Lowe’s Hiring Age – What Age Does Lowe’s Hire?

Hiring Age

The American retail company Lowes, which specialized in home improvement, is the second-largest hardware chain in America, which employs more than 3,00,000 people under the distribution of approximately 2300 store locations.

What Is The Lowes Hiring Age?

A Minimum of 16 years of age is required for entry-level job seekers like being in the food category, while 18 and above is the most appropriate and sought age for hiring applicants in further work departments like bakery, meat, and deli. No applicants under the age of 16 shall be considered for a position at Lowes. The company strictly prohibits any employment facilities to 15-year-old age candidates or below, so 14 years aged candidates kindly wait for two more years to attempt securing employment at Lowes. 

What Are The Steps For Getting Hired At Lowes?

You can create an account of your own on the company website and then apply to your preferred position at your nearest location. This is followed by a number of interview sessions, aptitude tests, drug tests, and background checks. One week of paid orientation followed by training in your department leads your path to the position of work and payments.

How Long Does The Process From Application To Offer Letter Take? 

The entire process should cost you spending of two weeks but a longer duration of around 2 months is also plausible. Your application’s status shall be visible in the system to quickly check your application progress with the hiring company, without any need to call, message, and visit them in person unless any mention of the update has not been shown in a long while.

How Many Applications Does Lowes Receive Every Year?

Out of 400,000 job applications that the company receives a year, a shortlisted number of around 20,000 candidates are only hired. As can be spoken by the figures, it is a laborious task and involves a lot of time investment. 

Hours And Schedules Of Work At Lowes:

  • A full-time employee is expected to work for at least 32 hours a week and cannot be given a guaranteed 40-hour shift a week. 
  • Overtime payments are made at one and a half times the usual hourly pay of an employee. 
  • A 15-minute break is provided for every 4-6 hours worked, while a 30-minute break is allotted to anyone working more than 6 hours, and an additional 15-minute break is provided to those working for an 8-hour shift.

A list of Payments Method, basis of credit and Average Rate per Hour for eight different positions at Lowes are mentioned below:

Payments are made every second week, and you could win a chance of availing quarterly bonus if you have credited a good service score in your name.

  1. A cashier at Lowes store may earn a minimum of $12.48, ranging from $10 to $14 an hour on an average, equivalent to $499 in a week, $2164 in a month, and $25963 is a year.
  2. A head cashier makes $2 extra and receives around $14, ranging from $12 to $16
  3. Sales associate makes $13 ranging from $10 to $16
  4. Stocker is paid $12, ranging from $9 to $15
  5. Overnight stocker receives $1 extra and is paid $13 ranging from $11 to $16
  6. The delivery driver is given $17 ranging from $13 to $22
  7. The loader is paid $11, ranging from $9 to $16
  8. Manager earns $20 ranging from $15 to $26

What Is The Uniform For Lowes Employees?

The employees can choose a casual sense of clothes, be it jeans, tee-shirt, polo shirt or pants. The only requirement is to put on a given red vest on top. Perks and benefits that one must look up to for working at a Lowes store.

  • A discount of 10% is available to all employees.
  • One can see their work schedule 17 days ahead of their present time. The benefit is you have enough time in hand to attend to uninvited guests or plans as you can switch your shifts by accessing the flexibility of the store timings. The company provides a Christmas bonus.
  • Full-time employees are eligible for 8 hours of a paid holiday while part-time workers can avail of a 4 hour paid leave.

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Lowe’s Hiring Age – What Age Does Lowe’s Hire?

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