How to get a job at Apple?

Getting a job at Apple is a dream for many. Who would not like to get placed in a prestigious company like Apple? But landing a job at Apple is a mammoth task. You have to be the best to find your ideal job in this competitive world. You can ace it if you are hardworking, determined, and focused.

To get a job at Apple, you need to be acquainted with certain things. These include the eligibility criteria, the job positions available, the hiring process, and the working environment. Knowing these things beforehand will increase your chances of getting hired at Apple. You need to be sure why you want to work at Apple. This article is an attempt to make sure that you get the relevant information about the company and apply accordingly. Continue reading to know more about this.

how to get a job at apple

Apple: the gigantic company

Everyone knows who the founder of Apple is. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak in 1976. It is one of the world’s largest companies with a market size of $274.5 billion in 2020. The company is prominent for retailing in consumer electronics like cell phones, iPods, and all the related gadgets. It also retails in computer software. 

Apple is an American multinational company that has firmed its market in most of the countries around the world. The craze for the iPhone, which is perhaps the most prominent product of the company, is insane. The company has successfully firmed its position in the international market as well as domestic market.

Applying for a job at Apple

Envisaging for a job at Apple? You have to know certain things. The first step is perhaps the most crucial one. It is the application process. You should know about the hiring process at Apple. 

The hiring process mainly constitutes of four steps- the application, the phone interview, the assessment, and the final interview round. All the steps are being elucidated upon in the following points:

Application form at Apple

It is advisable to fill the application form online rather than looking for job positions available in different stores or offices. Filling the application form online is the easiest way of applying. You should be careful while filling in the details in the form.

Make sure that you keep your details and documents ready. This should also include your past work experiences as the form asks you to fill in all the details. There might be some general and ethical questions as well. These include questions as to why you want to join Apple, your motive behind applying, what do you think about Apple, and many more.

Ensure that you answer all these questions sincerely. Taking these questions casually might not help you in getting selected.

The Phone Interview

Once the company goes through your application form, they call you if you are among the shortlisted candidates. Your application form should be exceptional if you want to get selected for the phone interview round.

In this round, the company would check your qualities and your competency to work with them. They will ask you questions that portray your skills and determination. They might ask you about the projects you have worked on in the past, your achievements, and if you are competent enough to work for Apple or not. If you are successful in impressing the recruiter who is calling you, then you will get an invitation for the next round, which is the assessment round.

The Assessment Round

After clearing the phone interview round, you will have to give an online assessment test. This will further test your capabilities to work with Apple. The answers you give will be the reflection of our personality that if we will be adaptable employees or not if we will be able to work in a team or not. 

You have to answer the questions, bearing in mind how the recruiter will interpret them. If you clear the assessment you are called for the next and the last round.

Interview Round

The interview round is the final round. This round is different from the earlier interview round. In this, you will have a face-to-face interview with the director. You will be asked more elaborate questions. Make sure that you are ready with answers to the common questions like- why Apple? They can ask you about your past projects. And the reason behind applying for the job.

These are some of the most common questions being asked in any job interview.

The competition at Apple is high, and to get selected you have to be the best. Try to give some unconventional but relevant answers. The interviewer should find a reason to hire you, try to stand out.

If you clear this final interview round, you are hired at Apple.

These were the steps in the process of applying for the job to getting hired. 

The next thing that you should know about is the job positions that the company offers. Read on to know about the jobs available at Apple.

Job Positions available at Apple

The company offers many job roles and positions. Some of them are as follows:

Software Engineer

Apple offers jobs for the position of Software Engineer. This involves developing the software and improving the existing software. Majorly involves improving Siri and other related software. The company offers positions of software engineers from entry to senior level. The average salary ranges from $60,000 to $243,000 depending on the level of the job.

The educational qualification requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of science, a degree in software engineering is preferable. 

If you have prior experience in the field, it is the cherry on the cake. You will be preferred above other candidates.

You should be adept in programming languages like Python, C++, C, etc. Apple does not hire solely based on your educational qualifications, they also take into consideration your skills.

Sales positions

If you have good communication skills and a pleasing personality, then you are perfect for the sales job at Apple stores. The company looks for candidates who have the relevant knowledge about the products and could easily communicate with the customers. The salaries for a sales job ranges from $28,8841 per year for a Sales Associate to $185,000 per year for Senior Account Executive. 

Database Engineer

To be eligible for a Database Engineer position at Apple, you should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. This you can earn from a university as well as online. The work of a database engineer at Apple would be working with a team on the database of the company. This position allows you to enhance your knowledge in computer science and related fields. The approximate salary is around $152,550 per year. 

Network Security Engineer

As a network security manager at Apple, you will be responsible for monitoring and assuring the security of the network of the company. You will get the opportunity to work with diverse global networking companies around the world. This job will indeed widen your horizons.

To be eligible for the position of network security engineer at Apple, you should have prior experience of four to five years in the same field. 

The approximate salary of a network security engineer at Apple is $154,526 per year.

These were some of the positions available at Apple. However, the company offers many more job opportunities including internships for freshers and college students. 

After knowing about the job opportunities in the company, the next you need to know is the working environment. This will help you to make an informed choice about whether Apple aligns with your working ethics and expectations or not.

Working environment and benefits

Apple is famous for its working environment and its cooperating staff. Its core values give the employees significance in the making of the company. Here are some of the features of the working environment at Apple:

Benefits for the employees

Apple takes pride in providing its employees with the best benefits and compensation schemes. As an employee at Apple, you can get a discount of up to 25% on any of the Apple products like iPhone, iPods, iPads, etc. The employees get a 50% discount on the software of the company. 

The working hours are quite flexible and paid maternity leave of up to 14 weeks is permitted. The paid leaves are flexible and easy to get. However, there is a threshold to this. 

By providing these benefits and compensation, they increase the productivity of the employees and strengthen their will to work harder. 

Integrating working environment

The working environment at Apple is very integrating. The company does not discriminate and tries to include people from different backgrounds, both social and financial. The company does not back any discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, or gender. They treat every employee equally and make sure that everyone is comfortable in the working environment.

All the employees work as a team and yet maintains their individuality. They work together to bring out the best outcome for the company.

Fun and work

The working environment at the company is jovial. They work hard and they celebrate hard. Whenever any new product is launched, the surroundings become merrier and ebullient in the company. Every employee works hard and then enjoys these launch parties. The company tries to keep the environment distressing for the employees so that they can give better results.

The above were some of the advantages and compensations you will get if you get a job at Apple.

The most important thing is how can you get hired at Apple in such a competitive world. You have to keep certain things in mind while envisaging a life as an employee at Apple. The article will now provide you with some tips to increase the probability of getting selected for a job at Apple.

Secure a job at Apple

Here are some tips that can help you to crack a job at Apple. Follow the given tips and you will pass every stage with flying colors:


To crack a job at a prestigious company like Apple, you have to stand out in the very first step. The recruiters look at the resume and then shortlist the candidates. Make sure that you keep your resume simple. The recruiters are more interested in your educational qualifications and skills s, rather than how fancy your resume is. Do not forget to include all your work experiences in the resume. You should elucidate on your past work experiences.

Do not avoid this step, as you will be shortlisted for the phone interview based on your resume. Give your best shot as the first impression is the last impression in this case.

Reflect the core values of the company

Apple wants to hire employees who can fit in well with their core values. Before filling in the application form look for the mission, vision statement of apple, and most importantly its core values. While filling in the form, bear in mind that the core values of the company are reflected in your answers. 

Do not forget this even in the interview rounds. The recruiter or the interviewer should get convinced that you are the perfect fit for the job as your core values align with theirs. So, go through the core values of Apple.

Prepare well for the interview round

Do not take the interview round casually. Apple wants to hire the best employees. And its interview is considered as one of the toughest. The interviewer might ask you tough questions. You have to prepare well to tackle the questions and give the relevant answers. For this you need practice. Ask your friends to take your mock interviews with the help of the internet. Go through all the probable questions and prepare perfect answers for them. If you follow this, you will ace the interview round.

Use your contacts

Focus on building beneficial contacts by attending networking events. You might find someone who could give you a referral. References do help in getting into Apple. Hard work matters but sometimes you have to use your wits to make things plausible. Using your contacts increases your chances of getting hired at Apple. So, build beneficial contacts and utilize them.

Stay confident

Confidence is the most significant part of every aspect of your life. The endeavor of getting a job is no exception. You have to stay confident at every stage of the hiring process. Be it while filling your application or giving your assessment test, or giving the interview. While filling your application and assessment test you need to be sure of the answers you are filling in. During the interview, you have to be confident enough to combat any question or situation. Even if the interviewer asks you a question that you do not know the answer to, you should try to handle the situation confidently and smartly.

Just keep in mind that you do not get nervous and answer every question smartly and confidently.

These were some of the tips that you can follow to ace the hiring procedure at Apple. The competition is tough, you have to give in your best to get a job at Apple.


Apple is everyone’s dream company to work at. But to get a job at Apple is not an easy task. It is not impossible, but it is difficult. You have to be cautious in every stage of the hiring process at Apple. The article acquainted you with the hiring process, the job roles available, and the tips that can make it easier for you to get a job at Apple.

You have to be hardworking, perseverant, and passionate to get a job at Apple. If you possess all these traits then well and good. If not, then start working on yourself and achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the stages in the hiring process at Apple?

Apple wants the best of bests employees. Its hiring process consists of four stages. The first one being the application where you have to fill in all the details and answer the questions asked with utmost sincerity. The second one is the phone interview round, then an assessment test, and then finally an interview round. Clearing all the rounds to secure you a job at Apple.

Is getting a job at Apple tough?

Yes, getting a job at Apple is tough, but it is not impossible. You have to be hardworking, dedicated, and determined to achieve your goals. Follow certain things at every stage of the hiring process like keeping your resume simple and updated, take the interview round seriously, answer confidently, and make sure you do not avoid any stage of hiring.

How is the working environment at Apple?

The working environment in Apple is jovial and cooperative. The employees are happy with their employers as they are given good compensation and benefits. The launch parties distress the employees.

How to get a job at Apple?

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