Does H-E-B pay weekly?- All About H-E-B

Does H-E-B pay weekly?

H-E-B Grocery Company, LP is commonly known as H-E-B. H-E-B is a supermarket store. It has more than 340 stores within the U.S. state of Texas & Mexico (Northeast). Today’s topic- Does H-E-B pay weekly?

H-E-B is the short form of – Here, Everyone Belongs. The store has its headquarter in San Antonio, Texas, U.S. H-E-B serves products such as bakery, dairy, deli, gasoline, meat, seafood, snacks, frozen foods, pharmacy, & many more. Other services include auto health, fuel, ticket sales, utilities, & licenses.

H-E-B came into existence in November 1905. Florence Butt is the founder of the H-E-B store.

H-E-B provides competitive wages to its employees compared to other supermarket chains. Employee’s responses are very much positive based on the pay they get.

For the fresher or entry-level posts, other than bagger, the beginning salary is hourly around $14 & above. This is exceptional because this is much above pay compared to other supermarket chains.

Full-time workers of H-E-B are expected to work weekly more than 40 hours. Employees state that management provides flexibility for their schedules.

Part-time worker pay is near to the same as the full-time employees. The difference is such that part-time employees will work fewer hours compared to full-time employees weekly. In most of the H-E-B stores, part-time workers usually work around 20 to 30 hours per week. And this is manageable for most of the employees.

Pitfalls that part-time workers should be aware of are given below. And especially for those who are striving for a full-time position.

  • Complaining to coworkers about the need for more hours for work.
  • Not giving 100% for the work.
  • Do not let others know about the unhappy factors.

Rather than doing this all, part-time employees should focus on giving the best of themselves. Consistency in time, work ethics are the must to work in a full-time position. Later that employee can communicate with supervisors about the desire of achieving the full-time working position. Employees should prove to their supervisors that they are ready to work hard in a full-time working position.

Salary Pay Pattern

H-E-B is one of the rarest retailers which pays their workers weekly. Workers get paid weekly on every Thursday via direct deposit.

This is the beneficial point of working at H-E-B Company, as an employee does not have to wait for weeks or a month to get a paycheck.

Raise Policy

H-E-B’s raise policy is a little unique compared to the other retailers. Workers of the store receive a raise twice a year. Also, they receive a raise of 3.5% of their pay yearly.

This is possible only if the performance of the employee or worker is positive.

And some workers of H-E-B get a raise in their pay just within the 2 months of their working period. Because they had proven their capability to the management by working hard for the store.

Break Policy

For workers who are working for less than 6 hours, H-E-B provides one paid 15 minutes break. However, for workers who are working more than 6 hours shifts, management provides two paid 15 minutes breaks.

And for 8 hours shift working, management provides one unpaid 30 minutes lunch break for the workers.

Sometimes workers also have to manage these break policies because of a shortage of workers or any other kind of reason. This is also the time for the worker to show team spirit & dedication to the company.

And these will help the worker get the first preference for getting a break next time.

Dress Code

H-E-B management provides red or black colored shirts to their employees. However, workers have to buy jeans, tan or black pants, or shorts to wear on the job.

Workers who want to wear sweaters, jackets, or caps should wear H-E-B brands.

Workers working in food preparation areas are not allowed to wear facial or ear piercings while others can wear them. A tongue piercing is also allowed until it affects the communication skills while working.

Precautions related to hair color depending on the management in which the worker or employee is working.

Salary Pay

  • Cashier

Cashiers can expect an hourly pay of $14. This will conclude to weekly $560 & yearly $29,120.

However, the starting pay for these positions is hourly $9 to $11.

  • Overnight Stocker

The beginning pay for these positions is hourly $15. However, weekly it will be $600 & yearly $31,200.

Workers with little experience at this position can make hourly $15.68.

  • Food Service Rep

The minimum pay for a food service rep is hourly $14. However, weekly it would be $560 & yearly it would be $29,120.

Workers with a couple of years of experience at foodservice rep positions generate hourly $15.20.

  • Baker

The beginning pay for this position is hourly $14.50. However, weekly it would be $580 & yearly it would be $30,160.

For experienced workers in this position, the hourly pay would be $15.45.

  • Administrative Assistant

H-E-B pays a beginning wage of hourly $14 for these positions. This pay is the same provided for the foodservice rep position.

  • Gas Station Attendant

The starting pay for these positions is hourly $14. And the work is very physical.

  • Pharmacy Technician

The beginning pay for this position at H-E-B is hourly $17.30. However, weekly it would be $692 & yearly it would be $35,984.

This position holds very responsible work. So, it requires certification of the state of Texas as a pharmacy technician.

  • Pharmacist

The average pay for pharmacists at H-E-B is yearly $133,500. The salary range for a pharmacist position is from $107,500 to $148,000 yearly.

H-E-B provides an above-average salary for this position compared to other retailers.

  • Department Manager

Department Managers work in departments like floral, seafood, produce, bakery, deli, meat market, curbside service, & many more.

The yearly salary range for the department manager position is from $34,500 to $93,300. However, the average salary for department managers is yearly $51,250.

  • Assistant Manager

The yearly salary for the assistant manager position ranges from $36,900 to $96,900 at H-E-B.

The average salary pay for this position is yearly $54,200.

  • Manager

The manager at H-E-B makes yearly around $66,800. However, the salary range for this position is from $41,000 to $77,000 yearly.


H-E-B provides deli, dairy items, gasoline, pharmacy, snacks, bakery, frozen foods & many more products to the customers. Other than all of these, it provides services like auto health, fuels, ticket sales, licenses, & many more.

So, all of these departments of the store also generate various possibilities for jobs in this sector. This is the plus point for the job seekers of H-E-B. The company also provides more than average pay for most of the positions available. It pays its employees or workers weekly. These all services of H-E-B make it unique from the other retailers available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does H-E-B hold workers’ first paycheck?


H-E-B works with the values called trust. And the company also trust their employees or workers. So, the company or management doesn’t hold the first paycheck of the workers. It happily provides the first paycheck of the employees.

2. How often does H-E-B give raises?


H-E-B raises the worker’s pay every sixth month of the year. Raise depends on the performance of the employee. So, the management team determines the raise for the particular worker based on the performance. But, the pay raise occurs biannually & this is very much sure.

Does H-E-B pay weekly?- All About H-E-B

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