Does Michigan Unemployment Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

The pandemic in recent times has proved to be a fatal period for the entire world. Michigan also suffered its effects and is struggling in keeping up with the betterment of the economy. The unemployment rate for obvious reasons has also undergone a huge setback increasing its rate of unemployment to 21.3% which is much higher than the pre-pandemic rate of unemployment. Let’s Know Does Michigan Unemployment Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

Does Michigan Unemployment Pay Weekly Or Biweekly

Michigan Unemployment Benefits

Like many other states in the U.S.A, the government of Michigan also provides several unemployment benefits to the people who lost their jobs with no fault of their own. The Department of Labour and Economic Opportunity, Michigan apart from its regular unemployment compensation has also started a post-pandemic unemployment benefits program which provides an additional 24 weeks of unemployment benefits after exhausting all rights to regular unemployment benefits.

What Is Michigan Unemployment Insurance?

The Unemployment Insurance program is a program funded by the employers of Michigan as a part of their taxes. It is designed by the Govt of Michigan to financially help the unemployed survive through their tough times. If provided with accurate information this program is certain to help those who unconventionally lost their jobs.

Terms And Conditions of Michigan Unemployment Insurance

The primary criteria for the eligibility are:

  • The one claiming for the insurance must be available for a full-time job opportunity irrespective of any day and any shift. 
  • The one claiming for the insurance must be in search of full-time job opportunities and also update UIA about it along with providing proof of it when audited.
  • The one claiming the insurance is mentally and physically able to perform a full-time job that one has the skill for.
  • To qualify for the insurance, one has to have enough wage earned which the UIA calculates with regards to the Standard Base Period, if one does not qualify for the wage requirement of Standard Base Period, the Alternate Base Period is accounted and if one does not qualify for either of these two, one may still be eligible for the insurance if qualified according to the Alternate Earnings Qualifier.

The number of qualifying weeks is determined by multiplying the total base period wages by 43% and then dividing it by the Wage Benefit Amount and again rounding it down to the nearest half week. The maximum number of weeks offered is 20 and the minimum number of weeks is 14. 

The Weekly Benefit Amount is calculated based on one’s quarterly wages. It is determined by multiplying the highest amount of salary paid during any base period by 4.1%. Typically, the maximum weekly benefit amount is $362 and the minimum weekly benefit amount tends to be $81.

There are also a set of other factors affecting the weekly benefit amount. They are:

If there is any family member who is dependent on you and who receives more than half of their assistance from you. For each dependent, the one claiming the insurance can get an additional amount of $6. And for every insurance claimer, five dependents are eligible for the amount.

The taxes of both the federal and State of Michigan governments can affect your weekly benefit amount.

These are some of the fundamental factors along-with many others that may increase or decrease one’s weekly benefit amount.     

Does Michigan Unemployment Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

Although the payments are calculated weekly, they are credited biweekly after the biweekly certification. Once the eligibility procedures are completed and the weekly certification is done for the initial week the weekly benefit amount is being deposited right away. After the initial week, certifications are required after every other week(biweekly).

The biweekly certification holds a distinctive and important significance in the payments because if the biweekly certifications aren’t confirmed timely without a valid reason the insurance claim might be stopped. The biweekly certifications can be done through the MiWAM account, whereas the certification process can also be done through the phone. 

The certification week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday of every week. To continue claiming the weekly benefits, one must update his/her information regarding addresses, job search, availability to job, etc. If by any means one is working full-time for a certain week from Sunday to Saturday and does not need any assistance the response will be filled in as a waived week. But if one responds No to weekly benefit assistance for two consecutive weeks his/her claim becomes inactive and they will be required to reopen their claim when needed again.

The weekly benefit amount is received electronically in the form of direct deposits or Debit cards issued by The Bank of America. Along with that one can also change his/her payment method through an official insurance account or may also call 866-500-0017. Updating the details in one’s official claim account is necessary for smooth unemployment benefit insurance.

Does Michigan Unemployment Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

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