Jaguar Employee Discount

Jaguar manufacture one of the best cars in the world. Jaguar is a part of Tata motors. Jaguar usually make luxury cars which only rich people can afford. Jaguar is a British luxury vehicle company and have it’s showrooms all over the world. This company was founded by William Lyons in 1968. And had it headquarter in England. Jaguar make sure every individual is able to enjoy their cars. Modern Jaguars achieve some of the best reliability ratings the brand has ever had. Let us know ‘Jaguar Employee Discount’.

Jaguar Employee Discount

Jaguar Employee Discount

Employees who have completed 5 years in the company have the privilege of buying their company’s car. They also get good discount and other benefits. Employee need to sign a contract before buying a car, after the contract is approved, employees can avail the discount and take their luxury car from the showroom. Employees can also available the discount by working online they just have to purchase through the store to receive it. Jaguar employee discount is open to all the employees of UK Jaguar and agency staff employed by pontoon and manpower. Jaguar employees can also buy five cars for their family or relatives. 


  • Holiday entitlement

Jaguar give good holiday packages to their employees and their family members. This include both domestic and international holiday packages. 

  • Employee offers

Jaguar give wide ranges of deals and discounts to their employees from various retailers and treat their employees like family members. 

  • Health and wellbeing

Employees of Jaguar also get health related benefits like insurance, health cash plans and private medical plans and it also include their family members. 

  • Employee vehicle discount

Employees or his family member can choose any four vehicle at a discounted rate with other benefits. 

  • Volunteering opportunities

Jaguar is a global company, they support 15 hours paid community young volunteering per year. 

  • Pension scheme

Jaguar company take care of their employees by providing financial benefits to them and their family members in the event of permanent disability or in case of death. 

  • Flexible working and family friendly policies

Jaguar gave priority to their employees family and they ensure that employees get enough time to spend with their families. Jaguar provide flexible working hours for their employees and also give leaves to spend time with their friends. 

  • Other benefits

This includes childcare vouchers, clothing vouchers, bonuses, a cycle to work scheme and long service awards. 

  • Free food

All the employees working in Jaguar company get free food in the office. 

  • Education assistance

Employees of Jaguar get education loans for their children and also get various benefits and schemes for their family members. 

  • Job training

All the employees of Jaguar get on the job training at free of cost, this training improve the skills of the employees and make them trained for their work. 

Perks of Jaguar employee discount

  • Finance manage- Employees can manage their finance by selling their car and they get good amount for their car if they face any type of financial problem. 
  • Discount- Employees usually get 20-30% discount on any car purchase and also get good exchange offers better than customers. 
  • Accessibility- Employees working in Jaguar get accessibility to all kinds of services for their car and don’t have to wait in queue. 
  • Car maintenance- Employees of Jaguar get up to 10% off service maintenance. 

Cons of Jaguar employee discount

  • Selling- Jaguar has their own polices they cannot sell cars before 9 months. 
  • Approval- Process of buying a Jaguar car is quite complicated than buying other cars, it includes lots of paper work. 
  • Duration of discount- An employee can enjoy the discount only when he/she completed 5 years in Jaguar and have signed the contract. It is very difficult to work for 5 years because they are very strict with their work. 

Apply for Jaguar employee discount

An employee working in Jaguar never miss employee discount because no one will miss the chance to drive one of the fanciest cars in the world. Instead of paying full amount of the car, an employee has the advantage they can buy a car by paying only 20% in advance and also get other benefits. It is very safe to work in Jaguar because no one can terminate from you job without any strong reason. With working in Jaguar an employee gets a facility to know every single detail of a car and its functions that a normal customer would not be accustomed to. An employee discount program allows employees to go for a discount while shopping for any products or services. Products include grocery, movie tickets etc. 


Jaguar has it’s head quarter all over the world. Jaguar is a brand of luxury cars. Jaguar give many offers and discounts to their employees. Employees enjoy more discount than a customer. Employees have to work for at least 5 years to avail the discount and other benefits. Jaguar employee discount has both advantages and disadvantages. Jaguar cars gives more security to its passengers than any cars hardly provide, and thus there is huge demand of Jaguar cars in the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why most of the employees want to work in Jaguar company? 

Ans. Jaguar is a trustworthy and old company, it was owned by Tata company. Jaguar usually provide flexible working hours and a good environment to their employees; they also get rewards for their work to encourage the employees. 

  1. What is a qualified employee discount? 

Ans. A qualified employee discount is any employee discount with respect to qualified property provided by an employer to an employee for use by the employee to the extent the discount does not exceed. 

  1. What is a qualifying employee? 

Ans. Qualifying employee means an employee that maintains continuous status as an employee and has not been suspended from his job because of not performing his duties, responsibilities or authorities.

  1. Are incentives part of salary? 

Ans. Incentives are like bonus which they get for their good work this is given to an employee to increase their morale and to encourage them. Incentives paid to employees are fully taxable and it is part of salary. 

  1. Is a Jaguar a Land Rover? 

Ans. Jaguar and land Rover both belong to a single company name British Leyland until 1984,then they both companies reunited into the same group by the Ford Motor Company in 2002.After that both the companies 

Jaguar Employee Discount

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