Apple Referral Process- Everything You Need to Know

Every company has an employee referral program through which employees can refer their friends or acquaintances for a job in their company. The Apple referral process works similarly. An employee can earn a bonus ranging between $250 to $5000 if he refers a job position to someone and that person is hired successfully. Let us know more detail about ‘Apple Referral Process’.

Apple Referral Process

Apple Referral Process

Employee referrals have a higher rate of getting the Job when compared to other applicants. According to a study, 80% of employers prefer to hire a referral candidate because their employee knows them, and referrals tend to have specific skills and familiarity with the job.

What is a referral?

A referral in a workplace is an employee referral. A process where current employees can refer their friends or family members for a job opening at their company, and if that candidate is hired successfully, The employee will receive either bonus or some benefit from the company.

Most companies have employee referral programs for hiring new candidates because a current employee is a trusted person, and it is easy and quick to hire referrals when compared to a new employee.

Referral process at Apple

If you are an Apple employee and there is a vacant position at your office or department, and you know someone suitable for the role then, you can refer your friend to the hiring manager. Here is a step-by-step process to refer someone to Apple.

1. To refer someone to Apple, you must be an employee at the Apple office where there is an opening. You should not be under probation period and must be a regular employee.

2. If there is an opening for a job at your Apple branch, and you think one of your friends/Former colleagues/Classmates or anyone whom you know is suitable for the position and they are looking for a job then, inform the same to your manager or hiring manager.

3. Ask your friend for their CV or resume and submit it to the hiring manager.

4. Inform your friend about the interview date and ask them to attend the interview.

5. If your friend is hired and completes the probationary period of 90 days then, the employee who referred the candidate will receive a referral bonus.

What kind of candidates to refer?

Well, at Apple, there is no policy that you should only refer your close friends or anything, but still, there are a few points you must consider before you refer your friend for a job at Apple.

  • Make sure that your friend has the required educational qualifications, skills, and experience needed for the job before you refer them.
  • Don’t refer someone who is not friendly with you because ultimately it will impact your image in the company.
  • Make sure you refer someone who values an opportunity that you are going to give them.
  • Refer someone unemployed or looking for a job change. Don’t refer someone who is not serious about getting employment.
  • Remember that your referral can give you a bonus or impact your image in the office if your friend isn’t serious or qualified for the job. Hence refer someone you trust.

Advantages of a referral at Apple

A referral is not only an opportunity to earn a bonus, but you can also show your dedication towards your organization when you refer someone. Here are a few reasons why you should refer if you can.

  • The Bonus. At Apple, you can earn a bonus of up to $5000 when your referral is successful, which is when the candidate completes the mandatory probation period.
  • You will earn the trust of your organization, and that can give you recognition and soft benefits.
  • You will benefit a friend by giving them an opportunity at Apple. In return, your friend can help you in the future.
  • It will help you gain organizational skills when you refer someone because you act as a medium of communication between the interviewee and your hiring manager.

Why are referrals important in an Organization?

Many companies prefer internal recruitment if there are only a few vacant spots because employees are familiar with the organization, and if someone is coming through referral, the employers trust them to be genuinely interested in the job.

  • The recruit is easy and quick. Employers don’t have to wait for days to hire a successful candidate.
  • Referrals reduce hiring costs and retention time.
  • Referrals are qualified and experienced and are more familiar with the organization making them more suitable for the role.

To conclude

Referrals are a great way to help your friend and at the same time your organization. Apple referral hiring rate has decreased, and the company is constantly looking for diverse candidates with skills. If you are referring someone then, make sure your referral is suitable for the role making it easy for your hiring manager and your friend.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I refer my cousin to Apple?

A. Yes, as long as you are an Apple employee you can refer anyone. Your family member or a friend it’s up to you.

2. Is it necessary that I will be called for an interview at Apple if my friend has referred me?

A. Whether you will get your interview call or not depends on the hiring manager. All your friend can do is refer you.

Apple Referral Process- Everything You Need to Know

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