SAP ABAP Interview Questions – Know More


The name of SAP is taken from the first letter of the German name. The meaning of words SE refers to South Europa which is a legally registered corporate company by European association in ordinary language the company is known with the name of SAP Whereas, the full form of SAP is not used in ordinary intercourse. SAP uses the advanced business application programming which is known as (ABAP) introduced as programming language for 4th generation  SAP (ABAP) is founded in 1980’s and was developed by German software company SAP SE to make it a high level of programming language most of its syntax are similar to (COBOL). Let us know ‘SAP ABAP Interview Questions’.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions

SAP ABAP Interview Questions

  1. What is ABAP?

Answer:-It is the term for advanced business application programming or we can say that a high level of programming language is fixed with Java as the programming language or to develop many business applications.

  1. How many Tier are in SAP R/3?

Answer:- There are 3 tier structures conforming  to three layers.

  • Application server
  • Database server
  • Presentation server is a client server based architecture. There is 3 tier structure in thisconfirming of three layers which is based on real time operations.

3. How many ways can a SAP system be admitted ?

Answer:- SAP system  can be admitted into two  ways.

  • Through the web browser
  • Through SAP GUI( Graphical user interface)
  • The front -end user of this system can only download or use the front -end but not theapplication databases as the front and accept the request of users in the database and application server.

4. What is an SAP script? What are its components ?

Answer:-It is a script processing system of the SAP. It is used in the field of text processing and in the business development process we write this script in respective forms. It is used in word processing and has many components .

• Layout sets:-

(i)It is in the architectural form of R/3 which is based on real time operations .

(ii)All the layouts in this set contain Headers, borders, String, Syntax and ABAP programs . (iii) The format of writing SAP script is  paragraph format and page character .

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• Standard text:- It  is comparable to all the normal documents and programs.

  1. What is ITS?  What are the benefits of it?

Answer:- ITS relates for Internet transaction server as it develops an interface between our R/3 system and HTTP server to convert it in our R/3 system documents SAP system or software provides many business functions and abundance by Uniting data management which helps the companies to manage it’s complicated business and give a abundance to its employees and organisation also give the lifetime of access to real time across the systems.

  1. What work did SAP play to explain in detail?

Answer: SAP makes the management of data and business process effortless  and boost them  :-

For more illustrations you can read the all below points :-

•Jurisdiction of fund and tax payment

•Arrange the business  and management

•Deal with tasks

  • Maintain sales and profit
  • Generate reports and analysis

•Use it as real time tool

This is the profit which the companies make by the usage of SAP SE.

(i) SAP Systems must be followed by many multinational companies for great business and in fertility .

(ii)Increased the fertility because of automation and it makes a control to all the all to all over the departments and take usual actions which is invested in the process.

(iii)The decision making process in this system helps in the business and development analysis to maintain the sale and monitoring the cost number

7. What are the other software like SAP?

Answer:- SAP ERP  software is a global leader in technology Although, there are many more usable options are available in market rather than SAP but SAP is very popular in market there are various companies which are very likely to make the software of SAP :-

• Adobe



•SAP provide its  services to more than 12 million users through which they can manage their business efficiently and help them to move forward

•Users which use the SAP around the world have 52% more experience in making films .

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•Users who use the SAP around the world have given 65% of the information in making televisions.

•SAP  provides multiple solutions for creating products like :-

•Business technology

• ERP and Finance

•Software and management

•It is  an open- source system which highly  varies with the needs and requirements of uses of user and business sector

•Preferred partnership and link between administration for example, we can use the SAP system to attain control over all processes and escape repeating unessential tasks or imitate escape or imitate information across numerous stages which also assure business clarity.

•The  across the business makes SAP tools that move expenses effective in the long run. •Boosting security of innermost information SAP has many solutions for online stores regarding GDPR.

•Not only the multinationals and higher companies benefited from the SAP ERP system but the customers can also benefit from it because SAP ERP has preferred faithful customer service.

8. Explain some necessary objectives in the ABAP dictionary?

Answer:- Some essential objective types in the ABAP dictionary are:•Tables :- Tables are described as independently dictionary of the ABAP

• Views:- View  are logical views further than one the view arrangement is defined in the

ABAP dictionary and an access of the database can be assembled from this arrangement •Types:- that type arrangement can be described over all in ABAP programs changes to a type that are actuate and spontaneous in all the program utilise the page.

•Domain:-  The domains can join the various fields that have the same practical type domain describing the values scope of all table and arrangement modules that relate to this domain question .

9. What are the interior tables and work area?

Answer:- The structure is a data object that is made up by objectives of different data type reserve severally in the memory arrangements are just likely and user defined data type it is likely a table for the data dictionary and can be defined for ABAP programs the structure grasp  data at a runtime the interior tables and work areas are temporary memory areas which are used to reserve data at run time these are the samples of data and interior tables work area is a conduct data type object the stables occur only through the execution of the program it is used to achieve table procedure on sub- division of database table to re organise the topic  of database tables conforming to customer need.


ABAP is a powerful language that has evolved over time. For today’s time it is best for supporting modern programming concepts. ABAP plays an important role in SAP implementation. They use their skills to minimise the gap between SAP and company’s requirements.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions – Know More

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