Hotel Housekeeper’s Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

Hotel Housekeeper Job Description, Salary & Duties

Introduction: The hotel housekeeper’s job seems to be in charge of keeping the hotel’s rooms as well as other spaces clean daily. Preparing beds, changing used blankets with fresh ones, cleaning carpets, washing & sanitizing bathrooms, as well as ensuring that new amenities given at the hotel are set in suitable locations are all part of a hotel housekeeping employment role. Once a guest departs the hotel, a housekeeper is required to do several cleaning tasks, like changing bed linens & cleaning the furnishings to maintain it in good condition for the next guest. The hotel housekeeper must also keep an eye out for any goods left behind by guests and bring them to the lost & recovered office, where they will be returned to the owner.

Paragraph Answer: A hotel housekeeper’s job in the running of the hotel also involves inspecting the condition of the rooms they are sweeping to ensure that all is in working order, such as the LED lights. If they discover that the light is broken or that the furniture needs to be repaired, they must immediately call the technical and maintenance office to get them repaired. Aside from cleaning the rooms, the hotel housekeepers may also make the whole hotel atmosphere pleasant & comfortable for visitors. As a result, the hotel housekeeping job description may also include cleaning meeting rooms, lobby, corridors, & stair mats. Cleaning the furnishings & windows can also be required.

Who is a Hotel Housekeeper? 

In addition to regular cleaning responsibilities, hotel housekeepers might also serve in the hotel’s laundry, where workers rinse & dry linen such as bathrobes as well as mattresses and refill linen trolleys. Hotel Housekeepers who perform solely in the housekeeping department, as well as others who just conduct cleaning activities, can be found in large hotels, but housekeepers in hotels & restaurants can be forced to mix laundry chores with daily cleaning.

Hotel housekeepers do the basic cleaning required for hotel maintenance. Usually, they might change the linen, wash the bedrooms, corridors, and toilets, vacuum, dust, mop, refill amenities, & remake the bedrooms. 

What Is the Role of a Hotel Housekeeper?

Hotel housekeepers are hotel employees who clean rooms at motels, resorts, & hotels. The hotel housekeeping job often involves: Preparing rooms, replacing old linens with fresh ones, Mopping, sweeping, and cleaning, sanitizing rooms, providing new amenities given by the hotel are positioned in suitable places. The job also involves evaluating every guest bedroom to ensure that everything, especially light bulbs & equipment, seems to be in perfect condition.

Apart from maintaining bedrooms, hotel housekeeping might also include making the overall hotel atmosphere pleasant and pleasant for visitors, thus their duties may include sweeping in conference rooms, the entrance, and corridors. The hotel housekeeper’s task is to maintain a set number of bedrooms immaculate. This offers a range of services depending on who is in the room. It will entail routine cleaning chores for a typical inhabited room. The work is harder and entails turning over virtually everything in a bedroom where the tenants have simply left. The check-out rooms should be so tidy & immaculate that the next occupiers are unaware that other families might just have departed the room just a short hour before.

Duties of a Hotel Housekeeper

Beginning the Workday: The hotel housekeepers will replace the wheeled carts with clean hand towels, paper towels, washing clothes, fitted mattresses, flat cushions, pillow covers, as well as any other bedding needed in every hotel room at the start of the new day. Hotel housekeepers will also replace their cleaning products, coffee, as well as other luxuries that are frequently missed in rooms.

Cleaning Garbage: Each hotel room contains at least a single dustbin. The hotel housekeeper would be responsible for emptying the garbage bin in the bedroom and replacing container liners with new, fresh liners. The cleaner will typically pick up any rubbish lying around the rooms before dumping the room garbage, like napkins, food wrappers, as well as other waste items that the visitor might have just dropped in the bedroom. 

Stripping the rooms: The first step in cleaning an empty hotel guest bedroom is stripping the rooms, which entails removing each of the blankets, sheets, as well as pillows from each of the bedrooms of the hotel in which the hotel housekeeper is presently working. They will also remove all used blankets, wet wipes, & shower linens from the bathroom. They will next be responsible for ensuring that these old linens are delivered to the laundry and properly cleaned for reuse.

Setting the beds:  Every hotel would have its style and method for making the beds in the rooms. Such style may vary depending on the size of the bed. The hotel housekeeper would make every bed in the bedroom as per the hotel’s specifications. To fix the beds for the upcoming guest, a new set of bed linen & cushions is prepared.

Bathrooms: The washroom in the guest rooms receives some much-needed TLC. When each guest has checked out, the hotel housekeeper would use commercial cleaners to properly clean the bathroom, sinks, bath areas, & bathroom surface. The guest bathrooms are especially essential since it seems a common breeding ground for bacteria. In the toilet, such as the walls, no bit must be left uncleaned.

Dusting: The entire room will be dusted, through the furniture to the candle holders. Every item, like lights, TVs, phones, & alarm clocks, is double-checked to ensure it is in good working condition. Soap, lotion, & coffee are supplied within the rooms.

Final touch: Once the hotel housekeepers have completed all of the preceding tasks, they must vacuum the rooms. Before alerting the front desk personnel that the bedroom is prepared and dry for the upcoming guest, some hotels may apply air spray.

Can anyone become a Hotel Housekeeper without any experience? 

Aside from high school graduation, no additional schooling and certification are essential to work as a hotel housekeeper. That’s also ideal if you have recently graduated from high school and university or are seeking a job. For becoming a hotel housekeeper, you must still have a variety of talents. Cleaning abilities, eye for detail, the capacity to work a flexible schedule, & knowledge of hotel operations are all desirable.

If you are experiencing difficulty finding a job as a hotel housekeeper owing to an absence of experience, you may be able to find employment in another area that employs skill sets comparable to hospitality. 

What type of skills are required to become a hotel housekeeper?

  • The hotel housekeeper should employ a variety of talents daily. The most evident is, of course, dedication to depth information. The hotel housekeeper should be willing to notice even the smallest things. If a cushion is not fluffed, dirt isn’t removed from the dresser, and the initial sheet of toilet tissue isn’t properly folded, the entire room seems stale. That large list of information is not something that a hotel housekeeper usually has on hand; instead, it’s something individuals just possess an instinctive sense for.
  • A sense for management is a knowledge base that pairs nicely with an eye for perfection. The huge carts used by housekeepers to transport their skills and tools sometimes have more than 25 items on them. The hotel housekeeper’s task may become 10 times harder if they are not cautious to arrange & keep control of these things.
  • Customer service & communication abilities are required. Many visitors will approach you in the corridor and submit requests for specific goods, opinions, or inquiries at the front counter. The ability to manage these demands with kindness & understanding is critical to the overall visitor experience.
  • Hotel housekeepers should also be excellent time organizers. Rooms must be maintained as soon as possible, as well as all rooms & extra requests must be managed so that the most important chores are performed first.

Working Conditions 

Hotel housekeeping may be a tough job with little break. Most jobs are physical, which means hotel housekeepers should be willing to flex, bend, walk, & stretch to clean in nooks as well as hard-to-reach areas. Moving large equipment & furnishings is also necessary and might be taxing. Full-time hotel housekeepers generally work 40 hours each week & may cycle from early morning to evenings and even night shifts.


In the United States, according to the BLS, hotel housekeepers earn an average annual pay of $16,900. They get $8 each hour. Experienced employees may gain more. Professional housekeeper pay varies depending on training, knowledge, &, most significantly, the surface area of the hotel. The typical annual income in 2004 had been $29,640, however, some elite housekeepers in major premium and resort hotels allegedly made more than $40,000 annually.


If you are seeking a job as a hotel housekeeper, this article is useful for you.  Participants will acquire all they require to know about the tasks and obligations of hotel housekeepers, which will start preparing them for the position. You may be motivated to pursue a profession in cleaning; however, you will undoubtedly be more conscious of the hardworking individuals who keep every hotel visit a happy one. 

Interview Questions

Question 1: How will you proceed with doing various hotel housekeeping tasks on a particular day?

Answer: I’m competent at managing many projects and prioritizing them. When I was given several jobs for a single day, I would quickly evaluate them & go to work. This approach frequently motivates me to complete the day’s duties, regardless of their quantity.

Question 2: How will you manage specific client requests?

Answer: In such cases, I will speak with consumers to learn something about their specific demands, like why they require that & for what purposes. And I’m confident they have no problems about disclosing that information to me. I’ll verify my point once talking to the client’s request. If that’s anything I can solve, I will gladly take their proposal.

Question 3: Why would you want to become a hotel housekeeper?

Answer: I wish to work as a hotel housekeeper for several reasons. For starters, it is a position in which I have complete control over the quality of my work. I am a person who maintains high perceptions, & it is my job as a hotel housekeeper to do all chores to the highest level as established by my company. Secondly, I love to work independently, and as a hotel housekeeper, I function at my speed to finish my duties and responsibilities promptly and effectively. Whenever you work in a group, you must wait for colleagues to move ahead. Furthermore, I love to work systematically, & as a hotel housekeeper, I will usually have a predetermined strategy in place to do all cleaning & housekeeping duties in a logical sequence.

Question 4: What seems to be the most difficult aspect of cleaning your house, in your opinion?

Answer: A messy bathroom is unquestionably the most difficult aspect of housekeeping. The bathroom’s nooks and crannies are difficult to clean, and there are many lotions to be found here. You’ll find a slew of unpleasant things in the bathrooms.

Question 5: What were the most difficult obstacles you faced as a hotel housekeeper at your last job?

Answer: The most difficult problem I faced as a hotel housekeeper was safety. Security remains a major concern for everybody, regardless of occupation. Depending on the location, everyone’s safety requirements and rules differ. So that’s one of the interesting things to keep up with each of the security dimensions of the business or residence where someone is serving.

Question 6: Please introduce yourself?

Answer: I am a professional, diligent, & dedicated employee that values my job. Beyond the work, I got a supportive family, & I recognize that being a professional & skilled. Hotel housekeeper seems to be the best way I would be able to do something for them in the long run. Because I make myself healthy & energetic, I have the desire and passion to do my hotel housekeeping duties to a good extent. I am also inherently clean and tidy, something I believe is a major advantage to being a good Hotel housekeeper.

Hotel Housekeeper’s Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

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