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Does Lowes Pay Weekly

Lowes is one of the largest retailer suppliers of building and home improvement. It has been selling customers top-line products that help in home improvement. Lowes has made a name in changing people’s homes and has been attracting customers with its varied interior ideas. Lowes has also extended its line and is now selling larger tools for building supply inventory, this includes Appliances, home décor, garden supplements. Lowes provides development programs for the growth of their employees. Also, there are many employment opportunities at Lowes. Lowes pay their employees every two weeks. The payment starts on Saturday and concludes on the second Friday. Here is the topic- Does Lowes Pay Weekly?

How much does Lowes pay?

The pay at Lowes depends on the position of the employee. An entry-level employee gets paid low as compared to the higher level. The beginners pay of employees at Lowes is $11 per hour.  With some experience, the pay can reach $11- $20 per hour. This way an employee can earn $29,120 yearly. Here is the working position of Lowes and how much they earn:

  1. Sales Associate: 

The sales associate handles the query of customers. They answer the questions of the customer and provide the necessary help. People who know power tools and hardware might be the best fit for the position. A sales associate earns $26,823 yearly.

  • An entry-level sales associate earns $11per hour.
  • With experience, the earning will be $12.90 per hour.
  1. Cashiers:

Cashiers are the person who is at the stage where they need to provide the customer with their products. They handle the final stage of the selling transaction. A lead cashier always earns high. For promotion to lead cashier, a person can work overtime. The cashier earns approximately $27,500 yearly. 

  • The salary of a cashier is around $11-$19 per hour.
  • The average salary is $12.90 per hour.
  1. Asset Protector:

It is one an important job. The person has to look after the products and maintain them. The products are an important element of the company, and their protection is necessary. The earning of asset protectors is slightly high as compared to other positions due to the responsibility of the job. The yearly earing of asset protector is around $30,160.

  • An asset protector earns higher. So, the hourly pay is $14.50.
  • Also, there are some people at this position earning $17 per hour.
  1. Stocker:

An important position in the company is of a stocker. The person needs to have leadership qualities. If your work is impressive, then the management department could increase your pay.  Also, they could consider your position in the department. The average yearly earning of a stocker range from $24,700 to $26,450. The hourly earnings are $11.90

  1. Merchandising Service Associate:

The work of this department is to look after the inventory and put them in place before the sale begins. This job is tough and needs complete concentration. The products must be at their place and ready for purchase. Here the person needs to work with a team. A merchandising associate earns $13.75 per hour, and the yearly count is $28,600.

  1. Service Manager: 

A service manager has many responsibilities and has to handle various works in the company. The important job of a service manager is to trained and coach staff members. A service manager also has to lend a helping hand to other departments on working days. The yearly salary of the service manager is about $46,500.

  1. Assistant Store Manager: 

It is the first step to becoming a store manager. The store manager is the leader of the assistant manager, who teaches him to take responsibility for the store. The manager puts you in charge of the store whenever he is not available. An assistant store manager earns $62,400 yearly.

  1. Store Manager: 

The higher authority of the store stands under the store manager. He has a difficult job managing the whole store along with the departments. It is one of the tough jobs and has many responsibilities. So, a store manager earns about $97,300 yearly. And the pay can get to $59,000-$150,000 per year.

PositionHourly PayYearly Earning
Sales Associate$11- $12.90$26,832
Asset Protector$14.50 – $17$30,160
Cashiers$11- $19$27,500
Merchandising Service Associate$13.75$28,600

How many hours of the week to work?

There are always two kinds of workers full- time and part-time. The working hours for a week vary for both. A full-time worker is a permanent employee who may have high working hours. On the other side, a part-time worker may have fewer working hours. Let’s see in detail.

  • Full-time worker: A full-time employee has to work for 32 hours per week for 12 months. The hours of work depend on the way the store is staffed. If there are enough employees then, 32 hours are not needed, and workers ask for extra hours. A full-time worker gets about 35-40 hours of work per week.
  • Part-time Worker: Part-time do not share the benefits like full-time employees. Also, their working hours differ. A part-time worker has to work 40 hours a week. That can change to 20-35 hours after two or three months. The need for the job decides the working hours of a part-time worker. 

Lowes Bi-Weekly Payment:

The employees working at Lowes get their payment every two weeks. That is refereed as bi-weekly payments. The payment period of the worker begins on Saturday and ends on the second Friday. When an employee starts working on Saturday, i.e., the pay period begins, the workers will receive his payment on the third Friday. That is because a 14 day pay period is necessary to pass.


Working at Lowes gives enough income. Although, the earnings depend on the position of work. The employees receive their payment every two weeks while the payment period starts on Saturday. Each employee, whether be it part-time or full-time, receives per hour. The higher the position higher will be the payment. Also, some might earn high by working extra hours.

Frequently Asked Question:
  1. What is Lowes Starting Payment?

Answer: The payment of the employees depends on the position. At entry-level positions, the hourly pay is low. While the upper-level earns more, Lowes pays their employees hourly or annually. So, the starting pay of an employee is $11 per hour. It can be increased with the amount of experience. 

  1. Is Working at Lowes a Good Job?

Answer: Whether it be students looking for a part-time job or a person for full-time employment, Lowes seems like a good option. Lowes provides a 15% discount for employees on the off stock. The advantage of working at Lowes is their benefits. Lowes provides great benefits to both part-time and full-time workers. The benefits include dental, vision, and medical.

  1. Does Lowes need any degree?

Answer: An employee working at Lowes does need a degree. An entry-level worker may require a college degree to get a job at Lowes. Whereas a superior employee like supervisors would need a high school diploma degree along with three or five years’ experience in a retail store. A person with hardware knowledge would be a preference for management positions.

  1. Does getting a job at Lowes requires experience?

Answer: A person looking to get a job at Lowes must have prior experience in a retail store. A superior position will need three-five years of retail environment experience. The person must have strong communication skills. The hiring managers also look for people who are familiar with hardware tools.  

Does Lowes Pay Weekly?- All About Lowes

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