How To Write A Thank You Message?

The word ‘thanks’ motivate an individual or a group to do more. It comes at the end of a job, plea, request made, gifts, or presents received. Saying ‘thank you brings a feel-good factor that radiates an environment. Whether it’s in our workplace, the market, school, place of worship, or anywhere, it brightens the mind of the sender and receiver at the same time. It makes a person to be at peace with his heart, knowing that he has made someone feel valued or appreciated and knowing that service or help rendered or gift received or kind gesture was immense (that is on the part of the recipient). Let us know ‘How To Write A Thank You Message?’.

How To Write A Thank You Message?

How To Write A Thank You Message?

Saying Thank You

Usually, what constitutes a thank you message begins with a sender who requests for something to be done or a plea to get something carried out or a task given to be accomplished. It comes at the end of these and continues with the recipient obliging or carrying out what the sender or inquirer could be asking for. This shows that a relationship has been created between these two.

Thanking a person has a positive bearing on all parties involved. To say thank you implies that the sender is satisfied with work done, a gift or present received, or assistance rendered.

Saying thank you, with the recipient acknowledging at the same time, is a sign of mutual respect between the parties, and when this respect breeds, it builds a relationship. That is to say that being thanked for something, creates room for the receiver to do more for that person who always acknowledges people’s efforts. 

From the beginning, I began by explaining how thanks brighten an environment. That is, it keeps it friendly and keeps both parties involved happy. Some measure of happiness comes within, knowing that you have appreciated someone’s efforts and seeing the recipient glad that the work he/she has done, is priceless. Not just that, the recipient would be happy or excited seeing that he/she has contributed to the joy of someone or brought smiles to an individual.

Someone who usually says thank you is always remembered in a good light, and the doors are open for more assistance, kind gestures, or services in the future, paving more ways. It makes a recipient always comfortably avail himself for service (s) whenever that person comes around.

And, like in our workplaces and online medium where messages are sent, hoping for a kind and swift response, using words like ‘many thanks’, ‘my best or kind regards’ at the end of a mail or message, already tells the receiver that the sender politely recognizes the efforts to be put in by the receiver beforehand, hence the thoughtful appreciation in advance for what has not even been done. 

Also, saying thank you to someone at the end of a request or plea or obligation, most times, explains how important or dear the sender values what he/she’s asking for. It makes the recipient more willing to meet the dire need of another. And, there’s this huge satisfaction derived from finding a solution to someone’s important need or plea. It still gives that recipient a heroic feeling of doing something that seems dear to someone needing assistance. In addition, ethically, it improves the recipient because, when a person would have met the needs of others severally, it becomes part of him or the recipient as it keeps developing or improving his mental strength.

Saying thanks improve your mentality and appreciation for human efforts. It becomes regular to you and so doing, gives you a soft landing wherever you go because you will be seen as one who always appreciates.

Some thank you messages are done at a later date, days after a transaction or activity had been carried out. It brings back the mind of the recipient to the good deed he/she’s done for someone who found value in it, adding to the good feeling that emanates within the recipient as a result.

Our general efforts are needed to complement each other and make our societies function. What keeps this going? It’s simply saying a thank you for all work done or appreciating someone’s kind gestures or humanitarian activity (s). 

We express our thanks in different ways – it could be verbally or in text or even in a form of a card or a written note. It could be meeting someone for direction and saying thank you. It keeps the receiver happy to have satisfied one’s curiosity.

A thank you message whether verbally or in form of a text or audio or video or a card bodes well for the sender because it speaks good of him/her and in the eyes of the recipient, it shows that the sender is well trained.

Illustration of A Mail Request That Had Thanks Beneath.

Sending thanks to someone through text, while expecting a request to be carried out could also be in the form of this mail I picked from my mailbox:

Hi, good day.

Please, I was baffled to observe that when I tried downloading my book using another person’s phone, it did without even asking for space for payment. I was expecting a pop-up to demand payment first before it downloads. Please, why is it so?

Also, how do I share my books on social media platforms, from Okadabooks? I’ve searched for a share button or icon but, saw none.

Many thanks in advance.

And here is a response from the recipient:

Hi Kingsley,

Thanks for reaching out. 

We apologize for the situation with your book. Kindly send a mail to [email protected] noting the issue 

To get a link to share, kindly do these: 

Navigate to the page of your book on our platform.

Copy the link in the URL 

The URL will lead back to your page. 

I hope this helps. 

If you need more clarification, I’ll be happy to help. 

Warm regards.

We understand from the above illustration, that first, expressing thanks propels the other party to act on what a sender is requesting and it shows that the recipient acknowledges the respect and understanding shown by the sender. 

Below is a card format illustrating an expression of thanks to someone that attended a child dedication.

The word ‘thank is a propeller for more efforts to be added to keep an entity or a transaction or an activity going. With the word ‘thank, a recipient does not need coercion to get things done because ‘hank you’ erupts that deep emotional feeling in us to support or meet other people’s needs or expectations the next time they come to us. The underlined word above, ‘warm regards’ in the second mail is another expression of saying thanks for reaching out to us.

Saying thank you erupts smile le which adds more healthiness to the body. It tells that the sender is impressed with what the receiver has done, with the recipient encouraged that his/her assistance was of a good measured value.

Like a Boss or leader of a group, your words of thanks more life to subordinates around you as it will make them willing to do more for the organization.


When we all have the trait of saying thank you, it makes our environment, society, and the world a better place to be. On the part of the sender saying thanks, it explains that every effort of someone requires commendation so they can do more. Telling someone thank you is hugely important in every sphere of life. 

From an emotional angle, it keeps the recipient satisfied that his/her efforts were truly appreciated. It leaves the sender with a feeling of a job well done. It adds more to the souls of both parties. They leave each other in the end with a good taste and hope of meeting again.

Also, if you need something to be done by someone for you, you can start a statement beginning with appreciative words like ‘thank you for this opportunity to express me’ or ‘thank you for availing yourself to be of help to the community. Then, you proceed with what you could be asking for. That could be nicer, and doing so would have already softened the heart of whoever you are trying to seek help or assistance from.

How To Write A Thank You Message?

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