How To Resign From Booz Allen?

Resignation from a company is a similar official process to joining. Resignation not only means leaving the company but also leaving all the responsibilities you used to have in that company. Similarly, the company would not take care of you anymore after your resignation letter is submitted. Resignation may have different reasons. Sometimes employees have to resign because they are in a notice period. Thus, it is important to complete the resignation process neatly just like how we used to do it with our joining process. Let us know ‘How To Resign From Booz Allen?’.

How To Resign From Booz Allen?

How To Resign From Booz Allen?

In this article, I would discuss how to resign from a company called Booz Allen. To discuss this elaborately, I will be focusing on several topics related to the resignation process and its official execution. I will be discussing how to write a resignation letter as well. The resignation will include many formal and informal stages but you need to take care of your paper works while leaving a company to avoid further complications in your career. I will elaborate on everything in the further passage. 

Reasons to resign:

The reason to resign from a company is one of the important things you have to mention in your resignation letter. This reason may vary. The most common reason to resign is when an employee finds out a better job option than what he has in hand. In that case, the employee may go to a term of negotiation, asking for a hike to the authority of his current company. If that doesn’t work, he has to resign to join the new one. On the other hand, many employees want to switch companies just to get rid of the toxic atmosphere of their current office. In that case, also, you should inform the higher authority about your problem and request to solve it.

Apart from this, many times company wants to terminate some employees for certain reasons and put them on notice period. This is a period that the company provides to the employees to find a new job while they will pay you. This period may vary from 30 days to 90 days. In this situation, employees have two options. Either they search for a new job and resign from the former or they would wait for the notice period to get over and for the company to terminate them. But the second option would not leave a good impression in his/her career so usually, people choose the first option, to resign.

These are some general reasons why people usually resign. This applies to the employees of Booz Allen as well who wants to resign. Now, I will be discussing the process of resigning from a company focusing on the terms and conditions of Booz Allen.

The process:

 To resign from a company, first, you should be determined about your decision and you should make sure about your further financial security in life after leaving the company. I would suggest you find a new job before resigning from the older Booz Allen, when you are sure about your decision, you should contact your immediate higher manager by mail or by the call to convey the information. This is an informal step when you are informing the higher authority about your decision. After that, they might call you to a meeting to discuss your problem and to assure you of no further inconvenience. But if you are firm in your decision, you must inform them in the meeting about it. Then you have to step towards a formal step, the most important one is to resign from the company.

In this step, you have to go to the website of Booz Allen where you will find a section for the employees. There you would find a button to submit your resignation application. You have to click on the button “job change” to start this process. There, after getting into the “job change” section, you have to give some feedback and finally, you will have the column to attach your resignation letter. After submitting the resignation letter to the website, it would be preferable if you send the same letter to the higher authority via mail. This is a compact process to submit the resignation letter to Booz Allen. Further, I will share some small guides regarding the resignation letter, its format and the information it may carry.

The resignation letter:

The resignation letter must reflect your urgency in resigning from the company. There must not be any kind of request or complaint from your side rather it must be a kind of statement that you are giving to the company. The letter should be a reflection of your hurry and urgency. You may or may not mention the actual reason for resigning but informing your former company may make your letter more compact.

It is important to write the resignation letter at least 30 days prior in Booz Allen. You should give the company a minimum time to approve your resignation. Though it is from your side, the company must approve it first, then you can join a new company. So, keeping it in mind, you must submit your application keeping some time in hand. 

If you are attached to some project in your former company, you must mention that in your resignation letter. After reading that, the company will let you know their decision about that project. If they want your opinion and suggestion regarding that project even after your resignation and joining another company, you must assure them to give that. You may have to take some calls regarding your old project while you are working at your new company. This would be included in your responsibility if you resign from the middle of the project and the company will give you a written document regarding that. 


Though resigning from one company is your own choice, still, I will suggest you learn from that company till your last day in it. It would not only help you to improve your skills but also add a good impression to your career performance graph. It is important to be wise about your plans while resigning to ensure a secure career and life. 

How To Resign From Booz Allen?

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