Salary of an NCAA Referee

Salary of an NCAA Referee

Are you a fan of basketball? And I love to play and watch basketball. Then must be aware of referees finding their way between checking on players whether they are playing right with all rules and regulations. We will talk about referees in this article and not ordinary referees but NCAA referees. Some of you don’t know about the NCAA. No need to worry. We will give you a little description of the NCAA and referees.


NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1906 with its headquarters in Indiana, the U.S. Basically, it is a sports organizer that organizes athlete programs in college universities in the U.S and Canada. Due to this, more than 400,000 students and athletes can compete in annual college sports festivals.

Under NCAA, it has 3 phase divisions: Divisions 1, Division 2nd, Division 3rd which comes with various features like Division 1st and 2nd can offer the scholarship to students and athletes to give relief in various forms whether it is monetary or non-monetary. But, on the other hand, the 3rd Division is not eligible to offer any scholar because it is for smaller schools and colleges whereas the 2nd is for medium size and the 1st one is for large schools and colleges.

Now!! Now!! You must have learned some things about the NCAA now back to business! We are talking about the referees of the NCAA. Well, talking about the definition, a referee is a person who watches the match closely and has a duty that the match is perusing with all rules and regulations and without any other means of cheating in-game.

Talking about the best referees, so currently, Europe has the best referees. When we are talking about basketball, the proof is that they have been on the nominee list for the best award worldwide, which surely is a great thing. And if they are best, it also means that they earn well too. We will talk about it later. First, let’s look at the quality of a good or best referee, which makes the best of it.

So here are some of these qualities:

  1. Physical Fitness – Basketball is an outdoor game or sport which surely specified by physical fitness if players have their physical fitness so what can be say about the referee of the player, no doubt about the physical fitness because a referee and coaches are similar in this term, they both have to engage in the game for teaching purposes or judgement purposes which brings the best from their players.
  2. Pass Judgements – This is the quality and work which a referee must perform from the true will because that judgement can result at the end of dishonesty in the game to stop the player right at the point where he is lacking or breaking the rule and can spread awareness in all players. And this thing can be gained by experience and both sides’ judgement is not one-sided for the sake of one team.
  3. Consistency – This thing should be a must in the referees, but unfortunately, this thing can be seen in new referees because they are not consistent with the things that happened on the field and are going to happen on the field. Every person learns from the mistakes. It depends on you whether you move on with it or take that thing as the fear on the inside. Mistakes can be removed from practising them from time to time and corrected for future sake, but fear it’s the thing that can’t be removed easily.
  4. Integrity – A referee is a person who is known for honesty and neutrality in the game when it comes to passing judgement so more likely he is the guardian of the game in other words, which should not be biased. A referee must have remained in a position where he can not be questioned when it comes to his judgements related to the game. Nowadays it is hard to find that people blame referees for passing various judgements in the game, but still, it’s a matter of pride and a mirror that reflects the mistakes and other obligations in the game from the player’s side.
  5. Ways of Communication – Ways of communication can vary from person to person and when it comes to referees so they must communicate things on the ground about rules and regulation before starting the game and any other obligations during the game at the right place and right time because it corrects and clarifies the vision of audience and player about the mistake which was made by a fellow player and not to repeat that.
  6. Courage – Well, that sounds a little bit out of topic but still, a referee must be courageous enough to correct the wrong attitude of any player in the game field and pass the true and fair judgement in the game without any fear of anything, sometimes it can be seen that some players try to dominate the referee to give judgement in their side, but some new referee fell for the domination of that player or time, which can completely change the result of the game. So, you must be courageous enough in the game field and stay strong and judge, punish and correct the wrong elements in the game for fair game and transparency of the game. 


Yes, we know that this question is clicking in your mind for a long period, and finally, it is here for true and fair judgments. Best response and reflexes, an NCAA referee of 3rd division can get around 500 to 650 dollars for a match. For the 2nd division, a referee gets around 50,000 to 85000 dollars annually, and for the 1st division and highly experienced referees can earn around 100,000 to 200,00 dollars annually!! Which is quite surprising and more than for a basketball referee. All these incomes can also be based on various bases like experience, transparency, and attitude in the field.

After all, you must assume that you get some knowledgeable information from this article after all things you have seen and read. It helps you to understand the roles and qualities a referee has to have. Europe is not famous as a piece of cake. Their fame as referees is the qualities, judgments, positive attitude in the field, the courage to correct the wrong at the right place and bring absolute transparency

A referee’s job can be seen easily but believe us, it is not that easy that you are thinking, it takes great concentration and focuses on every single movement of every player of both the teams and keep tracking the various rules and flaws that should be focused and check time to time whether they are not breaking any if any they take the right action in the particular time, and he has to be more determined and courageous to cancel out the domination of any player who tries to dominate the referee and make judgments for own side. And giving prescient guidance and warning to the player from time to time.

Hence, at last, we can say that an NCAA referee has a right to take good remuneration or income for doing all these things discussed above. 

Salary of an NCAA Referee

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