friday by their respective store managers. In some cases, if some workers or employees have not been credited with their salary then they are paid the following day. 


For every work in the world, there needs to be efficiency, hard work, teamwork, leadership skill, and other skills, so it is the same with a Safeway supermarket worker or employee. With all the skills, hard work, effort, and efficiency towards your commitment there is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want out of your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What are the different products sold at the Safeway supermarket chain?

Answer-The supermarket chain has been offering a long list of products to the customers for quite some time in the market now. Some of the products sold by the company are as follows:-

  • Bakery
  • Dairy Products 
  • Delicatessen
  • Dry Fruits
  • Cleaning Products 
  • Frozen Food Products 
  • Grocery items 
  • Fuel
  • Pharmacy
  • Photographic processing 
  • Lottery
  • Meats and Fish
  • Snacks 
  • Food 
  • Beverages 
  • Flowers 
  1. Who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Safeway supermarket?

Answer- The current Chief Executive Officer of the Safeway supermarket chain is Robert Gerald Miller. He has been in the position since April 10, 2015, to date. 

  1. What is the average hourly rate of any worker at the Safeway supermarket chain?

Answer- The average hourly rate of any worker at the Safeway supermarket chain is $12. The average hourly rate of any worker in the supermarket can range from $8 – $30 per hour.

  1. Who is the parent company of Safeway supermarket in the United States of America?

Answer- The parent company of the Safeway supermarket chain is Albertsons Companies. It is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the country right now. 

Does Safeway Pay Weekly?- All About Safeway

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