How To Reschedule Amazon Interview?

It is an exciting moment to have an interview with any company or organization, especially with the multinational company Amazon, but then you realized that you must reschedule it for some personal reasons. In this situation, you may be wondering how to reschedule your interview without losing the opportunity. Having to set up a reschedule for your interview does not end your possibility to get hired, you just must make sure you take the right course of action. Let us know “How To Reschedule Amazon Interview?”

How To Reschedule Amazon Interview?

Key Points To Reschedule Amazon Interview:

· Do not forget to provide notice to the interviewers as early as possible while rescheduling because it will give time to reschedule and will look satisfactory in the interviewer’s eyes.

· When providing a reason for rescheduling, make sure it is for something valid and important instead of some silly excuses like not being well to come today, needing more time to get prepared, etc.

· It is important to offer an apology letter and thank your interviewer before starting the interview.

How To Reschedule Amazon Interview?

The process for rescheduling the interview is decisive and you need to make sure to maintain your professionalism. If done correctly, you will still show respect to the interviewers and the situation will end positively.

 You do not need to contact Amazon. You can reschedule your appointment from your home only. Here is how you can reschedule your interview the right way:

1. .Log in to your account

 2. Click on the menu in the upper right-hand corner.

 3. Click on ‘Jobs I’ve Applied To

 4. Under the ‘My Appointments’ option, click on the ‘Action’ button 

 5. Then click on the ‘Cancel’ button

 6. Refresh the page and then click the ‘Please continue your application option

 7. Now you can select your shift according to your preferences and you can schedule your new appointment.

Possible Reasons for Rescheduling an Interview:

Getting an interview for a job is not an easy task. It often takes a lot of arduous work. But rescheduling your interview does not mean the end of your chances of getting hired. There may be considerable reasons to reschedule your interview. it is best, to be honest with the interviewer. What reasons can be considered acceptable?

Family Emergency:

 You may need to reschedule your interview because of an emergency in your family. Employers understand that you have a family to take care of. This may include various cases like an illness, injury, or recent death. This will indicate your responsibility towards your family. The team will consider this as a genuine reason.


This is the most common reason for rescheduling an interview. Being ill, you know that you will not perform at your best and there is also a possibility that you are contagious. Therefore, the interviewer will understand your consideration for not wishing to spread your illness.

Work commitment:

 Even though you are applying for a new job, you still need to consider your current responsibilities. Your work schedule may change frequently or at the end moment. This can show your sincerity for your current employer, the hiring manager may be impressed by your work ethic. 

Unexpected troubles:

 No one can be prepared for unexpected troubles like a problem in your car, delay in public transport, etc. If this happens, you should inform them that there is an issue. You do not need to cancel at that point and should try if you can manage to get to your interview on time. If not possible, inform them as early as possible. By letting the employer know beforehand, they will be more understanding about your situation and need to set up a new timeslot to interview.

How To Prepare If You Cannot Reschedule Your Interview?

After application, you may not be able to keep your interview rescheduled. You may have realized that your reasons were not strong enough to reschedule the appointment. it is not in your hand to reschedule.

If it is not possible to reschedule your interview, you need to make sure you are prepared for the day.

Proper sleep:

 The first step is adequate sleep at the night before the day to ensure that you are well-rested. Good sleep helps to improve brain performance mode and health.


 You should have already spent time preparing your answers to deal with any question, take your time when you are unsure what to say.

Be courteous:

 Be courteous and respectful to your interviewer.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • I am trying to schedule an appointment, but there are no appointments available. What should I do?

1. Log in to your account.

 2. Click on the menu in the upper right-hand corner

 3. Click on ‘Jobs I’ve Applied To.’ 

4. You will be able to click on ‘Please continue your application’ to pick from available hiring appointments

 Note: New hire appointments fill up quickly! If there is no slot available, it means that all the slots have filled up. We advise you to check your application status frequently for future appointment openings.

  • I am trying to reschedule an appointment, but  I am unable to attend any of the available appointments. What should I do?

All available appointments will be shown. To Reschedule Amazon Interview, own on the appointments page. If you are unable to make out on any of those available times, please keep checking daily for future appointment openings.

  • What is my application status?

 Follow these steps to check your application status:

 1. Log in to your candidate account

 2. Click on the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner

3. Click on ‘Jobs I’ve Applied To

 4. You will see your appointment details under the “My Appointments” section.

  • How do you apologize for rescheduling your interview?

While apologizing for rescheduling an interview, you have to sound sincere, and you have to notify them that you are still interested in the interview. As long as you contact them promptly and apologize, they will likely reschedule. Also, it depends on the interviewers as they have a lot of candidates.

How To Reschedule Amazon Interview?

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