How To Resign From Big Four?

What is meant by Big Four?

Companies that are referred to as the “Big Four” include Deloitte, KPMG, EY (Ernst&Young), and PWC (Price Waterhouse Coppers). These are also known as the “Final four” which are the four largest international accounting and professional; services firms. These are called the big four companies because of their reason in the accounting world, they continue to be auditors of the top 500 listed firms. Also, they are considered the most prestigious and strong audit client base. EY is considered to be the largest among them because of its comparatively balanced spread of services other. Deloitte is just a fraction smaller than the price of Waterhouse coppers. Let us know ‘How To Resign From Big Four?’.

How To Resign From Big Four?

Procedure To Resign From Big Four?

Verbal communication

Verbal communication with HR and the Manager of the big four

The first step is verbal communication from your Hr department and reporting manager to inform them that you are intended to leave the company. From here the official process of resignation starts and the second step is typing of resignation letter.

Typing of resignation letter

A standard resignation letter has to be prepared by an employee of the big four who wants to resign due to any personal or professional reasons. A resignation letter should be written in a well-standard and formal way. It is made of three sections that are notifications & last day, thanks, and transition which is optional but remembers you have to always give at least 1-3 months of the notice period 

1. The First section is about notification and the last day on which an employee has to write a formal notification of resign his / her position (job title) with the name of the company and by it, an employee has to mention the last date of his/her working day in a company 

2. Second section includes thanking the company to provide you the opportunity to work in their company and to make wholesome development of your personality. In short, an employee has to be kind and polite during writing a resignation letter.

3. The Third section includes optional transition, in this an employee make assures to fulfill all his/her role with a sense of responsibility and handing over all duties to your colleagues or replacement so that no mess will create after your after leaving from the company and additionally you can ask for help if they need in any case.

Feel free to describe your valuable experience, good times, and many you got from the company.

Handing it over

Then a standard resignation letter has to be handed to the reporting manager or HR of the department. It is sent via email. Your resignation letter is not just informing the HR department or reporting manager about your are intending to leave but also communicating to superiors and human resource manager so that they can find a replacement for your position so that you can train your replacement and make his/her verse them with your role and responsibilities; it is important for smooth functioning of Big four 

Submitting belongings of a Company

Before leaving the company, you have to get clearance also known as full and final from all departments like finance, Admin, HR, etc about his/her gratuity fund, provident fund, and paychecks given from the side of the company before he e/she exits from a company and submitting all the assets of the company as you are longer be the owner of the property of company. Also, all pay slips, increment letters, and other important documents should be kept in their place so that after your leave, the company should not face any issues in their operations. Make sure you have fulfilled all the formalities with the organization which should be needed to be. Not only have yours but you had to check on from the company aspect too, that you are provided with funds that are supposed to be if not you can report politely it to your HR of your department via mail. In case of any dysfunction, you can move to higher authorities.

Exit interview

The last and final step is the exit interview between the employee and the Human resource manager of the big four companies in which an employee is asked about his/her leaving from the company, their impression of the company, and if there are suggestions that a company can make for any kind of improvement needed for its betterment. This fits into the separation stage of the employee life cycle. It is the process of an employee’s off boarding and it is done to make ensure that all companies’ materials and administrative forms are collected &completed, projects are transferred or documented, and feedback and insights are gathered. Also, it is done to resolve loose ends if any.


Hence, your resignation process should be polite, and have to be taken care of your behavior with high authorities while the process is going on in case of any clashes or circumstances occur, you have to be calm and patient so that you do not leave a bad impression besides after exiting from the company.

And for expressing your gratitude towards the company you can send good bye mail to the official website of the company. Also, you can review it on Google as the best company to work can and mark it as a good company to start once career and inform other people about your experience of working in the big four. This will help other people to get knowledge about the working atmosphere of the company

  • What can be the reasons for leaving or resign from the big four?

• Big four are notorious for high workload pressure and some employees got sick of their hectic schedules and are not able to cope with it. Therefore, they resign from the big four

• Employees get tired of working late nights which can cause adverse effects on their health so to keep their health as a priority and not wealth made many resign from fig four

• There can be any personal issues or an employee may be finding difficulty in adjusting to big four’s atmosphere 

• People do not get a lot of opportunities in the big four as it is very scarce therefore in seek of grabbing new opportunities, they started moving out of the big four.

How To Resign From Big Four?

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