UPS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021

UPS Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

UPS (United Parcel Services) is the world’s largest package delivery company, which began more than a century ago. We will discuss UPS Mission Statement & Vision Analysis here. Currently a multi-billion-dollar global corporation, its success is traceable to its vision and mission statement, which directs its activities and has consequently kept the company as modern transportation, International Commerce, Logistics, and Financial Service Corporation.

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UPS’s evolution from a tiny messenger service into employing 495,000 employees, connecting more than 220 Nations and territories, draws keen attention to the Company. Research has shown that any company’s Vision and Mission Statement is integral to its survival, growth, and development. That UPS has thrived for over a decade is a clear pointer of their Mission and Vision Statement’s precision and clarity. 

UPS Vision statement is Customer First. People Led. Innovation Driven. In the next sessions, we will analyze these statements to understand why the Company has recorded huge successes over the years.

UPS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Every Company, Organization, School or Enterprise, must have a Vision and Mission statement.  These statements are their first point of contact, as it is impossible to speak individually about your brand to everyone who asks, hence the need for a subsumed statement that introduces what your company wants to do and how it intends to achieve its set goals. UPS is not any different from other Company’s, but as ideas differ, so make Vision and Mission statements

To effectively thrive as a startup, grow into a full-blown business, and achieve any Company’s set goals, such company’s vision statement must be clear, precise, and understandable to both its staff, external stakeholders, and customers who come in contact with the business. In the next sections, we will be analyzing UPS’s Vision and Mission statements to understand better what they set out to achieve and understand their drive and motivation to run their specific business type. As was earlier said, the Company has been in existence for over a century, making it a choice Company to study and analyze. To do this, we will analyze their Vision and Mission Statement, however, starting with the Vision Statement.

UPS Vision Statement

Customer First, People Led and Innovation Driven

Vision Statement analysis 

Having identified the key phrases in the UPS Vision statement, we will now analyze them one at a time below. UPS Vision statement is subsumed into 3 phrases, which are:

  1. Customer First: Customers are an integral part of any business, and without customers, there is no business whatsoever. Over the years, UPS has taken customers’ business as their sole priority and the first line of all their business plans, strategies, and activities. To do this, they ensure that in every step considered, and every decision is taken, their customers’ interest is considered first, and their satisfaction is their sole priority. Putting their customer first was seen in how they operated their services, how they treated their customers, and how they received and delivered their parcels. Indeed every business which intends to have a long, impactful, and Global presence in our world today must make it a habit of putting their customers first as they are the lifeline of their businesses.

  2. People Led: In our world today, where technology is swiftly replacing the need for people and eroding the sociable nature of businesses, UPS has embraced a culture of having their employees entrenched into their system through ownership distribution, business development, and growth. This has consequently created a sense of ownership and commitment to UPS, attributed to the establishment, growth, and sustainability of their business. UPS has made it a priority to ensure that their employees feel like a part of the business and brand, consequently leading to their commitment and growth and portraying themselves as a modern-thinking company.

  3. Innovation is Driven: To create means to develop or bring to bear something that has never existed before. As part of UPS’s vision, growth, and sustainability strategy, UPS makes it a perpetual continuum to create new and better ways of meeting its customers’ logistics needs, consequently making the company innovation-driven. Indeed no business can operate with a 19th-century business model and succeed in the 21st century, as innovation makes a brand effective, efficient, and highly attractive to prospective customers and retain older ones. UPS has indeed one of the integral factors for business sustainability – innovation, little wonder their business is still thriving today.

We have analyzed the Vision of UPS and what they want to achieve. In the next section, we will analyze UPS Mission statements. 

UPS Mission Statement

Grow our global business by serving customers’ logistics needs, offering excellence and value in all that we do. Maintain a financially strong company with broad employee ownership-that provides a long-term competitive return to our shareowners. Inspire our people and business partners to do their best, offering opportunities for personal development and success. Lead by example as a responsible, caring, and sustainable company making a difference in the communities we serve.

Mission Statement Analysis

UPS’s Mission statement shows the strategies and approaches they employ to achieve their Vision and goals. From this Mission statement, some keywords distinguish UPS Mission statement from other Company’s Mission statement. In the next session below, we will analyze these keywords to understand UPS better.

  1. Excellence: UPS has as an integral part of its Mission – excellence. In other words, they aim to serve the logistics needs of their ⁰customers with excellence and precision without any form of unprofessionalism. They do this by the excellence of their service delivery, parcel packaging, parcel delivery, and their employees’ excellent conduct in the dispensation of their duties.

  2. Value: At UPS, you get value for your money. Hardly would you have to pay an outrageous sum for your parcel delivery or pay an outrageous sum and have your parcel delivered in a lesser and damaged stage before sending. UPS services are precious as what you pay for is worth the money spent, and your parcels are delivered in good conditions.

  3. Philosophy of Operations: UPS operates a People Led business module that allows for Employee Ownership of the business, consequently leading to growth, development, commitment, and business longevity. Indeed, UPS has become more than a business. It is often considered as a family by its employees.

  4. Organizational Culture: Another key aspect of UPS’s mission statement is its Organizational Culture, which includes its ability to Inspire its people and business partners to do their best. Organizational culture is key to any business’s survival as employees carry a part of this culture with them, affecting how they dispense their duties. It has become the norm for companies to invest in the development of their employees. This serves as an added selling point for prospective employees to join the Company and commit their time to its growth and development., Little wonder UPS has a staff strength of over 495,000 employees, who are committed to working with them,

  5. Social Responsibility: According to the laws guiding businesses’ operations, their social responsibility requires them to see that their business contributes positively to their surroundings. UPS has completely embraced this responsibility and contributes adequately to the development of its communities. They do these by caring and ensuring that their activities enhance and contribute to the societies they serve.

Further Considerations

The pristine characteristics of UPS’s mission statement are:

  1. It clearly specifies the Company’s focus without any room for ambiguity. This specificity includes the need they are trying to fill – meeting their customers’ logistics needs and operations strategies.
  2. The distinctive competence of the Organization
  3. The Mission Statement serves as a robust template for leaders and others in the organization to make decisions.
  4. The mission statement reflects attainable goals, making it easy for the employees to maneuver between their jobs, being innovative without neglecting their personal development. 

UPS Core Values

An integral aspect of the Vision and Mission Statement of UPS is its core values. These values drive how businesses are conducted, creates and dictates the social atmosphere, and most importantly, determines the Company’s level of productivity. The following are the core values of UPS; 

  1. Integrity: is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. UPS operates with high levels of integrity and strong principles. This has played out in how they charge for the delivery of items, demurrage, and lost item charges. All charges are standardized to avoid the manipulation of figures by any person. All personnel is trained in such a way that any form of dishonesty equals them losing their jobs. Indeed integrity is a core value responsible for the longevity of their business. 

  2. Teamwork: The importance of Teamwork cannot be overemphasized, as the output of an individual in comparison with the output of a team is way past measuring. One Of UPS’s core values is teamwork, a little wonder their productivity is so high, and their level of success reaches the sky. 

  3. Service: The core value of UPS is to serve, especially the logistics needs of its customers. A servant is one who carefully listens to and employs all means necessary to meet the needs of an assigned person or group of persons. UPS has effectively ensured that its customers’ logistics needs are met, which has kept them in business for the past decade.

  4. Quality and Efficiency: Whilst it is easy to think that sending a parcel interstate wouldn’t be much of a hassle, in actual fact, there is a lot of thinking, planning, moving, wrapping, stamping, and sorting needed to be done to protect such parcels. UPS has delivered its customers goods with such efficiency in the past century that we could say they are 0.01% close to being perfect. The boxes and the wrapping are done so that nothing is lost and nothing is broken. Indeed the way they render their services – effectively is the major reason for their long years in business.

  5. Safety: Logistics requires the transportation of small and big items, fragile and non-fragile items, cheap and costly items. The transportation of these items requires a huge amount of care to ensure that parcels arrive safely at their destinations. Also, these items must be insured in the case of theft or loss. These are all safety procedures that the Company must be in charge of logistics. In the case of UPS, safety is a core value of their operations, and over the years, there has been little to no case of either damaged goods or lost items. This shows the importance of safety in logistics businesses or any other business.

  6. Sustainability: means the ability to maintain at a certain rate or level. UPS has maintained their services both to their employees and their communities in ways that show they care. One way is to care for the environment by embracing other packaging parcels that reduce excessive demands on trees and go green.

  7. Innovation: The secret to longevity is innovation. The ability to bring to life novel ideas, products, and services that meet the needs of a target group of people is a key characteristic of businesses’ survival. Innovation is a major factor in the retention and attraction of new customers. UPS embraces Technology in its businesses’ conduct, making them receive and deliver parcels faster and more efficiently with little or no errors. 


The analysis of UPS’s Vision and Mission statement has shown that the Company has a clearly stated focus and goal – to serve its customers’ logistics needs, consequently making it a choice Company.

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UPS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021

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