Auto Body Technician Salaries- Know More

We will first learn the exact meaning of the auto body. So, Auto Body is the outer or external part of a motor vehicle, usually made of plastic, metal, and glass fiber.

Now, we know what the auto boy is. Then,

Auto Body Technicians Salaries

Who is an Auto Body Technician?

An auto body technician is a person who helps to repair the damaged parts of your automotive vehicle.

Now, we will see a few auto body parts that auto body technician works on:-

  1. Dashboard:- A vehicle dashboard is a control board. You will get it in the center of the console panel in a vehicle and airplane. It helps to control the entire car and the vehicle speed too. Different door parts and windows.
  1. Glass:- The first part you know is the windscreen on most vehicles. It protects the drivers and the passengers from pollution, sun, etc.
  1. Mirror:- Convex mirror, used as a rearview mirror. Because an out-curved mirror shapes a highly shrinking image. So, it makes the vehicles or traffic jams look much smaller. As a result, you can see a maximum number of cars in a small mirror.
  1. Wheel:- A type of wheel designed for use in cars.

What duties does an Auto Body Technician do?

  • To straight twisted frame, you have to use frame tools and splits bodies,
  • To seal the damaged part of a vehicle. First, you have to separate the diminished portion from it,
  • You have to renovate the damaged body console and join tin plate,
  • You have to apply to conceal to the bumpers, windows, and cut and utilize a spray gun to renovate primer,
  • You have to mend and restore internal and external pieces of a vehicle. As an example, panels, fabrication, carpet, and floor lining, cutting board and constructing, 
  • Restore mishap injured elements in melding systems, front-seat, and check vehicles for bulk validity and trial drive them. 

Short note on Auto Body Technician, here we will talk about their working day, later on, we will learn about their work and salaries in detail:-

An auto body technician is responsible for repairing the body of an automobile and returning it to pre-accident condition after a collision. Into four different terms, the auto body trade divided,

What are they?

  1. A prepper is responsible for working, priming, blocking, and working final prep for paint.
  1. The second is a refinisher. A refinisher is responsible for matching the color, tinting, applying sealers, base coats and clear coats, and polishing.
  1. The third is someone who is focused solely on being a repairman. The repairer is responsible for most of the collision repair, the pulling, straightening, panel replacement. 
  1. And then the fourth is a technician who is everything from start to finish.

Another place an auto body technician may work is a car dealership. There are custom shops and fleet shops for companies. So, that is for primers.

A typical day for auto body technicians to start. With planning with their production manager and organizing their day based on the vehicles coming in and vehicles leaving. Depending on the workload, they will perform panel replacement and repair panels. A majority of their work is prepping, masking, and painting. For them, their work environment includes max working alone. But also they have to coordinate and have good relationships with the other technicians in the shop.

Their specific skills might be, in their trade are creativity,

they have to think on their feet a lot and do a lot of figuring for color matching or just planning a repair, patience because if they start to rush things, things will go wrong. They should have strong attention to detail. It is necessary because the work they are doing is detail-oriented. Physical fitness is specific. There is a lot of crouching, bending, weightlifting, and running around sometimes. And having a good eye for color especially. If they want to focus more on refinishing. The tools they use the most are spray guns, air ratchets, regular ratchets, a socket set, wrenches, pry tools, screwdrivers, and interior trim clip tools. 

To be an auto body technician, you need to study a pre-employment course or be a registered learner. You may also be a validated auto body tech or a person who carries a grant business certificate. You will need two years of training to be a prepper or refinisher, a repairer, you need three years, and for a technician, you need four years. Senior secondary school students can gain acknowledgment in their training with the help of the enrolled training program. Advancement opportunities include supervisory roles such as management and production management, estimating, opportunities to work with insurance companies, and there are also a lot of opportunities to open and own your own business. You have to study hard and take in as much information as you can. Your job is easier when you listen and understand what you are doing.

Do you know the price range or salary an Auto Body Technician earns?

So, after completing a proper educational degree, you can join a workshop for training. After that, you can apply for the job in which field you want to go. Then, if you are the right fit for the job, they will hire you, they will ask you to bring your toolbox to do the work. At first, after starting your work in a particular company, they will pay you approximately $8 per hour and, if you work there for another two years, you may think that they may give you a lot of dollars for an hour. But it will depend on your work, how you work and in which field you are working. Hardly, it will increase from $8 to $10.

So, you can change your company to another because the salaries differ in every company and different states. If you go to another company, maybe they will pay you $16 for your first work, so you see it is a huge rise compared to the previous one. So, by working hard and hard, you will increase your level at many companies and gain so much knowledge and certificates. If you go to a higher level where you can show the certificate you have earned by working in previous companies, your salary will increase to an extreme level. The salary amount might be $700,268 or maybe more than this.

Different kinds of Auto Body Technician, job details, and salaries:-

1) Brake and transmission technician:-

Are you aware of which are the most specific features of cars? 

Every system on a car is concerned with getting it moving, except the brakes stopping it is the sole responsibility of the braking system. Compared with vehicle motion, braking systems generate an improbable halt force that is more powerful. The brake system uses three different methods to slow the car’s speed. Braking systems operate anchorage, lubricator enforcement, and scraping. Tools you need for the repair, tools compressors and lifts.

In brake, the specific tools are:- an open-end spanner, a ring spanner, a socket range, an adjustable spanner or wrench, an Allen key or wrench, different types of plier, a screwdriver, a hammer. Before starting to repair, inspect the vehicle properly.

Some workshops hire journeymen who are experts in keeping braking/ transmission systems. By identifying and restoring braking structures, you can secure vehicle protection. Being an expert you have to maintain the efficiency of the force train and navigating components. You must have the expert-level knowledge to recognize the electronic systems that manage parts. As an example, four-wheel-vehicles.

Brake technician salaries in the US:-

$65,355 per year. (Highest)

$24,046 per year. (Lowest)

Brake technician salaries in India:-

₹1.9 lakhs per year. (Average)

Transmission expert salaries in the US:-

$53,625 per year. (Entry-level)

$83,731 per year. (Experienced)

Transmission technician salary in India:-

₹2.3 lakhs per year. (Average)

2) Body/ collision repair technician:-

Body/ collision repair technicians renovate or replace worn body elements, such as collision repair, pulling, straightening, panel replacement. The renovation may be mandatory because of a mishap or corrosion. If there is immense damage, you must resolve if it is reasonable to repair a portion or restore it. You may also execute exterior repairs for minor hollows or scrapes. Some work first and foremost in windscreen or headlight inauguration and repair.

Auto body or collision repairer as an auto body technicians branch of the trade does damage evaluation, setting or fixing single constructional repairs, body sheet-metal service, elastic restore, piece replacement, and alignment.

In comparison to today’s world, most body repairers work in a factory, and they depend on factory instruction charts and utilize experiences calculating tools and components to renovate collision vehicles. 

Auto body or collision repairer salaries in the US:-

$117,956 per year. (Average), increase as per the experienced level

Auto body or collision repairer salaries in India:-

₹2,26,271 per year. (Average)

3) Vehicle refinisher technician:- 

Body repair technicians can also be an expert in refinishing procedures. You may work fundamentally in paint booths, refurbish or decorate a large part of the damage, or repaint a former car to develop its aspect. You may also personalize the work using distinctive finishing procedures and stuff to customize vehicles. Auto body refinisher as an auto body technicians branch of the trade conducts damage evaluation, exterior preparation, small damage renovation, concealing, color matching, advising, and polishing and finishing.

Auto body refinishers also separate and fix bolt-on pieces such as hoods, decks, bumpers, cut, doors and windows, and internal components. A vital role in the auto body refinisher trade includes redecorating products in proper order. Make sure chemical similarity, gluing, and longevity.

Vehicle refinisher salaries in the US:-

$69,180.00 per year. (Average)

Vehicle refinisher salaries in India:-

₹2,25,146 lakhs per year. (Average)

4) Auto body prepper technician:-

Auto body prepper as an auto body technicians branch of the trade is in charge of repairing corrosion-resistant treatments, coating identification, exterior preparation, primer product blending, and application.

Auto body preppers are part of the collision repair activity. A vital role in the auto body prepper branch includes applying priming coat products in proper order. Make sure chemical similarity, gluing, and longevity.

Auto body prepper salaries in the US:-

$51,862 per year. (Average)

Auto body prepper salaries in India:-



So, now you know that the amount of money you can earn by just repairing a damaged vehicle, isn’t it a perfect opportunity to grab your dream job?

So, don’t waste your time dreaming about what job suits you. If you love cars and love to play or experiment with them, then the auto body technician job is the right job for your career, and it is easy to earn a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

1) Can I make a desirable career as an auto body repair technician?

Ans:- Of course, you can. Auto body or collision repairs can be a fruitful future for you. After a vehicle accident, a vehicle needs to be repaired. A professional collision repair can make it possible if you love cars, want to work or experiment with them, then you can do it perfectly. 

2) Do auto body technicians make a good amount of money?

Ans:- In the US, the auto body technician’s salary range is between $22,256-$611,998, where the average salary will be $109,558. There is an auto body technician, who earns from $109,558 to $276,579, overall 57% technicians, whereas the top 86% earns $611,998.

3) How much do auto body experts make? 

Ans:- In India, an auto body technician’s national average salary is ₹50,449.

4) What is the work condition for auto body technicians?

Ans:- The physical work conditions for auto body technicians are:

  • You have to work in cold or hot temperatures in your shop.
  • Regularly you will discover different kinds of air pollution.
  • To protect yourself from pollution, you have to wear proper masks to cover your face.
  • Daily you will work with devices or types of dangerous equipment that are dangerous and under risk circumstances.

So, while working, you have to maintain safety precautions to stay safe.

Auto Body Technician Salaries- Know More

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