Coca-Cola Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021

Coca-Cola Mission Statement and Vision Analysis

Coca-Cola, or the popular term called “Coke,” is –Cola carbonated drink, which the Coca-Cola Company manufactures. The drink was founded by Colonel John Pemberton, who had a medical degree. During the initial days, it was marketed to the public as a temperance drink having medicinal properties. He claimed that the drink was non-alcoholic and was a cure for indigestion, headaches, impotence, and nerve disorder. The drink had two major ingredients, caffeine, and cocaine. The cocaine was extracted from the “coca leaf,” and caffeine was extracted from the “cola nut” and led to the product’s name “Coca-Cola.” We will discuss the Coca-Cola Mission Statement and Vision Analysis of 2021 in this article.

The company produces the concentrate, which is then sold to the licensed bottlers of Coca-Cola across the world. A 350ml of drink contains about 38 grams of sugar in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. The manufacturers then sell the product to merchandisers responsible for merchandising and advertising the products across the location. The other coke products are Diet-coke, Diet Coke, Caffeine-free, Caffeine-free Coca-Cola, Coca-cola with a variety of flavors like mango, cherry, lime, vanilla, etc. Though the major ingredients of the company remain a secret, the drink is made up of carbonated water, caffeine, sugar, phosphoric acid, caramel color, and natural flavorings.

The company’s headquarters is situated in the United States. The overall revenue of the company is $33 billion. About 80,300 employees are working for the company. The product is supplied in more than 200 countries globally, with an average number of consumers of about 1.8 billion beverages every day. In the year 2018, it was ranked 87 in the Fortune 500 for the largest corporation in the United States.

The Coca-Cola Company

It is one of the renowned multinational corporate companies that are spread across worldwide. Their mission and vision statement bring out the leadership and the company’s development; also, they have been serving as the non-alcoholic beverage for about 127 years from the time of their existence. Throughout its existence, the company has re-defined its strategy in the non-alcoholic business through its adaptive nature over the period. Currently, they are classified as the biggest corporation with worldwide coverage. Their estimated value is approximately about $73.1 billion. The company ranks third in the race of worldwide best brands, and this happening because of the standards set by mission and vision statement.

Coca-Cola Mission Statement

The corporate company’s vision statement describes the development towards the future. In contrast, the mission statement applies to the strategic actions that would propel the company’s growth and future business analysis. The vision statement specifies the company’s leadership influence and its effect on the market and the industry.

The mission statement tells about the benefits and experiences that the company in society extends. In addition to this, the company includes its core values to support the achievement of the mission statement. The management guides the organization and the smooth operation, which brings interest to all the stakeholders to align with the company’s goal. As a consequence, they bring great success and growth to the company.

The Coca-Cola mission statement is: 

  • To refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit.
  • To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions.
  • To create value for making a difference.

 It maintains its legacy as it operates. The company has high values to bring a difference in communities as well as individuals. At the same time, it lets them enjoy the taste of the product. The components of the mission statement include the following:

  • Improving the lives: The Coca-Cola Company has understood that life’s quality comprises more things, including the product quality and the brand initiative of the product. To satisfy this, the company initiated a trend that values the customer’s health than their profit made out of the business. This initiative is done by adding natural sweeteners and other similar extracts to boost the naturality of the product and serve the customers as a refreshing drink and maintain the body’s health.

  • Improvising the communities: By treating their customers with different flavors, the company smiles on the faces of the customers through their outreaching programs. The company’s idea is to use promotional programs to generate funds that support the development in the communities, which includes education, infrastructure, and health care. For example, the company has a program called give initiative; here, it assembles the investors and the stakeholders to help donate for the growth of society. Above all, the company never neglects social responsibility. In reality, they have been involved in various environment recapture and activities that demonstrate the undying commitment.

  • Exceeding the expectations: There is no shortage of the Coca-Cola customer in its store. The company’s dynamism has made worldwide opportunities for improving the lives of people. For example, the company has been promoting talents across the world.

People need refreshment, which is part of the mission statement to refresh the world. The mission statement is focused on the final product of Coca-Cola. They inspire moments of happiness and generating positivity. Creating values that bring a great difference.

Several factors lack in the mission statement. They do not mention who their customers are and what the product is about. Though it hints about the overall market, it’s not clear how the financial values are created. The employee’s concern is not mentioned in the statement. It lacks specification. Also, does not clear about the difference it is trying to bring. The company’s mission statement could be revised to include these components.

Vision Statement

The Coca-Cola Company’s vision statement is:

  • Inspiring each other to be the best we can be by providing a great place to work. 

The vision statement reveals the company’s intent and agent for change and development in the industry. This is what defines leadership. The vision statement defines the following:

  • Inspiring people: It specifies that the Coca-Cola Company represents itself as driven and communities by uplifting people. They work with different investors and many other communities. Apart from the benefits and irresistible beverage flavor, they provide many offers to their customers.

  • Being the best: The Company continued expanding its product and improvising its outreach programs to bring advancement to its customer and community—their commitment to inspire people and be the best in the market. The journey of Coca-Cola shows that it is important for the company to maintain its growth constantly.

  • Providing a great workplace: Being the third element in the vision statement, the company reveals its distinctive global brand. They have created a great work environment irrespective of any difference. They promote growth, and being together has been their topmost priority. The company has achieved it through its popularity, thereby being a unique place to work worldwide.

A few of the components of the vision statement include the following:

  • Portfolio: To bring the world a beverage brand with good quality and thereby satisfy people’s needs and desires.
  • People: The Company must be a great place to work, and that they should be inspired to the best. 
  • Planet: Being a responsible citizen and making a difference by building sustainable communities.
  • Partners: To nurture the network of suppliers and customers, creating mutual value.
  • Productivity: To be an organization that is effective and fast-moving.
  • Profit: Maximizing the returns for a long-term period and aware of the overall responsibility.

Vision statements are more of a detailed form. These above-mentioned components are like everyday guidance and decisions. It helps the company to be sustainable and to have solid growth. The business is run for the people, and this should never be out of sight. They aspire to have a great workplace, get the best out of people, and help them to perform better. They have made beverage brands to fulfill the needs and desires of people. It considers that the customers and suppliers are partners, where the suppliers play a major role in making networks and being the valuable part. They strive to preserve the environment of the earth with continuous support.

The vision statement does not provide much information about the plan though they plan for a bigger future. The statement talks more about the current situation rather than the future. It could also indicate that it has achieved its position and continues its sustainability by building partners.

Core Values – Coca Cola

The company’s core values include “Collaboration, leadership, passion, accountability, diversity, integrity and quality.” For a global company, it’s not just about survival but also about consistency to stay at the top position worldwide. They need to have a strong cultural value within the company. This happens to be their core value.

The Coca-Cola Company strives to vitalize and create great relationships with their facilities, share ideas, and generate class out of them. By bringing independence, the investors and employees feel that they are part of the corporation, which brings out the responsibility of handling their own company. They get dependable and liable for the company’s growth. Based on their values, it serves as a compass by describing its actions.

Mission, Vision and Value Analysis – Coca Cola

Making the business run efficiently seems to be a huge task for the organization, and hence they have to set values for the company, which is how the mission and vision statement emerges. These statements serve as an objective for the business, whereas the vision affects long term plan. It works as a business aspiration on long-term plans and how the company will achieve its goals. Their vision guides their actions and the final decisions as their objectives. Many other companies keep revising their mission and vision statements.

The mission and vision statement serves as a marketing tool and explains how it is working for society. Few companies link their statement to society and humankind. While most of the businesses are not for the sake of only profits made and for the growth in the society, trust plays an important role. The statement signifies the trust placed by the society over the company, and therefore they do not just operate the business for the growth but also the society’s growth.

Mission and Vision Value

Developing a future vision plays an important role in the success of the company. A vision statement is a part of the strategy. It guides the working cycle of the company, and that should not deviate. For the company’s growth, the vision and mission values must be aligned together with the company’s strategy. But, there are several other advantages in these statements. They help in aligning the efforts of business, planning, and making decisions. The employees working for the company must be aware of the objectives set and also their direction of work. They have to put united efforts into fulfilling the objectives set by the company. 

This statement brings value to the company through marketing and helps to know the business cause as well. In case if the company spells out the mission statement, there might be no uniqueness in it. The Coca-Cola Company has bigger purposes. Having run the business worldwide, it’s not an easy task to stay in the first position. Coca-Cola has been serving people worldwide. Since its mission and vision value are aligned with its strategy, it quenches the thirst of millions of people. It is essential to know the content and components of the company’s strategy.

There are many important values that the company is dependent on, which include performance, integrity, accountability, leadership, and collaboration. It also has other two factors like quality and diversity. The brand strongly believes in diversity as its customers are spread worldwide and committed to producing a quality product.


The vision and mission statement signifies that the company is made for the people. They are accountable for whatever they do and strongly believe in the growth of the company.

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Coca-Cola Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021

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