Yooralla Office Locations And Headquarters

A disabled person is someone who is affected by attitudes and environmental situations that prevent her from fully and effectively participating in society on an equal footing with other people owing to the loss of physical, spiritual, mental, and sensory capacities at various levels. Disabled people suffer more in their daily lives. There are some organizations to prevent these obstacles. Yooralla is one of these organizations. Let’s get to know them better!. Let us know ‘Yooralla Office Locations And Headquarters’.

Yooralla Office Locations And Headquarters

Yooralla Office Locations And Headquarters

Yooralla is an organization within the NDIS that supports people with disabilities. For this reason, it should not be considered independent from the NDIS. Operating in Australia, Yooralla supports people with disabilities in many areas. Yooralla office does not have any locations outside of its headquarters, but there are many Local Area Coordinators and communication houses in Australia.  The Headquarter is in

Yooralla headquarter locates at Level 14, 595 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria.

Local Area Coordinators in Each Area

1- Northeast Melbourne, Hume Moreland, and Bayside Peninsula  

In North East Melbourne, Hume Moreland, and Bayside Peninsula the Brotherhood of St Laurence is providing Local Area Coordinator (LAC) services. The Brotherhood of St Laurence supports people to access the NDIS or access community and mainstream services. The Brotherhood of St Laurence NDIS team can be reached by telephone. The phone number is 1300 275 634. Also, you can mail for communication. Their mail address is [email protected]. You can reach them by attending one of their locations.

2- Loddon

Intereach provides LAC assistance in the Loddon region. Intereach assists disabled people in the Central Goldfields, Mount Alexander, Campaspe, Macedon Ranges, Greater Bendigo, and Loddon areas to obtain the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or social and conventional facilities. Intereach can be reached by telephone. The phone number is 1300968140. Also, the toll-free number is 1300488226. You can mail for communication. Their mail address is [email protected]. You can reach them by attending one of their locations.

3- Ovens Murray, Gippsland, Central Highlands, Wimmera South West, Barwon, and East Melbourne

Latrobe Community Health Service supports LAC in the Wimmera South West, Central Highlands, Ovens Murray, Barwon, Inner Gippsland, Inner East Melbourne, and Outer East Melbourne. Latrobe Community Health is assisting disabled people in these locations to enroll in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or to obtain local and conventional facilities. Latrobe Community Health NDIS team can be reached by telephone. The phone number is 1800242696. Also, you can mail for communication. Their mail address is [email protected]. You can reach them by attending one of their locations.

More About Yooralla

There are some effective activities of Yooralla. These are the general roles of the organization.

a.They assist individuals of different ages and qualities with disabilities.

b.They are familiar with the NDIS because they have been assisting members since its inception.

c.They provide a wide variety of facilities to assist persons of all ages and skill levels with disabilities.

d.They’ve been assisting individuals with disabilities for almost a century.

e.They strive to provide the greatest levels of success, client safety, and security.

Facilities of Yooralla

Here are the facilities of Yooralla. These facilities help disabled people to feel like not excluded from society. Also, they make their adaptation to the real world easier.

1- They provide physiotherapist support

2- They provide support to disabled children

3- They help with NDIS program planning

4- They assist in involvement in activities

5- They progress independent skills

6- They assist in daily life

7- They ensure short and long-term accommodation 

8- They provide access to information for technological devices

9- They support them to find a job and progress Disabled people’s volunteering skills

Accommodation Opportunities

They have long-term and short-term houses, and rehabilitation centers across Australia. They have a variety of housing alternatives, including communal apartments, villas, shared houses, temporary housing, and personal self residences. The majority of their housing is in neighborhoods surrounding streets transportation, stores, and social amenities. Yooralla residences are built to satisfy accessibility standards and include assistive machines and systems.

Yooralla offers complete care and support as part of their aided housing program. Yooralla can collaborate with you to build a pilot project that fit your requirements if you need assistance for a full day or only a few hours a day.

Yooralla With NDIS

Yooralla cooperates with NDIS. Yooralla can assist you in preparing for your NDIS strategy meeting and maximizing the benefits of the NDIS. They can also assist you in understanding and putting your NDIS Plan into action once you have it. It doesn’t matter where you are on the NDIS experience, the Community Engagement service can address your NDIS or Yooralla queries.

Yooralla’s extensive choice of personalized, adaptable, and high-quality solutions can help you achieve your NDIS aims once you obtain your NDIS program. They are disability experts who are well-versed in the NDIS, having worked with members from the program’s inception.


As a result, Yooralla collaborates with the NDIS and conducts extensive work within Australia. After starting its operations in Victoria, it has spread to many regions. Since it works with NDIS, the number of offices is very small. However, it has different style houses in almost every region with its accommodation facilities. You can also easily reach Yooralla by phone or e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is it possible for me to donate financially to Yooralla?

Of course, it is possible. You can support by making financial aid. This can be monetary assistance or material assistance, such as housing or disability support materials.

2- Is it possible to work voluntarily in Yooralla?

You can apply as a volunteer. If you prove that you want to volunteer by contacting them via e-mail, your application will be evaluated.

3- Until what age does Yooralla support last?

Normally, you can get support up to the age of 60. However, if you request and your disability continues, you can get support throughout your life.

Yooralla Office Locations And Headquarters

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