Tesla’s Mission, Vision Statement & Values Analysis

Tesla Inc Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Tesla incorporation has been in the market for more than 15 years and has quickly developed to be one of the leading and trusted brands in innovation and technological prowess. Many customers have invested their time and money into this company; today, we will look at why it is at the top of the food chain and Tesla’s Mission Statement, Tesla’s Vision Statement with in-depth analysis.

Tesla has defined its Mission Statement as “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy’’. This statement has helped them excel at their already reliable technological foundation and ensure optimum utilization of different energy sources for a brighter and sustainable tomorrow. The company primarily produces electric cars and advertises their unique features to market a future world full of renewable energy sources that provide sustenance and long-term reliability. Due to their new generation of technology and innovation, there has been an increase in popularity due to their hard work and excellence in satisfying their customers. The most credit goes to their CEO Elon Musk. He has been loved by investors and technology fanatics worldwide due to his cheerful personality and never-say-die attitude. This allows them to be successful in every venture they undertake and make sure they give their all into every project they take into their hands.

Tesla’s vision statement is as follows”to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles”. This highlights their passion for converting the world’s dependence on fuel and helping their customers use the electricity to drive into a new and improved world.  Their dedication to providing the best electric vehicles was made evident after releasing the first Roadster model, a stepping stone for the later models. Tesla has always run on the claim that electric cars are just as fun and efficient to drive as motor vehicles. The recent uprising in their stocks in the financial market has led to people trusting their judgment more and more every day. They have made a massive impact on the lives of thousands of customers.

We will be taking an in-depth look at Tesla’s vision and mission statement and analyzing their progress in realizing their goals. This will help us determine the value of their approaches and help us get into their mindset of the long-term goals.

In-Depth Analysis of Tesla’s Mission Statement

As we discussed previously, Tesla’s mission statement revolves around providing and accelerating the world’s transition into sustainable energy. The previous mission statement stated ‘’ to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport’’. This was changed in 2016, however. The leadership quality and charisma of Elon Musk has led the whole of the company, and the world believes that Tesla can not only produce good cars but revolutionize living.

Going deeper into the meaning of the statement, we can say that the mission statement is framed in such a way that it promotes Tesla’s image of brandishing a technological dome that enhances the quality of life by providing products and equipment that will not only improve the standard of living but also help in bettering your experience of working with electrical equipment.

Their whole plan is based on the sole fact that electricity is the next best way to move about the world. It is economical and promotes saving money on fuel, and saves rare resources that are otherwise quickly diminished. This allows the people to look forward to the future to break even on their expenses without going out of their way every day to change their routines.

With the introduction of charged cars, Tesla has taken the first step towards their mission statement to swiftly transition into the new world without any restrictions imposed in their innovation and a decrease in following. Their statement has three keywords in them that we will analyze. The statements include:

  1. To Accelerate 
  2. World’s Transition 
  3. Sustainable Energy
  • To accelerate has a deeper meaning, while many companies offer electrical options to daily traveling and life usage. Tesla’s passion has caused it to be one of the well-respected and trusted companies that have led to increased product consumption and developed a loyal following that will help both parties secure their futures with best interests in mind. Their marketing team has proved that they are the best globally; they have worked tirelessly over many years to deliver their best to the customers.
  • The second part of the statement says that innovation and technological advancement is not only for the customers and fanbase of Tesla but also for the whole world to see. Tesla’s rise has been recently skyrocketing due to its immense popularity due to CEO Elon Musk being the richest man alive. But it is not the reason for their success; it is the quality of products and their longevity that the company has experienced better in recent years than their start.
  • Sustainable energy refers to the use of electricity, which is renewable instead of fossil fuels, to power vehicles and other transport vehicles; this strategy and the idea of using electricity as fuel has not only powered their marketing campaign but also makes their approach to be one of the first in case of electricity consumption in road transport. This has helped their cause of sustainability by loads since it is achievable through an enthusiastic approach in unique techniques of production.

Analysis of the Vision Statement of Tesla

The vision statement of Tesla Inc. revolves around solidifying themselves a the best company that deals with electrical innovation and long-term sustainability through their products. It has done so with its marketing strategy and its tendency to give its very best in every product they manufacture. The vision statement is a short description of this same approach.

Tesla’s vision statement is “to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles”. There are many critical factors to analyze in this statement. We will be looking at them and simultaneously understand and correlate their meaning to their approach in providing products to their consumer base. Let’s take a look at the elements in the statement.

  1. To Create
  2. The Most Compelling Car Company of the 21st Century
  3. Driving the World’s Transition to Electric Vehicles
  • To create is at the forefront of the vision statement, which means that Tesla is a firm believer in synthesizing their equipment and development technology rather than borrowing various production techniques from other companies. Their engineers are the best in class when it comes to prowess and intellect, and they have given their all in designing cars of the future. Tesla thrives on creating innovation and providing them at an affordable rate to all its customers, part of the reason why it has a large following. Besides, electric cars are the newest way to save on fuel since a single charge can last the whole day, whereas refueling your vehicle can cut down on your savings. There are many other features provided too, as the company keeps on creating more innovative gadgets added to the cars. This allows them to produce the best devices without sacrificing their ability to be cut off by budgetary problems.
  • Tesla aiming to be the most compelling car company of the 21st century is a given regarding their constant hard work and improvement shown in the latest trucks and sedan models. Various videos depict people comfortably living inside a Tesla car; it has alarms, autopilot modes, enhanced warning and sound systems, charging ports, power savers, and expandable seats that make their cars best in class. The best part about that, they are incredibly affordable since providing innovative technology at an affordable rate is one of their goals. The features provided are unmatched, unique, and practical in all situations regarding traffic.
  • The third element written in the vision statement is a smart play on words by the press team of Tesla. The word driving has a double meaning; it includes using innovation to promote electricity while simultaneously ensuring the consumer base accepts the transition successfully and does not regret purchasing their cars. Since Tesla’s main motive is the sustainable use of energy, it is given that it also includes saving important fuels and the increased usage of electrical means to power transport. The use of electricity has increased over the last two decades and will only keep on growing. Capitalizing on this opportunity and change, Tesla has created a range of cars powered by electricity to help get with the times. 

What are Tesla’s Core values?

Tesla’s core values revolve around always improving their technology without sacrificing and cutting corners towards getting the results they desire. They try to continually improve their existing technology, ensuring they deliver the best service at an affordable price. They always respect hard-working engineers and employees and reward them with recognition and fair stipends

What does Tesla plan for the future?

As stated by their CEO Elon Musk, Tesla plans to make more than 20 million cars before 2030. He also noted that the plans he has for the company would require consistent excellent execution. The cybertruck revealed in 2019 that released quite recently will also see improvements in the future. Its utility and storage space made it when of the best trucks ever to grace the roads.

Is a Tesla stock worth buying?

Tesla is one of the most profitable companies that turned out the best results for stock market pricing in 2020. Their stock went upwards of an incredible 695% in 2020, which has made the company one of the most priced companies with a total valuation price of 630 million dollars. With the current market trend, the stock pricing for Tesla will keep on climbing. It is due to the recent introduction of the Tesla Model 3 and other car models. This brings their company in a completely different ballpark compared to other companies.

What will be the estimated value of a Tesla stock in 5 years?

In regards to Tesla, Catherine Bull, a stock market expert, says an individual Tesla stock could go to upwards of 7000 dollars in 5 years. If you plan on buying a Tesla stock anytime soon, this is the best time to invest in this company due to its meteoric rise.

The Takeaway

With its best-in-class innovation and its ability to adapt to new trends, Tesla is here to stay for the future. The company’s longevity is determined by its ambition to see the world changed for the better, which is also a goal of its CEO Elon Musk, a respected billionaire rooted with inspiration and a desire to provide a sustenance consumer base.

Tesla’s vision and mission statement is a commitment to their consumer base that no matter what circumstances may occur, Tesla will provide their best in every car and energy solution, so the customers do not regret putting their trust in the company. At this time of the year, we all know what the company is capable of. The introduction of the sedans and cars in their arsenal of products makes their overall image better in technological advancement and innovative methodology. The market strategy to reflect their desires to the public is beneficial, and their promotional campaign effectively utilizes all the marketing ploys in the rulebook.

This utilization makes them the company ahead of most of the crowd and effectively stands out against the competition. Elon Musk’s popularity also plays a huge hand in the sales. Still, most of it is done by its commitment to stick to its routes to manufacturing cars and sustainable resources. Tesla plans on dwelling in many more fields as suggested by their R&D department and no doubt will be successful as proven by their previous undertakings. The efforts taken by every employee are commendable, and they have stuck to the company motto and their vision whenever coming up with new ideas. This drive of always improving on their existing technology is what keeps them ahead of most companies.

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Tesla’s Mission, Vision Statement & Values Analysis

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