Is Nursing A Good Career?

When a person cares for individuals of all ages, groups of people, or communities when they are sick, willingly and independently, it is encompassed as nursing. Nursing is a profession that promotes healthy habits, prevents illness, and cares for the disabled, ill, or dying individuals. Let us know Is Nursing A Good Career?

Is Nursing A Good Career?


The nurses assess patients, assist in diagnoses and progress, implement treatment plans and evaluate the progress report of the patients. Nursing is a pious and highly satisfying career to follow. This article will mention why nursing is considered a promising career.

Nursing is an excellent career because it allows you to earn a good salary, and the income source is also very steady. You also have the opportunity to work either part-time or full-time. You can decide whether you want to take care of kids, aged people, middle age adults, etc. The job outlook of nursing is 8.9% between 2020 and 2030. This profession is also recession-proof and always in demand. You have continuous learning opportunities in the field. Job satisfaction brings another reason for nursing being a good career.

Why is nursing a good career?

It is because of the following reasons that nursing can be regarded as a good career to follow:

Good Salary

The most motivating factor that makes nursing a good career is the handsome salary offered to nurses. You can make a good living with the amount offered to you as a nurse. The average yearly salary you can expect as a nurse is nearly $ 83,000, but it may vary based on your location.

Another important aspect is the steadiness in the income stream. Your paycheck is never delayed, and it’s a significant motivational aspect of this profession. Your salary increases when you work with a specific organization for some time. The increase depends on the number of years of service to the organization. The beginning salary per hour in Texas is $26.35, whereas if you have worked for ten years, your salary per hour rises to $49.54.

Choice of timings

As a nurse, you are free to choose if you want to work as a full-time or part-time nurse. This is a great flexibility in the profession of nursing. You do not necessarily have to make a full-time commitment. You are considered a part-time nurse when you work less than 40 hours per week. You can choose working hours based on your lifestyle.

You can also work day-by-day or shift-by-shift basis. You can either choose to work on the days when you are available, or you can choose at least 3 to 4 shifts in a week as per your choice. This way, you can balance your personal and working life.

Population of choice 

You can choose the population you want to serve in your nursing career. You can serve children only, pregnant ladies only, adults, or aged people. It is your choice to assist doctors in those population sectors or stay connected to all sorts of patients.

You can also choose to work in the environment of an intensive care unit, delivery room, operating room, or any other department.

Job growth opportunity

This job will always remain in demand and has good growth opportunities. The job outlook for the decade of 2020-30 is 8.9%. This profession is more in demand now because the lifecycle of humans has increased because of good medical care available for all. Since the age range has increased, so has the health care requirement by aged people. So the demand is constantly increasing.


Nursing is recession-proof because people get sick even in the worst economic conditions. You are expected never to get fired in dire economic conditions and stay safe because of the continuous high demand for nurses. 

Great learning opportunity

Nursing is a tough and busy job with challenges and various treatment methods. You keep learning new things every day you proceed with your patient’s care. All patients do not have the same acceptance rate to all treatments, so with time, you learn different treatments for the same problem. Your treatment style gets adapted to the patient’s response and needs. So this job is a great learning opportunity when adopted as a career.

Traveling and working together

Some nurses have the choice to become travel nurses. This way, you can travel and work at the same time. You get to travel throughout the country and work with varied patients and cases. This is a learning opportunity also as you get to have patients from all parts of the country who face varied sicknesses because of varied environments. 

Advanced studies on scholarship

This job allows you to go for your higher studies without bearing any personal cost and go for your higher studies on your organization’s scholarship. Advanced studies are required in many professions, and nursing is vital in improving job opportunities. You can go for advanced studies on behalf of your organization. 

Retirement plans

Retirement plans are part of the job contract of most nurses. It is wise to have a retirement plan for your future safety. Your employers already have retirement plans for you if you are a nurse, and you can execute the plans when you are not working anymore.

Satisfaction of saving lives

You make a positive impact on the lives of people as a nurse. If there were no nurses, people would have died or suffered a lot from various diseases, and no one would take care of them. It is a great satisfaction to have a feeling of being healed to people. Every day you go to work to save lives, which is a tremendous satisfaction. 


It is a well-respected career and profession to follow. Your opinion is valued as a nurse by the doctors and the patients. You are considered a great asset to society, which is a significant reason to join nursing as a career. Apart from this, salary compensation is rewarding enough for all the nurses and raises standards when you gain more and more experience. Job growth opportunities, flexibility in timings, retirement plans, good job growth opportunities, flexibility in working, and recession-proof are all significant factors that make nursing a promising career.

  • Define the job outlook of nursing

The job outlook will grow positively in this decade of 2020 to 2030. The number of employed nurses in 2020 was 3,080,100, which will grow by 8.9% by 2030. So prospects are very bright in nursing as a career.

  • How good is nursing for males?

Nursing is not a gender-specific career. Now male nurses are very common in this career, and nursing is equally suitable for males.

  • How stable is nursing as a career?

Nursing is a very stable career because you are always in demand, and jobs are always open. Your lifestyle stays well maintained in this career. So it can be referred to as a stable career.

Is Nursing A Good Career?

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