Google Recruiter Call After An Onsite Interview- What To Expect?

Google Recruiter call after an onsite interview

It feels good knowing that you have an interview to attend, especially when it is an interview from a well-established company like Google. A lot of effort will be invested into the preparatory process as you want to be sure that you stand out from the crowd so that you can stand a chance of getting the job. What happens right after the interview is solely dependent on your recruiter. What you are to expect from a Google Recruiter call after an onsite interview are these; the recruiter wants to find out how the interview went with your interviewers, they also may want to know if you experienced any difficulty all through your stay there, or they want to discuss an aspect of the interview that was not properly covered during the interview.

It is not out of place to feel nervous or be inquisitive as to why your recruiter would love to have a conversation with you after your interview. It is normal to have lots of questions racing through your mind, and having answers to those questions is what we are here to provide.

What Are The Products Or Tools Offered By Google?

Google is a major player in the tech industry, majorly everything we do on the internet is google sponsored. From our contacts to our calendar to our documents, picture and video gallery, our businesses, electronic mail, and lots more.

Most people would not be in business today if Google had not introduced one or more of their products or services. Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if there was nothing like Google’s search engine? It would have been a lot harder for us to survive, you know.

Before you decide to send in your application so you can be a member of staff at Google, it means you have what it takes to service one of their products or services to the general public. So let us quickly take a look at some of these tools provided by Google that we are all making use of today.

1. Google Calendar App

This app helps Google users to manage their schedules well. You spend little time scheduling your activities and you get great results. This calendar also works with your Gmail, per adventure you receive an email containing an activity that involves you with the date specified, which automatically reflects in your calendar.

2. Google Mail (Gmail)

This is the electronic mail by Google for its users. They receive, send and reply to emails from and to any part of the world. What a phone call can not achieve due to the call charges, an email will achieve them in less than no time and minimal charges. It also works for other Desktop tools like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and others.

3. Google Drive

This is one of the safest google tools for their users. Used to store documents and other personal tools on the cloud. It works with Google sheets, slides, and documents. With the help of Google drive and the tools, it integrates with. You can work from any part of the world with a team of individuals efficiently.

4. Google Forms

This is another Google tool that helps users get questions across to recipients and they receive their answers from people in different parts of the world. You can use it to carry out a survey of any kind and get your results.

5. Google Meet

This is a very secure method of having your meetings with people from any part of the world. Enterprises feel secure using this tool for their businesses.

What You Are To Expect When Your Google Recruiter Calls You After An Onsite Interview?

At Google, your recruiter is different from your interviewer. The one recruiting for the advertised position is the one that contacts you and gives you all the necessary information you need for the interview. The interviewer can be an individual or a team of interviewers on a table requesting certain vital information about yourself. In some cases, the recruiter may not be a part of those interviewing you for the position while in other cases they are part of the interviewing team.

There are several things to expect when your google recruiter gives you a call after the onsite interview.

1. To find out all about the interview

Most recruiters will love to get your review concerning their interview process. They want to know what you think about them; was it worthwhile or the process did not cover important aspects of the job you are applying for. They want to know so they can do better next time.

2. To inform you of the rest of the interview stages

It is best practice for your google recruiter to contact you for further interview stages. It is a subtle way of letting you know before the time that you have made it to the next stage of the interview process; that is if it was not outrightly stated during the call.

3. To get clearer information about a question the interviewers are trying to get about you

Sometimes, certain questions that will aid the decision or evaluation process of the interviewers were not well answered or it was not asked during the interview. Your recruiter will be contacted concerning this to get it across to you, there, your response will be relayed back to them. 

4. To let you know what the interviewers think about you.

Some individuals when contacted by their recruiters were called to inform them of what the interviewers think about them. In some cases, the call may eventually end with a decision to have a repeated interview or the applicant may end up choosing another job position or in worse scenarios, it may be that the recruiter will discontinue that fellow.

For more information about the products and tools by Google, you can find them here. Just copy and paste the below link in google.


Receiving a Google recruiter called after an onsite interview does not outrightly mean a rejection or that you did not make it to the next stage, you just have to sit tight and take that call so you can know exactly why the recruiter is calling. Different folks with different experiences.

Google Recruiter Call After An Onsite Interview- What To Expect?

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