Chick-fil-A Manager Salary Guide 2021

Chick-fil-A Manager Salary

Chick-fil-A is the largest producer of a dish, known to be its specialty, chicken sandwich. We will discuss Chick-fil-A Manager Salary. Due to its large sales, it is also rated among the largest fast-food restaurant chains in America. Founded as Dwarf Grill in 1946, having headquarters in College Park, Georgia had been rebranded from Dwarf House to Chick-fil-A in 1967. The chain is spread over a large area with almost 2672 outlets spread in forty-seven states of the United States of America, Canada, some districts of Columbia, and some cities of the United Kingdom.

Chick-fil-A Manager Salary

Chick-fil-A has many openings that can be filled by various people depending on the qualification they have. For example, they have a job for a highly qualified person to the person who may be a student and might need a part-time job. Some of the jobs are highly paid, but on average, every person gets more than $19 per hour. Some high paid jobs are as follows:

  • General Manager: The person is responsible for a number of outlets in an area or sometimes a whole city depending upon the size. They are paid between $38k- $78k per month which is $54,828 on average.

  • Restaurant Manager: As the name suggests the person is responsible for the smooth functioning of a restaurant and to see whether their employees alongside customers are happy. They are paid somewhere between $31k-$56k per month depending upon their progress and the promotions they get.

  • Senior Managers: This is a vast category due to there being various departments like analysis, administration, accounting, financing, engineering, etc. All of them have different job descriptions and salaries. For example, a kitchen manager’s salary is between $32k-$56k, a senior analysis manager has $36k-$72k, a data analyst has somewhere between $69k-$121k, and many others.

There are many other jobs paid on an hourly basis, and most are more on the outlet side than the corporate side. The tasks of these employees include serving and preparing the job alongside having good communication and interpretation skills. Some of the jobs are as follows:- 

  • Customer Service: It includes all the jobs like representative, team lead, team manager, the guest agent who are paid $11.73, $12.58, $14.04, and $10.43 per hour respectively. 

  • Management: Many of the jobs come under this and are paid more. The job description varies from job to department of handling. The salary starts from the team leader($12.10 per hour) and moves to a director who is paid at an average of $16.10 per hour. The other jobs which come under this category are shift manager ($13.89), manager ($14.31), shift leader($14.45).

  • Delivery and Driving: The job description of these employees is mostly to provide the raw materials to the different outlets or deliver goods and made food to the customer. The various jobs which come under this are the delivery driver ($11.72), driver ($11.77), truck driver($13.83), team driver($11.02)

Alongside good pay, Chick-fil-A also provides many employee benefits, including medical checkups, 401(k) retirement plans, and dental checkups. In addition, there are other benefits, including discounts, free food, and other basic amenities during the working season. The salary system of the company is also very organized and does not entertain late pay. The employees are also given a raise every year according to the ratings and the work they did. 

Note: Your salary may vary according to the place and location you work at. The salaries provided above are data taken from various sources provided by the working employees or have worked there. 

What to wear at a Chick-fil-A interview?

The way you carry yourself and style yourself tells a ton about you. So, before going to an interview, you should be well-prepared with your dress alongside some basic questions about the company. If you opt for a corporate job at Chick-fil-A, you might also have to be ready with your educational skills. Otherwise, your communication skills and your presence of mind will do the job. Since we mentioned how and what you wear matters, here are some clothing items you might keep in mind while going for an interview. 

You could go for something casual yet formal like jeans with a polo or button-down t-shirts which are wrinkle-free, basically neat and clean. On the other hand, you might also don’t want to wear something that shows more than necessary body parts and looks extremely casual. Mostly at such interviews, your confidence matters and how well-fitted and clean your clothes are.

Chick-fil-A Uniform

Chick-fil-A has a proper uniform, and you have to wear it every day. The uniform followed is a redshirt and black non-jean pants with a belt and non-slippery shoes. They usually provide the shirt, but it is provided by deducting the amount through your next payroll if you require more than one. For the first two to three days you can wear your own clothes, which can be formal casual.

The uniform is strictly followed and must be clean, tidy, and not wrinkled. The people who work in the corporate sector of Chick-fil-A can wear formal clothes which are decent and appropriate. Having a proper dress code has become a new trend because they help people to distinguish between the employees and the customer. It also helps in maintaining proper decorum within the store and helps in creating uniformity among the employees. It also helps in creating a good and healthy work environment.

Working Hours

The average full-time job is more than forty hours. The forty-hour mark has to be crossed to avail the benefits of working at target and the employee program. Even if you work for twenty hours, you get a paycheck and paid off, and other benefits are not provided. For thirty-plus hours you get the dental check-up, insurance, and some other benefits depending upon the environment you live in. When the mark is reached, the employees can also work overtime in place of the absence of some other colleague or sick leaves. The overtime is paid according to the hourly salary system only. 

The main benefits of working here are the holidays and paid leaves you get. Many values of the company reflect Christian religious beliefs, and in respect of one of them, that is, Sunday Sabbatarianism, all the stores and outlets remain closed on Sunday. In addition to this, Christmas and Thanksgiving are also paid offs. The company claims that all their employees have one day off due to their policies, and it is worth working there. Due to their belief and disapproval of the same-sex marriage, the company was also criticized by the public though they have started to lose their stan on this matter.  

Why the name Chick-fil-A?

The name of the company is a story in itself. It is interesting how the name was kept by the founder Truett Cathy. Cathay had spent a long time deciding the name of the chicken sandwich and had considered beef as the fillet. So Chic-fil-A was an innovative name for chicken fillet and was considered a name for the chain. 

Does Chick-fil-A pay weekly?

The answer to the tenure of payment is still not certain because the employees’ pay varies from store to store and the policies followed over there. If we talk about this chain, it pays both weekly and biweekly. According to a survey, most of the outlets pay biweekly, and the employees are happy to be paid in this manner. If we have to decide about the payment week, we can go biweekly since most of them pay it.

The week starts from Thursday, and payment is received on the following Thursday if it is a direct transfer or the cheques can be collected on the following Friday. They do not keep the first payroll and issue it as soon as your week is over, but you might have to wait three weeks, depending upon the week of your hire. If you are hired on a non-paying week, you might get the pay for three weeks together.

How to check the balance in a Chick-fil-A gift card?

Gift cards are a very easy and judicious way of paying. They are handy and quick to use. However, most people do not use them since they don’t know their balance or are unsure of their usage. The balance on a gift card can be checked by seeing the receipt or calling a toll-free number. If you have paid via a gift card, the balance left is visible on your receipt. Otherwise, you may also call the toll-free number enquiring about the balance through your card number.

Is Chick-fil-A better than McDonald’s?

The answer to this question is uncertain and can’t be described in a few words. A popular opinion says that both the companies cannot be judged due to their varying quality and quantity but then let’s talk about some food items. When it comes to variety, McDonald’s wins fair and square. It has a big menu and is more vastly available worldwide and is a little bit cheaper than Chick-fil-a, but when it comes to nuggets and fries, Chick-fil-a is better, worthy, and cheaper. The two of them share some of the sauces, but many different ones like there available to all and BBQ sauces. So the question remains unanswered and depends on whose taste you find worthy of spending the money.

Working in Chick-fil-A is a great option for everyone with or without high qualifications. You might think that it pays less, but it comes in top10 most paying fast-food chains and gives worthy opportunities of getting promoted. Your personality matters, including your dressing style when you start or interview for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is orientation paid? The orientation along with the training is paid.
  2. Can a 14-year-old work? Yes, you can work and a student gets $8-$9 per hour.
  3. Does your dress matter at the interview? The dress matters a bit but more than that your attitude and personality matters.
Chick-fil-A Manager Salary Guide 2021

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