Who Owns Alphabet Inc.

Who Owns Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc. is a global multinational industry-aggregate based in the United States of America headquartered in Mountain View, California. Its inception came as the cyber giant Google’s restructuring. It now stands as the parent company of Google and several other former subsidiaries of Google. The co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, continue, as earlier, as the governing shareholders, board members, and employees at Alphabet Inc. Currently, Alphabet stands as the fourth-largest cyber company globally in terms of revenue generation. It furthermore owns a spot on the global list as one of the most valuable corporations.

Alphabet Inc. came into being after the two co-founders of Google urged doing the core businesses handled by Google cleaner and more accountable. They promoted this decision since it extended a greater autonomy to other companies in the aggregate which dealt in businesses other than Internet Services. Recently, in 2019 the two co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, declared their resignation from their executive designations, allowing the CEO role to be taken up by Sundar Pichai, who is also the CEO of Google. However, the two co-founders still maintain themselves as employees, board members, and governing shareholders of Alphabet Inc.

Net Worth of Alphabet

As of 2021, the gross net worth of Alphabet Іnс. has been evaluated at approximately $1 trillion. According to the statistics recorded in 2017, greater than 86% of the revenue was generated from Реrfоrmаnсе аdvеrtіѕіng plus brand аdvеrtіѕіng. Alphabet Inc. generated almost 53% of its revenue from the global workings of the соmраnу. Its total revenue was calculated up to an approximate value of $110,855 million in the year 2017, while the net income stayed at $12,662 million in the same year. 

Alphabet overtook another tech-giant, Аррlе, to establish itself as one of the most valuable рublісlу-traded organizations in the year 2016. However, later on, the title was reclaimed yet again by Apple. Alphabet has been noted as the fourth United States of America-based manner to rеасh a $1 trillion market value and joins the trillion-dollar club. It serves as а holding that undertakes the buѕіnеѕѕ of the accession and ореrаtіоn of multiple соmраnіеѕ.

Alphabet’s Subsidiaries

  • Calico: Advances in Human health (to counter aging).
  • CapitalG: Operates in private equity for growing tech industries.
  • DeepMind: Approaching Artificial intelligence.
  • Fitbit: Design & Manufacturing of Fitness Wearables.
  • Google: Providing Internet services.
  • Google Fiber: Promoting access to the Internet using optical fibers.
  • GV: Creating Venture capital for technology companies.
  • Sidewalk Labs Urban Innovation: Proving and enhancing infrastructure through technological resolutions.
  • Verily: Concerns in the domain of human health.
  • X: Research and development for “moonshot” technologies.
  • Waymo: Advances in Autonomous driving.
  • Wing: Using Drone technology for delivering bulk merchandise.

Alphabet’s Promoters

The net worth of Google’s two co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, currently surpasses $100 billion each, thanks to the growing tech stocks. The two co-founders now join the six other cent millionaires comprising Jeff Bezos (CEO: Amazon), Elon Musk (CEO: Tesla), Bill Gates (Microsoft Co-Founder), Bernard Arnault (CEO: LVMH), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO: Facebook), and Warren Buffett (CEO: Berkshire Hathaway). Precisely, Larry Page’s net worth amounts to $103.6 billion, whereas Sergey Brin’s worth amounts to $100.2 billion. The year 2021 records a growth of $20.4 billion in Brin’s net worth and a rise of $21.2 billion in Page’s worth. All this is a consequence of the global pandemic that has provided a boost to Tech shares. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has expanded by far, over 80% over the past year, 2020.

The co-founder duo continues to own governing shares in Alphabet Inc., with greater than 50% of the entire votes among them. The company generated $46.43 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of the year 2020. Deduce the traffic acquisition costs, which are still higher than the $37.57 billion generated just a year ago. The tech giant credited this boost to the spike in YouTube and Google Search usage during the pandemic. At their time in Google, Page and Brin took salaries of $1. Besides spending their wealth on mansions, super-yachts, and a 50-person plane, they also invested an amount of up to $40 million in Elon Musk’s Tesla in 2006.

Alphabet’s CEO

Sundar Pichai’s net worth as of 2020 values at approximately $600 million. He presides over Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiary Google as its Chief Executive Officer. He took over as the CEO of Alphabet Inc. in 2019, replacing co-founder Larry Page. Sundar Pichai’s filler as the CEO of Alphabet came after the co-founder duo declared their retirement from daily work. However, they still possess the governing majority stakes in the company and act as vital board members. Pichai worked as the Product Chief at Google before getting promoted up to CEO in 2015. All this started with a restructuring process at Google, which marked the inception of Alphabet as the parent company of Google and its subsidiaries. It was also debated that the restructuring enabled the co-founder duo to escape from being the public faces of Google since it faced plenty of antitrust inquiries from dozens of Attorney General, the FTC, and the Justice Department. Between 2015 and 2020, Sundar Pichai has collected over $1 billion in cumulative compensation and earnings, pre-tax. His base salary amounts to $2 million, though in recent times, he has earned over $100 million if we consider the extended bonuses and stock grants. He earned approximately $100 million in the year 2015 and around $199 million in the year 2016. These huge salaries are usually made up of share grants. Compared to the year 2017, he earned $1.3 million because he didn’t receive a major grant.

Alphabet’s Business Model

  • Customer Sections: Alphabet operates on highly diverse markets and frames its business model accordingly. It comprises several unrelated customer sections that differ in demands and approach. As a subsidiary, Google focuses on customers with Internet demands while the other businesses within the parent company extend support and solutions to almost everything ranging from living sciences study to capital funding.
  • Value Statement: Alphabet offers primarily two value resolutions, comprising performance and status. The company delivers exceptional performance. Alphabet Inc. still poses as a strong contender to Apple in being the most valued public-traded organization. Alphabet’s subsidiaries are its core strength which involves Google as being the major player. Gmail ranks as the most famous email service provider in the world. It boasts a market share of 69.2% as of the year 2015. Almost all core subsidiaries’ products (which includes Android, Chrome, YouTube, and Google Play) have greater than one billion active users, monthly.
  • Pathways: The major pathways that Alphabet comprises the website it and its associated subsidiaries have. Majorly the promotion happens of what it offers or plans to happen through its social media pages and several advertising actions.
  • Relationship with Customers: Alphabet’s relationship with its customers is not direct rather it is majorly based on self-service. For example, the major subsidiary Google provides internet-based offerings which the customers use, there is always a limited interaction with the employees.
  • Principal Projects: Alphabet aims at the maintenance of sturdy platforms for its subsidiaries.
  • Principal Associates: Alphabet does not hold a formal partnership program. It has developed various alliances ever since its inception in the year 2015. They comprise the following categories:
    1. Product Partnerships: The collaboration between Alphabet and Fiat Chrysler reflects a collective effort to develop autonomous vehicles. It plans to use the prototypes developed to test its own self-driving technology.
    2. Integration Partnerships: The company has partnered with LiveRamp, a provider of data onboarding software that links digital marketing platforms. Both of the organizations aim at completing system integrations including Google DoubleClick Digital Marketing solutions and Google Analytics Suite. The result will allow LiveRamp consumers to start their first-party emails across Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail.
    3. Community Partnerships: The company has collaborated with Cuba to develop the country’s Internet connectivity. It is also working on Organic Romerillo Museum and plans to render Google Chromebook and Google Cardboard to visitors, connecting the products to the Internet for an out-of-the-box experience. 
  • Principal Resources: Alphabet’s primary resource is its human resource, who comes from various backgrounds with notable expertise in their respective domains. As of the year 2015, the workforce includes 23,336 study and development workers, 19,082 trades and marketing employees, and a workforce of 8,452 and administrative duties. 
  • Associated Costs: The company employs a significantly cost-driven structure that aims to reduce expenses through meaningful automation and low-price value projects. 
  • Income Pathways: The company comprises a single revenue pathway, which is an online advertisement from third parties. Categorized into two divisions, they are:
    1. Performance Advertising: Refers to the creation of advertisements that the users tap on. This serves as a direct link with the advertisers. The third parties need to pay for the advertisements put up when users engage with them.
    2. Brand Advertising: This aims at promoting user awareness of advertisers’ offerings through multimedia, and interactive ads that work across multiple devices. The company helps third parties to display specific ad types to attract specific target groups regarding their marketing operations.


To put it in a nutshell, Larry Page and Sergey Brin always understood technology’s part in developing the world. This is exactly why they developed Google and moved on ahead with the idea with continuous collaborations to reach the position it holds today. No wonder Alphabet, along with its subsidiaries, forms one of the most prestigious organizations on the surface of this Earth. With constant developments in its working mechanisms and producing innovations, it will grow more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When did Alphabet Inc. come into being? Alphabet Inc. was formed in the year 2015.
  2. What all industries does Alphabet Inc. encompass? Alphabet Inc. serves as an umbrella to various businesses which operate in fields such as Robotics, living sciences, anti aging, autonomous technologies, etc.
  3. Who are the founders of Google? Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1996.
  4. What kind of subsidiary is Google to Alphabet Inc.? Alphabet wholly owns Google as its subsidiary.
Who Owns Alphabet Inc.

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