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Block Incorporated formerly known as Square Incorporated is a financial service company in the United States of America with its headquarters in San Francisco California. The company is in the business of selling hardware and software payment products. The company helps businesses and individuals around the world to make payments either online through the square software or their payment credit card. It just makes payment easier. The company has a total of 3,000 employees in the United States, and a total of 300 employees in New York City. Let us know about “Square Office Locations & Headquarters”

Square Office Locations & Headquarters

Block Incorporated Office Locations & Headquarters

Block was founded in 2009 to help small business owners to take payments from their customers. Block was invented to make payment easier and faster and is now not only used for small businesses but large ones too. Block Incorporated was founded by Jack Dorsey who is also the founder of Twitter Incorporated. The Company has over 8,000 employees all over the world who work hard to reach the aim and keep the vision of the company alive. Block has eight offices located around the United States and a Headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Offices & Headquarters

The United States of America

Square was founded in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America in 2009. And now has different branches in several states in the country.

  • Square Headquarters – San Francisco, California.

Address: 1455 Market Street, 600, San Francisco.

  • Square Office Location – Atlanta, Georgia.

Address: 271, 17th Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30363.

  • Square Office Location – New York, NY

Address: 375 W, Broadway, SoHo, New York.

  • Square Office Location – Oakland, California.

Address: 20th Street, Broadway, Oakland.

  • Square Office Location – Portland Oregon

Address: 715, SW Morrison Street, Suite 702, Portland, OR 97205.

  • Square Office Location – Saint Louis, Missouri

Address: 4240, Duncan Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63110.

  • Square Office Location – Scottsland, Arizona.

Address: 4301, N Scottdale Road, Suite R150, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

  • Square Office Location – Seattle, Washington

Address: 125, 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98161

Canada – Toronto, Ontario (2012)

Australia – Melbourne (2015)

Japan – Tokyo (2013)

The United Kingdom – London. (2017)

Ireland – Dublin (2016)

Spain – Madrid (2022)

Norway – Oslo. 

Square Incorporated Products And Services


Square is the product that led to the founding of the company Square Incorporated. The product was developed as a result of the problem faced by the business owner Jim McKelvey who had payment issues in his business. He teamed up with Jack Dorsey and they invented Square which is a point of sale technology that provides an easier, faster, and cheaper payment method. Square is a small square-shaped card processing reader, that can be attached to a customer’s phone. The product (a little square-shaped card reader) sold out across the country. To this day the product is known for its convenience and its low-cost method of payment. The company has evolved from just using the little square-shaped card reader to including other products such as the Square Stand (replacing a register), and Square Software Products that help businesses take care of things like payroll. Square is now a major competitor in the payment processing business. 

Square Capital

Square is a payment processing business and not a bank. However, with Square Capital, the company partners with these banks and financial institutions to give loans to small businesses without the long process and requirements of going through a regular bank. The company was built to help small business owners with payment methods. With their many dealings with small businesses, they noticed that many business owners had problems getting capital to help run their businesses. The company however saw it fit that it could go ahead to help these businesses to keep their business running with financial help from Square. 

Cash App

Cash App is another product by Square Incorporated. It was formerly called Square Cash but was later changed to Cash App. The App was a revolutionary product for the company. The product allows individuals to send and receive money through the application. Cash App offers utility to its users saving them from going to the bank for the littlest transaction. One of the major reasons for the App’s popularity is its ability to trade Cryptocurrency on the app. The App allows individuals to buy and sell Bitcoin. This product makes Square among the financial technology competitors.  

After Pay

Square is the parent organization of Afterpay which is an Australian company acquired by Square in 2021. Afterpay is a digital financial payment method that allows individuals to pay for a product after purchasing it. The product can be paid in four installments. The product operates in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Afterpay is known as a Buy Now pay Later service. 


Weebly became part of Square Incorporated in 2018. It offers website building services. Weebly is known for its attractive, beautiful, and stylish designs. The website creator is used for blogging and also as an online commercial store. The company was founded by David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Veltri and is a top tool for creators. 


Tidal is a music streaming service that gives its users access to over 80 million songs from artists all over the world. The company was founded by a company in Sweden called Aspiro but is now owned by Block Incorporated. The company was found to help artists get paid for their work. Tidal is now used all over the world and is now being compared to top music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.


Now we have learnt “Square Office Locations & Headquarters”, Block Incorporated is a forward-looking and innovative company and is one of the top financial services and digital payments companies. The company’s products; Square products, Tidal, Square Capital, Weebly, Afterpay, and CashApp are doing well in the global market and even though it occasionally faces some inevitable business instability like most companies does it still is one of the competitive and innovative companies and is set to introduce new technologies that can make business transactions go better and smoother. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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Square (Block Inc.) – (United States of America)

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  • What Is the Average Salary of Block Incorporated Employees?

Employees at Block Incorporated are paid salaries within the range of $69,292 – $180,028, with an average salary of $117,592 per annum. The company hires the brightest minds, who work remarkably to make the company attain success in all its areas of business. 

Square Office Locations & Headquarters -Know More

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