Xbox Employee Discount


Xbox is a very renowned name in the game industry, the brand comes under the name of Microsoft as it is solely owned and created by the company. Let us know ‘Xbox Employee Discount’.

Xbox Employee Discount


It was first introduced in 2001 in November in the United States. The brand has different toes of the console available for customers along with games and online platform by the name of Xbox network. The company has launched console under the brand name such as the first generation Xbox then came the second generation Xbox 360 after that the Xbox one was introduced and lastly came the new generation Xbox x and s series. All of these consoles are backward compatible meaning that the games of first generation Xbox can be played on the next-generation Xbox 360 or even Xbox one.

Xbox employee benefits

Microsoft has been a big brand that manufactures software and electronic item. It is widely known for it is windows software around the world. Microsoft has employed thousands of people in every company that it owns whether it be Xbox or Microsoft itself. With strict code for employees at the workplace, Microsoft also provides rewarding benefits to their employees as a token of appreciation. One of those handy benefits is an Xbox employee discount which further includes a discount on buying from the store or a discount on travel charges all of which are covered by the company.

Xbox employee discount

An employee working at Xbox stores receive the best benefits especially when they purchase an item from the store. Down below are some of the benefits that employees working at Xbox or Microsoft receive as a reward for their job:-

  1. When buying a product employees get a discount of 10% off of any product, especially Xbox. 
  1. They also get an additional 10% discount on any Microsoft hardware and 50% off on computer software. 
  1. The best benefit of working for a video gaming company is that you can get games at much cheaper prices in some cases even free. Xbox offers a game pass subscription-based service that grants the customer to go through a list of games compatible with Xbox, pc, or any mobile device, and sometimes these games may have different publishers. 

The game passes that users can buy are Xbox live gold or pass by E3 play. Sometimes employees at Xbox get these passes for free and other times they may get a discount of more than 50% on the subscription price of these passes. There have been instances of the company giving out free passes at the launch of the new Xbox series x and s and Xbox one.

  1. Since Xbox is a Microsoft brand the employee also gets the benefit of such access to Microsoft Office and is granted access to the premium features of Microsoft office. They also have access to Microsoft hardware and they might get a console for free during the time of the launch of a console or get a game for free at an event and these benefits extend to every employee working at the Xbox. 

Additional benefits of working at Xbox

Flexible hours-

Employees at Xbox or its mother company gets the benefit of flexible hours, as the company wants their employee to work with full attention and up to their highest potential. During the hiring process, an employee is asked the time they would like to schedule their shift. 

Additional discounts-

Other than the discount on gaming consoles, game passes, or Microsoft software and hardware. An employee working for Xbox gets an additional benefit of  50% on games, restaurants, spas, travel, car service, and car repair. 

Paid leaves-

Employees working at Xbox also get 15 paid leaves, a few sick leave days, and a few weeks of parental leaves. 

Fitness benefits-

One more benefit of working for Xbox is that they get a full-paid membership to gyms and pay money for wellness programs offered by the company. 

Transport facility-

A perk of working with the company is that they get a transport facility a connector bus with wi-fi on board. An employee who lives from their workplace can choose to take this service and it will take them from their home and then drop them off after their shifts. This way employees at the company can save a lot on travel expenses. 

Employee retirement plan and policy benefits

  1. Health insurance coverage:- The company provides health insurance as part of their health and wellness benefits for employee scheme.
  1. Dental insurance coverage:- Dental coverages are granted to the employee working at Xbox or Microsoft although the benefits extend to the person in a high managerial position or if the employee has been working with the company for many years.
  1. Life insurance- One sweet benefit of working with a company associated with Microsoft is that you get a good amount of life insurance coverage. 
  1. Vision insurance:- Any kind of charges concerning your vision will be covered by the company.
  1. Paid leaves for every employee- Employees enjoy the benefit of paid time offs and sick leaves.
  1. Accident and chronic injury reimbursement- This covers any kind of chronic illnesses or injuries.
  1. 401(k) retirement plans.- The company has a retirement plan in place for the employees. 
  1. Holiday Bonuses pay and additional overtime pay.- Employee receives holiday bonus pay for their shift during the holiday season and if they decide to take overtime they also get compensated for their work.
  1. Tuition reimbursement for student employees.- This policy applies especially to young student employees, this helps them pay off their tuition and earn a little income for their expenses while working for the top tier technological company.
  1. Travel insurance- Travel insurances cover any kind of cost that the employee might incur when traveling whether locally or internationally. It covers tickets and hotel expenses.
  1. Student loan pay-off plans- Another great benefit for student employees is the benefit of student loan pay-off while working at the company they can get a little bit of extra cash which they can put towards paying any due student loan. It is a good incentive to attract people in the younger age group and provide them with the opportunity to work with the company.

Working in a company such as Xbox is an opportunity many are looking to explore and that is the reason the company gets thousands of applications for any job that they post online or otherwise. They offer their employee not only the best working experience in the technology and gaming industry but incentives to grow in the industry, bonuses that reward their efforts and a chance to be associated with a leading technological company. 

Hope you got what you were looking consoles feel free to reference the article whenever in doubt about the discount and benefits that the Xbox employee receive.

Xbox Employee Discount

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