Brand Marketing Manager Job Description, Salary

Brand marketing managers are the ones who look after the external representation of the company. They come up with innovative campaigns of marketing and deliver results based on the insights of consumers. They manage the attraction of consumers by providing them with an improved consumer experience. Let us know about that the Brand Marketing Manager Job Description, Salary.

Brand Marketing Manager Job Description, Salary

Brand Marketing Manager

The brand marketing managers interact with the company’s higher authorities, executives, and public authorities to search for industry and consumer trends to develop marketing campaigns to raise the brand’s identity. This article will make you understand what a brand marketing manager’s job description, salary, and duties are.

Brand managers are part of marketing firms or organizations to promote their brand image. Their job helps provide a sense of direction to the brand with support from the sales, marketing, and advertisement departments. Their job allows them to set campaign budgets, manage promotions and bring brand uniformity. Brand Marketing Managers in the US earn $131,591 on average. It also includes a bonus of $2,500, which is 2% of the salary. The duties of brand managers are wide-ranging. They conduct meetings with clients, look after the staff marketing, do media outlets layout designing, write blog posts and articles, and develop customized advertising and marketing strategies.

Job Description of Brand Marketing Manager

Developing and implementing the activities of marketing

The job description of brand marketing managers asks for experience developing and implementing marketing activities that can improve the company’s awareness and brand value. 

Creation of marketing activities that suit the target market

As a brand marketing manager, the teams to work with are also defined in the job description. The brand marketing managers are asked to interact with various teams for the creation of marketing activities that suit the target market and hence increase the sales figures. 

Forecast of sales figures

As a brand marketing manager, you also have to develop budgets with forecast sales figures and assess return on investment. 

Stay updated with the latest market trends and competitors’ activities

As a brand marketing manager, you must go through competitors’ activities and stay updated with the latest market trends, perform research activities and analyze the data to report the brand’s performance.

Analyze customer data

Purchase trends and customer data are also analyzed by the brand marketing managers. Brand campaigns can formulate if you have analytical skills, so brand marketing managers must have analytical thinking abilities.

Be Innovative and Creative 

You must think of innovative and creative ways of promoting the company’s product and grabbing the market by implementing those strategies.

Open communication 

It is a must for to communicate with different departments to receive open suggestions for improving results.

Execute plans within budget

As a brand marketing manager, you must develop campaigns and execute your plan within budget. Implement strategies using your budgeting skills and innovative strategies.

Manage time

Single-handedly managing a brand campaign in the allotted time is another job description for Brand marketing managers.

Brand Marketing Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Your duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Own your brand and develop its strategies, including brand vision, value, style guidelines, and brand strategy.
  • Convert strategy into the plan and execute it.
  • Execute media plans on social media as well.
  • You must participate in new product launch development and its pricing.
  • You must make sure that times are adhered to by the marketing and communication
  • Analyze consumer insights
  • Analyze competitors
  • Analyze market trends
  • Provide guidelines for advertising budget creation.
  • Company values and brands must be in line with marketing activities. Ensuring this is the duty of the brand marketing manager.
  • It is a must to collaborate with the legal and marketing team and the creative team.

Brand Marketing Manager Requirements

They must possess a degree in business, or any other business-related field to be hired. Your selection process becomes easy if you already have a previous experience in the development of marketing as well as brand strategies. 

Your communication skill should be good, and you must possess experience in managing teams to attain the position of a brand marketing manager. Time management, under pressure work, and staying organized with workload should be added qualities of a brand marketing manager. Brand marketing managers also require analytical skills, research capabilities, and budget management.

Salary of Brand Marketing Manager

Brand Marketing Managers in the US earn $131,591 on average. It also includes a bonus of $2,500, which is 2% of the salary. Brand Marketing Managers in Denver make, on average, $130,300, which is 1% less than the average annual figures of the national average. Austin, Washington DC, Houston, and Portland also fall in the same category and have an average annual salary of 1% less than the national average. 

San Francisco has an average salary of 9% less than the national average of $119,747. The averagein Chandler earns $118,563, and the bonus amount is $2,253. This is 10% lower than the national average. The average in Los Angeles earns $67,000, and the bonus amount is $5,000. Denver, Portland, Houston, and Washington DC have salaries 94% more than Los Angeles. 

The average Brand Marketing Manager in Virginia Beach earns $138,302, and the bonus amount is $2,628. This is 5% above than national average. The Brand Marketing Manager in Birmingham makes $143,829 on an average basis. This number is 9% more than the national average salary. $2,733 is the bonus which represents 2% of their salary. Boston has an average salary of $174,489, which is 33% above the national average, and the bonus includes $ $3,315. In Columbus, the average annual salary is $141,592; the bonus is $2,690, which is 8% above the national average salary of the brand marketingmanager.

Salary Ranges for Brand Marketing Managers

Brand marketing managers earn a salary that ranges between $66,090 and $187,200 every year. Half of the middle managers make nearly $120,000, whereas 83% of the top ones earn nearly $187,200 every year. Filers in the tax bracket have had to pay a federal tax of 24% on their salaries since 2018.


The brand marketing manager is a job that holds a huge responsibility of keeping a company’s brand name stable and utilizing it to bring higher sales for different products. The brand marketing manager earns a handsome salary throughout the year, which includes the bonus, so the job responsibilities and salaries offered to go hand in hand for brand marketing managers. Brand marketing managers must have good communication and analytical skills to cater to their job duties and improve their company’s brand name with strategies developed and implemented by them.

  • What are the skills of a good brand marketing manager?

Brand marketing managers must possess analytical thinking, communication, and relationship-building skills to excel in their job responsibilities.

  • What are some duties of a brand marketing manager?

A brand marketing manager develops customized marketing and advertising strategies, designs layouts of media outlets, writes blog posts, and decides the branding costs. 

  • How much federal tax applies to brand marketing managers?

As filers in the tax bracket, brand marketing managers have had to pay a federal tax of 24% on their salaries since 2018.

Brand Marketing Manager Job Description, Salary

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