DIRECTV Mission and Vision Statement- And Value Analysis

DIRECTV Mission, Vision, and Value Statement Analysis

A mission statement of a company, organization, or individual is the formal statement of the aims and values. A mission statement is crystal clear, easily memorable, and concise. A vision statement throws light on the company’s aim for its coming future. It provides focus on the mission statement that the company has to accomplish and is always in the future tense. A value statement is a sentence or phrase which is used for conveying the company’s core values to its customers. Here, let’s know about DIRECTV Mission and Vision Statement.

DIRECTV, a subsidiary company of AT &T based in California, is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider company. Just like any other company in this world, DIRECTV has its own set of values, mission, and vision statements to promote itself in the market. We will break the mission, vision, and value statements to have a better understanding of their working

DIRECTV Mission Statement

To provide affordable high-speed Internet access to all of America, including the most rural areas of the country.

In the whole statement, there are many keywords. The most important keyword is the Internet. After the invention of electricity, I consider the internet to be the next revolutionary invention to date and forever. It changed humankind and made the possibility of remote connections come true. Who would have thought about remote connectivity three decades ago? Internet today is the biggest requirement in this world. Everyone needs the internet for fulfilling their requirements. DIRECTV is a satellite service provider company where the internet is required for the transmission of information. America is a powerful country but poverty exists there even now. The mission statement shows that DIRECTV strives for providing its best services at affordable prices for everyone so that nobody is left behind in this technology evolution.


Leadership, innovation, decisiveness, agility, teamwork, and integrity are values that have served us well over time and will continue as our core. 

We all know about the hardships the company faced in the past. The company was severely penalized though it survived and stood up against the challenges it faced. Leadership, innovation, decisiveness, agility, teamwork, and integrity represents the qualities of an excellent managing team. The company had to face several punishments and the greatest of all was the fine of 5.3 billion dollars. The company was merged with AT &T. Still the company was able to satisfy its customers with its service although there was so much disturbance within the company. Innovation has always been mocked at first and then it gained respect. Leadership is an integral key to success. Any team without a leader can never see their goal clearly. Integrity and teamwork always go hand in hand. They make the team strong and help them face any difficulty with ease. These values teach us that unity is the biggest weapon to make challenges succumb. 

DIRECTV Vision Statement

The Vision of DirecTV is to be a leader in the television market by offering their customers and clients a high level of satisfaction and services.

In the above vision statement, there are a lot of promises hidden for the customers which help the company to keep its employees motivated and work for its development. A high level of satisfaction is achieved only when one has worked hard to achieve their dream. Life never lets anyone reach their dreams easily and any company in this world needs to get its services best at affordable prices for its customers. A bigger ambition needs a lot of zeal and hard work and DIRECTV has promised to make it come true.


The mission, vision, and values of DIRECTV are aligned in such a way that they help the company to achieve more and go ahead with its work. Their mission to provide affordable services to their customers and their vision of giving the highest level of satisfaction to the customers are aligned with each other. They have shown the world that their dreams might seem impossible to achieve but hard work and dedication will lead them to achieve their dreams and help them to serve their country well.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1. The company had to pay 5.3 billion dollars as a penalty because of its poor customer service, then how does this prove that they are striving hard for attaining a high level of satisfaction from the customer’s end?

Answer: The company was indeed penalized with 5.3 billion dollars for its customer service but the company also received the best prize for listening and acting on their customer service. “To err is human and to forgive is divine.” Errors can happen but to act upon those washes away all the stains of the past. The company is still striving hard to give a high level of satisfaction to its customers.

Question 2. Are the values aligned with the company’s mission and vision?

Answer: The company’s mission and vision statements are perfectly aligned with the company’s work and progress. The company’s vision and mission can be attained not only through advanced technology but also through excellent managerial and leadership qualities. Leadership, teamwork, integrity, innovation is the need of today’s time for the accomplishment of company’s mission and vision statements.

DIRECTV Mission and Vision Statement- And Value Analysis

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