SpaceX Mission and Vision Statement- Value Analysis

SpaceX Mission Statement, Vision & Value Analysis
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SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) is an American aerospace manufacturer and communication company. Its headquarters are in Hawthrone and California. SpaceX is a private company founded by Elon Musk in 2002. Currently, Elon Musk is the CEO and CTO of the company. It produces heavy falcons and several rocket engines. Missions, visions, and goals are set by every company to clarify what they want to achieve. They predict the environment for the near future. Here, let’s know about SpaceX Mission and Vision Statement.


SpaceX is one of the top organizations that discuss advanced technology in space in their mission. Missions are the goals that the company wants to achieve. One can understand the goals and the functioning of the company. The mission of SpaceX is shared on the official site of SpaceX. The vision is not mentioned on the site. We can come up with a vision based on some analysis.

SpaceX Mission and vision statements are about innovations. They believe in exploring life beyond earth. 

Mission Statement:

“The Company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.” 

This is SpaceX’s mission statement; it elaborates the life on different planets and space technology. SpaceX has a core purpose and clear goals. It inspires readers and helps them to understand what the company is about and tends to achieve. The mission statement increases morale and productivity. 

SpaceX thinks best for humankind and thinks of available resources for human life in space. It is finding ways for human existence in space. SpaceX cares for the environment and wants a sustainable environment.

The company is innovating things to explore space. This company stands out by thinking differently from other companies. Its business model is quite well. It aims to revolutionize space technology. 

Vision statement:

Its vision is to bring advancement in the future. This vision is not the official statement but is formed based on past achievements. The pattern of the company shows the dedicated Vision of SpaceX. It not only thinks of reaching the space but efficient ways to do that. Their innovations are a tough fight for other people around there. It is getting fame as mankind is the priority of SpaceX. It is bringing hope in each individual to live on a planet other than earth. 

SpaceX gives a strong competition to other space agencies being a private space station. Its innovations created an outstanding company among humans on earth. 

It shines being the founder of Falcon Heavy. This space agency thinks of the future life of today’s human race. The vision is seen to achieve in the coming years. 


SpaceX always takes up the risk and believes in achieving the best it can. The company innovates, diversifies, and achieves milestones coming in its way. Their ultimate dedication and perseverance are getting them success. Their recruiters are hiring experts who are ready to innovate and build new designs. They want their employees to bring advancement in technology. They work in a team to think beyond infinity to accomplish what an individual cannot. 

SpaceX’s value in terms of money is 74 billion dollars. The space industry is getting high demands for investors to invest. Starlink part of SpaceX is the most crucial to the company. It owns a major part of the value that SpaceX has. 


What could be the aim of SpaceX?

SpaceX aims to enable the long life of humans making them a part of multi planets. It is the first private company to reach space and return safely. It aims to develop a spaceship to accommodate at least 100 people and travel them to Mars.

Who is the founder of SpaceX?

Elon Musk, an American Entrepreneur founded SpaceX and is a co-founder of PayPal an electronic payment medium.

What are the objectives of the mission statement?

Objectives are the steps to approach the goals. The main objective of any mission is to try harder and harder to achieve what is written in the mission. One must have a firm belief that they can achieve what they wished for.

What are interesting facts about SpaceX?

It is the first time that humans are sent to space and brought back safely by a private company. This is one of the interesting facts. They are making it accessible for every individual to visit space. It will become a tourist spot one day. there are plans for space hotels and vacations. SpaceX makes our expectations higher each day. They are extremely close to achieving what they want to.


SpaceX has stated its mission very straightforward. They gathered all the important points and made up their mission. The vision is not officially stated but we have seen the vision which shows the goals that the company visualizes. It can be concluded that SpaceX believes that rockets can be reused.


Why is a private company like SpaceX focusing on reaching space?

Space exploration is no longer limited to the government, many private agencies have come up to explore life in space. There is competition between these companies and government companies. Commercial companies provide job opportunities and led people with different mindsets to apply their knowledge.

Will SpaceX earn profit in 2021-2022?

Being a private company, they do not let their finances publicly. They are making low losses. There are ample investors ready to invest in SpaceX. Starlink and starship require a good amount of funding but still, SpaceX is earning too much. It will surely make a profit in 2021 and 2022. It was among the top companies in 2020 and it will surely be at the top in the coming year.

Are there any plans for SpaceX?

Elon Musk is always ambitious and determined. He says SpaceX will surely touch mars by 2026. It will require some amount of time to reach mars. He wants starships to be reusable as Falcon9 is only partially used. Starships will act as flights that take people from earth to mars. He also wants more than 12 thousand internet satellites in space before 2027.

What does the slogan of SpaceX say?

Launch and land and Re-launch! is the slogan of SpaceX.

SpaceX Mission and Vision Statement- Value Analysis

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