TOMS Mission Statements & Vision Analysis 2021

TOMS Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

According to a famous saying by E.A. Bucchianeri, “Well, if it can be thought, it can be done; a problem can be overcome.” We will discuss TOMS Mission Statements here in the article.

It is said that there can be a solution to encounter every problem that we face in our daily lives. In fact, all the solutions are a byproduct of the questions and quarrels that we have in our minds. We can think of an innovative idea if and only if we face a problem, a challenge. And in search of the solution, we start innovating things using our knowledge and creativity. Our company ‘TOMS’ is a byproduct of the problem endured by our founder, Blake Mycoskie. He was a former contestant of a reality T.V. show, ‘The Amazing Race.’ Based in Los Angeles, this company was founded in 2006. TOMS stands for TOMorrow Shoes, which was evolved from the concept ‘Shoes for Tomorrow Project.’

“No Comma, No Full stop”

We believe in moving forward, there should be no regrets by looking back. Inspired by a lady volunteering to distribute shoes to children in Argentina, Blake Mycoskie saw many barefooted children with cuts on their feet. It jolted him from within. He decided to encounter this problem. TOMS is in a solution to the problem he experienced while helping that lady in distributing shoes to shoeless children.

TOMS Mission Statements

  • “To provide the best products according to your needs.”

People often say that quality should be the priority over quantity. But we believe that quality and quantity go hand in hand. Every product is an output of the best quality raw materials. Each of them has an exotic flavor of love and care that our manufacturers and designers put in.

  • “To see a big satisfactory smile on your face.”

Our company focuses mainly on helping individuals solve their daily problems without compromise on quality to deliver happiness, more than our products, to our customers. So, a big smile can be the best gift we can receive from our customers.

  • “To give the best quality of life.”

We are now selling eyewear, coffee, apparel, and handbags along with shoes for reaching more individuals and solving their problems. We want to improve the lives of individuals worldwide.

  • “To deliver happiness at your doorstep.”

We design our products with an essence of love for our customers. You will feel that aroma while receiving your product.

  • To make this globe a healthier and superior place to reside in.”

We deliver shoes for free to those children who can’t afford to buy them, but they really need them. Our products are made from the best materials in terms of quality, and also, which are environment friendly.

  • “To help needy people by comforting them and satisfying their needs.”

As mentioned earlier, this company is a solution to the problem encountered by our founder. While distributing shoes, he observed that many children were shoeless. They did not have even one pair of shoes, due to which they were not allowed to go to school. Also, this was becoming a key reason for diseases among children. This company TOMS is a solution that our founder thought of. Our company follows the “One for One” business model, which means we deliver a pair of shoes to a child in need after every retail product sale. This same case applies to all our other products as well. Every time we sell sunglasses, we help patients pay for their cataract surgeries or give children the prescription glasses they need. We also started selling coffee so that we can help farmers to live better lives. They can trade directly with us and do not have to go through the big export middleman company. And we have opened up cafes in different parts of the country. These coffee sales helped in bringing sustainable water systems to the areas lacking access to safe water.

We work with our other partners to supply 140 liters of safe water (every week) in such areas across the globe. We also started selling bags and backpacks to help with maternal health issues. This also gives an enormous amount of joy to our customers for helping needy people while they are buying a product. It has reached more than 70 countries, including Argentina, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Rwanda, South Africa, and the United States. Since then, that is 2006; our community positively impacted more than 100 million lives and is still making a strong and positive impact. We expect and outlook to continue this in the future too. Employees travel to different countries on ‘Giving Trips’ to provide shoes to children in person.

TOMS Vision:

TOMS is a globally working company. We at TOMS are committed to helping humanity thrive.

  • To enhance our company across the globe.
  • To be a standard in the market for all the admired and favored brands in our sphere of activity.
  • Get recognized as the best company for our products.
  • To give the best service on all our products to our customers.
  • To deliver all the resources to all the communities they need.
  • To innovate the products every day using creativity.
  • To provide comfort to the customers.
  • To reach and improve regions worldwide.

Numerous organizations are trying to create change and solving problems at the local level. We support them by sharing 1/3rd part of our profit to such philanthropic and social bodies. We know finance becomes an essential criterion when you want to do something for society. We believe that opinion matters. And we really want our company to perform best and accomplish all the missions. So, we always keep looking for diverse perspectives. We are developing a Giving Advisory Council for our team to look for opinions from various communities, including LGBTQ+.


  • Respect for everyone, irrespective of their culture, gender, nationality.
  • Humanity
  • Kindness
  • Consistency
  • Remember the mission
  • Equity
  • Equality
  • Honesty in their duties.
  • Dedication towards their responsibilities.
  • Equal opportunity to everyone.
  • Loyal towards their work.
  • Quality matters.
  • Customer care.
  • Maximum usage of earth-friendly materials in our products as we care for our home (Earth) as much as we care for our customers.

We work to build meaningful relationships with people who are seeking opportunities to learn or want to volunteer. With all these values, we are working to accomplish the missions and reach a height of progress. Any questions in your head? Don’t worry! You have hit the exact place.


  • What class of material do you use in your products? We mostly include our products that are made from earth-friendly materials. We try to improve our carbon footprint every year. For footwear, we use recycled polyester, plant dye made from natural botanicals, organic cotton, Lyocell created from wood pulp, carbon-negative outsoles made from sugarcane, eco fibers like Hemp, Linen, and Jute, which requires fewer chemicals to grow. The insoles are lightweight and breathable, which are made from sustainable materials like recycled rubber. The Strobel board, the part attaching insole and outsole, is made using recycled polyester. We use mineral glass lenses made from natural silica and soda ash and bioplastic frames made from biodegradable plant material for eyewear. We are also partnered with Leather Working Group (LWG), which means the leather we use is sourced from gold and silver-rated LWG Leather manufacturers. Apart from that, we are a B Corp certified organization, which means we have the highest social and environmental performance standards, including transparency and accountability.

  • If I want to track my order, how can I do that? Go to ‘My Orders’ on the website, where you can track your order. You can also check via the link shared in your email. It usually takes 3 business days to ship your order. As soon as we ship your product, an email will be sent to you at the registered email address. Keep your eye on emails, including the spam folders too. You will get all information through your email itself.

  • What are the payment methods you accept? We accept payments through PayPal, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, installments, and cash on delivery. You can choose your payment method at your convenience.

  • How much do you charge for shipping? Well, it completely depends upon the place this order has to be shipped. But wait, for the people residing in the US, we provide free shipping.

  • What if the received product is damaged or has some defects? Well, we try our best to ship them with proper care. But still, if that happens, you can return your order. Please mention this in the return form. Payment will be preceded in a period of 7 business days.

  • What is your exchange and return policy? We accept the return of unworn, unwashed, and unaltered products within 60 days of delivery. Anything after that period will not be accepted. And for exchange, you need to start a return. After that, you can order a new item.

  • How can I return my order?
    • Visit Return Portal through My Orders.
    • Fill the form for return.
    • Free return is available only for customers in the US. Others will have to pay for their return.
    • As soon as your order is picked for the return, it will take around 7-10 business days to proceed with your refund.
    • Refund will proceed through your PayPal account.

  • How should I choose my size for the product I want to order? Size variations are given with the product description in each product. You can check from there.

  • What is TOMS Passport Rewards? It is a way in which you can earn rewards for shopping. It is free to join. You will earn some points when you shop. You can redeem them in exchange for offers. Well, there are other ways of collecting points too. You can check our website for more details.

  • Did you get an answer to all your queries?
    • Yes? We are happy to help you.
    • No? Don’t worry. You can still contact us. We would love to help you.

  • How can I contact you for order-related inquiries or sharing feedback? We would be happy to assist you. We want to talk to our customers to have feedback or answering any query, as we want our customers to be happy and get satisfaction with all the products they receive from TOM. You can contact us via any method given at the bottom of our website. We all learn from our experiences, and we keep learning. Please call us, chat with us, and email us in case of any query or feedback. You can even reach us via Twitter.

  • What is your privacy policy? We at TOMS are for you. TOMS is yours more than us. We do care for all our customers. So don’t worry about your personal information. It is safe and with us. Your information is safe and secure, and it is our responsibility to protect it. And all the information we collect is to personalize and improve your services. In case if you are still worried, please don’t. You can even submit a request for deleting your information. You can submit this request by calling on the number provided on the website or directly from your account. Before deleting, TOMS will verify your identity and personal information. After completing all the formalities, your personal details will be removed from our company’s website.

We have always believed in improving every individual’s quality of life in every corner of this world. And we have always tried accomplishing our goals in the best ways possible. We have seen the amount of happiness and satisfaction individuals make, making us feel more happy and energetic. And for us, TOMS is more than a company. We try to bring some change in our society globally. And remember, each change starts from a small initiative. Let us join our hands in helping each other in thriving humanity and making this world a safe and healthy, and happy place to live in.

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TOMS Mission Statements & Vision Analysis 2021

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