My Journey to Dream Career in Digital Marketing

My name is Sarath CP and I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant at IncParadise and Startupr. You can also find me in Linkedin and Twitter.

An inspirational career is what defines the person in his life. A career gives shape to the establishment of anyone in a field that they aspire to shine in. so it is highly important to choose the right path that leads to their destination of a career. I had my own doubts while choosing a career in Digital Marketing, but they were overcome once I discovered the passion and drive that pushed me to tread into this field.

Why did you seek out a career in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is not a single faceted one time score to be performed; it involves the implementation of radical changes over a period of time that cultivates a strong bond with the society and finally leaves a mark. Though the career started out as a simple consultancy, over time, it has infused its way into the realm of internet and is now is a necessary ‘Rule-1’ for a better SEO of any business /Social Page. This kind of an influential career captured my attention leading me into this field.

How did you prepare for an interview?

I have always considered that interview preparations can never be completed over a night; they need to be practiced every day to set a strong case against the interviewers. When I chose a career of Digital Marketing consultant, I started my preparations for all prospective interviews immediately. I read many books and blogs on the strengthening of any webpage through digital marketing and I started implementing them slowly in my own personal blog to check with methods gave much of a positive result. So, by the time I was called in for an interview I was already equipped with ample amount of field experience. This reduced my stress levels during the interview and the panel viewed me as a professional rather than an amateur on the field.

Books that helped you?

I am quite a reader, so I read many books on Digital Marketing. These books gave me much information on the field and the growth of the field. Some of them are listed below.

What can you recommend on CV?

Curriculum vitae as it goes must speak out your talents and value that would be a gain for the company, any other way might not be impressive enough. I would advise that showing proof of your talents with real time experience will turn out to be an eye-catcher. For example; if you suggest a new method of Digital Marketing that will fetch great results for any E-Business, submit proof of its success via testing it on any website. So do not rest with satisfaction until your CV is furnished with interesting practical experiences. This will apply to any field or profession and not just for Digital Marketing.

Advice for someone looking for a job.

The best advice that one could possibly give for candidates in search of a job is that be ready to accept the speed, dedication, and hard-work needed to shine in any field. The company looks for these three qualities only other than talent and innovation in a candidate. A confident person is one who has a strong mind that does not conflict on any situation. Have some good work ethics and convey your character through words and works.

Why do you think you were selected among other candidates?

I would say that I had better grasp on the vastness of the field teamed with its prowess and influence over other fields. I had an in-depth knowledge on the pros and cons of working in this field and I was already building up on its pros. Moreover, I have done some extensive research on Digital marketing over a variety of websites and have tested their results displayed in progressive charts. In short, I knew what I was getting into because I was already neck deep in it.

Things are changing very fast in every field, how do you keep yourself updated?

Well every field has a progressive phase that sprints over to the next phase without waiting for slow learners. So I constantly updated myself by following some digital Marketing gurus or experts and trying them out on my own works. I even tested/experimented on some new variations though upon by myself and got the results. This kept me up on my toes with every new upgrade in the field.

My Journey to Dream Career in Digital Marketing

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