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Business Organizations and Administration 

What are Administrative Titles? Every business organization is established to achieve predetermined objectives such as profit maximization, shareholder wealth maximization or to gain market share. These objectives set the tone for the activities which will be undertaken by the organization to fulfill these set objectives. If the business organization fails to achieve the objectives and goals, the purpose of setting up a business organization is completely defeated. The business organization is divided into several distinct departments and a synergistic effort among these departments is created to ensure the success of the organization. The major departments into which the organizations are divided are enlisted below – 

Administrative Titles

• Production Department

• Accounting Department

• Finance Department

• Research and Development Department

• Business Development Department

• Administration Department

This article provides information about the various administration titles in a business setup.

Introduction to Administration Department 

The administration department is the department that is in charge of administering various activities of an organization. The administration department oversees and supervises the business activities to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in these business activities. The administration team helps to establish a smooth flow of activities within other departments of the business organization. The various members of the administrative team are assigned tasks and duties to achieve smooth administration of business activities. 

Role of Administration in Business organization 

All the departments in the organization work for achieving maximum department efficiency, which ultimately leads to the efficient working of the business organization itself. Similarly, the administration department plays a significant role in the working and success of the business organization. The following points highlight the role that the administration department plays in a business organization – 

  • Planning – The administration department plans the various business activities to ensure the smooth conduct of these business activities.
  • Managing Staff – The administration department is responsible for managing and updating all the records and databases about the various employees working in the organization.
  • Support function – The administration department is responsible for supporting the other departments and ensuring that the needs of these departments are met on time so that business activities do not get delayed. 
  • Reduce wastages – The administration department ensures that all the resources of an organization, whether it be material resources, human resources, or financial resources are efficiently utilized and one of these resources goes wasted or idle.
  • Resource allocation – An important role in allocating resources to various departments is also played by the administration department. It ensures that every department gets the required resources to function efficiently. 
  • Maintaining records – The administration department maintains various records of business activities. These records enable the management to take important business decisions and formulate new and improved business strategies. 
  • Managing budgets – The administration department sets the office budget and makes sure that the approved budget is adequate for the smooth and efficient functioning of office operations. 

Administrative Job Titles 

The administration function in business encompasses an array of job roles and responsibilities. The various job titles in the administration function are enlisted below – 

  •  Chief administrative officer – The chief administrative officer also known as the head of administration is responsible for managing and supervising the operations of the organization. The chief administrative officer ensures that the performance of various departments is up to the mark. The chief administrative officer reports about his or her work directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the organization. The average annual salary of a chief administrative officer is 175,110 dollars. The various duties performed by the chief administrative officer are enlisted below- 

(a)   Managing the day-to-day operations of the organization and ensuring a smooth flow of operations.

(b)  Setting goals for the various departments of the organization and monitoring their performance to see whether their performance matches the expected performance levels or not. 

(c)   Formulating and implementing new and improved strategies to enhance the overall working of the organization. 

(d)  Establish coordination between various departments of the organization to ensure smooth performance.

(e)  Providing senior management with timely submission of performance reports. 

(f)    Plan the budget for the organization and make sure the activities are prevailing as per the scheduled budget. 

(g)   Resolving any issues that may arise in the organization and prevent these issues from hindering the performance of the organization.

  • Vice President of administration – The Vice President of administration holds the responsibility of integrating and coordinating functions of other departments of the organization. The Vice President also works on incorporating innovative work strategies to ensure better functioning of the administrative staff. The Vice President of the administration acts as a mentor for the staff working in the administration department. The Vice President of administration directly reports the working performance and other affairs of the organization to the Chief administrative officer. The average annual salary of the Vice President of administration is 130,233 dollars. The various duties performed by the Vice President of administration are enlisted as follows- 

(a)   To effectively track, monitor, and evaluate the performances of individuals working in the administration department and other departments as well. 

(b)  To facilitate formulation and implementation of new administration policies to promote enhance the working of the administration department. 

(c)   To evaluate existing methods and practices being used in various departments and replace old and conventional methods and practices with the new and improved ones.

(d)  To work with senior management and Chief administrative officer in setting the financial and long-term objectives of the organization.

(e)  To make sure all the working in the departments of the organization is done keeping in mind the policies, practices, and values of the company.

  • Director of Administration – Director of administration also known as the director of operations is responsible for managing and supervising the daily operational functions and managerial activities of the company. The director of administration also carries the onus to monitor budgets and supervise managers of various departments, to help improve overall business efficiency. The average annual salary of the Director of administration is 82,759 dollars. The various roles and responsibilities of the director of administration are mentioned as follows – 

(a)   To manage administrative staff properly. 

(b)  To disburse the funds to various departments and ensuring that the funds disbursed are used properly. 

(c)   To analyze human resource requirements in various departments company.

(d)  To facilitate strategic planning for better and efficient business results. 

  • Administrative Manager – Administrative manager is also known as the head administrator or office manager is responsible for supervising and leading the staff members of the administrative department. Administrative managers also oversee the work and performance of the clerical staff. They also help to organize work schedules, prepare work reports and assign clerical duties. The administrative manager is required to be good at communication because the administrative manager has to communicate both with the senior executives and clerical staff and members of various departments in the organization. These communication skills help the administrative manager to act as the link between the senior management and clerical workers. The average annual salary of an Administrative manager is 54,208 dollars. The various responsibilities of an administrative manager are mentioned as follows – 

(a)   To coordinate the organization’s administration system.

(b)  To manage the daily workflow of the organization.

(c)   To incorporate policies and procedures that contribute to the creation of a more efficient workplace.

(d)  To measure the performances of staff and guide the employees to increase their efficiency. 

(e)  To recruit and train new employees of the organization.

(f)    To make sure that all the work deadlines are met.

  • Administrative Coordinator – Administrative Coordinator is known by several names such as administrative analyst, executive assistant, and executive business partner. The administrative coordinator is mainly responsible for supporting general office operations, attending official phone calls, and scheduling internal meetings for the day, greeting the staff and customers. The administrative coordinator also serves as the primary point of contact between the members of the organization and external institutions. The annual average salary for an Administrative Coordinator is 44,000 dollars. The various roles and responsibilities of the administrative coordinator are enlisted below- 

(a)   To provide senior executives with information about day to day working of the organization. 

(b)  To review and evaluate customer reports.

(c)   To attend official calls and official emails.

(d)  To inform the staff about the timings and objectives of the scheduled meetings.

(e)  To safeguard the confidential information of the company.

(f)    To collect and analyze a wide variety of business data and prepare reports based on this data, and present these reports to the senior management. 

  • Administrative Trainee – With a significant increase in business activities, many business organizations offer temporary and part-time roles in selective domains to aspiring individuals. Similarly, interested individuals can apply for the role of an administrative trainee, administrative intern, or junior administrative assistant. Individuals in these job roles are placed under the supervision and management of an experienced mentor in the organization, where the trainee can learn about the working and various other aspects of the organization during their training tenure with the company. Administrative trainee generally reports to their assigned mentor. The average salary for an Administrative Trainee is 26,212 dollars. The various responsibilities expected from an administrative trainee are discussed as follows – 

(a)   To complete the work assigned by their mentor before the deadline.

(b)  To abide by the rules and regulations of the organization.

(c)   To attend formal meetings along with their mentors to learn new things to enhance their business knowledge.

(d)  To perform research about the topics suggested by their mentor. 

(e)  To safeguard the confidential information of the company which they may come across during the period of training or internship.


 In hindsight, it can be said that the administration department plays a salient role in the success of the organization. The administration department helps to establish coordination and consensus among the various departments of the organization. The various job roles in the administration hierarchy help the business organization to effectively formulate and implement improved strategies to ensure the success of the organization. So it would not be wrong to say that the administration department carries the onus to supervise the entire working of the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1. What are the educational qualifications required to pursue a career in administration management?

Answer 1. Individuals who have obtained a business degree or diploma and have an interest in administration management can apply for administrative job roles at the entry level.

Question 2.  How can an individual get the role of administrative trainee or intern?

Answer 2. The majority of the big organizations offer training and internships to interested individuals. Aspiring individuals can apply for the same through the company’s website or by referral of an employee working in the same organization. 

Question 3.  Are administrative trainees paid for their tenure?

Answer 3. Yes, most of the organizations offer stipends to the trained and interns. Moreover, trainees and interns are also awarded certificates of completion when they complete their training. Individuals who excel in their training and internship programs can also obtain letters of recommendation from the organization. 

Administrative Titles- Know More!

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