Zillow Employee Benefits- Additional Perks

Zillow Employee Benefits

When it comes to buying or selling properties online, your options are narrowed down to very few reliable websites. Zillow is one of the few trusted, online real-estate marketplaces. Started in 2004 with 20 employees, the company has since expanded with millions of verified users across the country and an array of different properties at flexible price ranges to choose from, it is undoubtedly the most successful real-estate online marketplace amongst its peers in the current year. Here, let’s know about Zillow Employee Benefits.

Zillow has become synonymous with real estate and property. Today it has more than 5000 employees. Zillow makes sure to treat their employees well and provide them with the top of line facilities. Plan on working at Zillow? Curious about the employee benefits available there? Worry no more! This article has got you covered. 

What Are The Employee Benefits At Zillow?

Zillow provides its employees a multitude of benefits and perks. Health Insurance is available (100% for the individual and 90% for the dependants) in case of any life-threatening emergency. Along with the basic regional transit system,  you also have the option to work remotely from the comfort of your living room. Thanks to the pandemic, 90% of the Zillow workforce operates from home, some working part-time. This offers flexibility for students. You also get health benefits like dental health insurance along with an HSA (Health Savings Account)/ FSA (Flexible Spending Account),  both are offered.

Maternity leave for 16 weeks and Paternity leave for 8 weeks is also provided to the working parents. Health benefits aside, you have free snacks and drinks at the workplace. A new employee can avail to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which helps in the training and assessment of new Employees. 

Additional Perks Provided to the Employees

Above were the primary benefits that Zillow has to offer to their employees. But this is not the end of it. You can also get Employee discounts at various partnered stores across the country. Tuition reimbursement is also available for employees who work part-time or wish to resume/ continue education. Disability income protection is offered as well. 15 days of backup child care are also provided.

There are multiple secondary/additional benefits that the employees can avail of! This can include the following:

  • Custom Work Set-up/ Work Station.
  • Wellness/ Gym Membership and reimbursement.
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms.
  • Life Insurance (Twice of the base salary.)
  • Vacation/ Time-off  (Unlimited Discretionary Time Off.)
  • Sabbatical (Sabbatical program after six consecutive years of employment.)
  • Phone Bill reimbursement. (100$ per month)
  • Immigration assistance.
  • Roth 401k.
  • 401k(100% match on the first 4% of base salary. Vest immediately.)
  • Mega Backdoor Roth IRA.
  • Pet Insurance.
  • Equity Choice.
  • Fertility Services.

You can avail of these exclusive benefits as an employee of Zillow. It is featured on various lists along with other companies that offer impressive employee benefits.

What Exactly Are Zillow Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits, which are often known as perks, are provided by Zillow along with the base salary. In Layman’s terms, they are compensated in a non-wage form. Some benefits are mandatory by law. Although the majority of the benefits are not mandatory, they are still considered on the basis of employee satisfaction and appreciation. This in turn encourages the employees. 

Importance Of Employee Benefits 

Zillow offers employee benefits to convey a message that they not only care about the well being of their employees but they also care about their future. This helps bring new employees and retain the existing ones. This also gives them an edge over the competition, by attracting new employees. Providing unique benefits can increase the productivity, focus, and engagement of the employees. If employees are given benefits then, they’re more likely to be loyal. This means that they will continue working for them. Thus, Zillow retains employees. Offering adequate benefits which can help reduce the stress of the employee is guaranteed to make them focus and be more productive. 

Offering perks alleviate the mood of the employees, keeping them happy. Overall, this improves the mental health of the employees as well, which is more essential in these trying times of the pandemic.


Employee benefits play an essential role in the performance of the employee. Zillow makes sure to provide all the necessary perks and benefits for the welfare of their employees. Offering them everything from healthcare to tuition reimbursement, along with free snacks and drinks along with various store discounts. Zillow has created a safe space with diverse employees ranging anywhere from full-time working parents to part-time working students, covering their health insurance. Retirement plans are also offered, catering to the welfare of the older employees.

These benefits go a long way in retaining employees and creating a landmark in the industry as an employee-friendly company, which Zillow is. A feat that very few companies have accomplished.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding employee benefits offered by Zillow.

Q. Does Zillow offer Paternity leave?

  • Yes! The paternity leave is 8 weeks which is paid of course!

Q. What’s the retirement plan at Zillow?

  • You get 401k, Roth IRA and equity along with health insurance.

Q. Does Zillow offer assistance for new employees?

  • Yes, their EAP (Employee Assistance Program) helps new employees and provides workplace counselling as well. 
Zillow Employee Benefits- Additional Perks

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